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Baton Rouge Police Mass Shooter was Gang Stalked

The Baton Rouge police mass shooter, Gavin Long, self-identified as a gang stalking targeted individual:

“But they also pointed to apparent paranoia and mental instability. Long complained last year to likeminded message board users that he was a long-term victim of “gang-stalking”, a supposedly intense form of government and corporate surveillance covering every aspect of a subject’s life.”

“Claiming to be a round-the-clock “TI” – targeted individual – Long urged others in his situation to wear body cameras to monitor such surveillance and to warn companies involved in harassment “that we are going to expose your involvement and rate your poor performances & games on the internet”.

How many more countless millions in taxpayer money will we spend on threat assessment professionals, crisis actors, neighborhood watch, etc., etc., when the end shot is pushing mentally unstable individuals to the brink and resulting in numerous, daily murders? It’s happening in our workplaces, schools, and communities. In essence, the gang stalking targeted individual is subject to intense and conspicuous surveillance, and is subjected daily to public rudeness, crimes against person and property, microaggressions, and, is daily tested with standard threat assessment provocation techniques and police instigation tactics (i.e., COINTELPRO tactics). This invariably leads to a retaliatory backlash, violence and murders. This is identical to the mobbing related mass murders examined, in academic papers, by Professors such as Ken Westhues at University of Waterloo in Canada.There is a media blackout on the very term “gang stalking” and “organized talking” leaving the public oblivious to its many risks to the public health and welfare. Mobbing= Gang Stalking=Mass Death;Helter Skelter, is Charlie Manson running the USG????????

As a former active combat veteran, and a former Marine sergeant, Long would be well familiar with reconnaissance, technical surveillance and counter-surveillance. According to federal law he would be qualified as an expert in this area under FRE 702.Yet, his complaints of being extensively surveilled and harassed are being reflexively dismissed. What is the government hiding from the public and WHY?

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