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Kansas Workplace Mass Shooter Cedric Ford was MOBBED

Cedric Ford, the Kansas workplace mass shooter was a former felon with a known propensity for violence that included domestic violence. He owned multiple firearms, and, proudly displayed them on his Facebook account. He was also known to be a victim of workplace harassment by his fellow employees. His employer,as a matter of law, was “on legal notice” of this combination of deadly and clearly foreseeable risk factors that everyone in his workplace was exposed to. Should there be a $100,00,00 bankrupting lawsuit against the company? Should there be a federal law against mobbing with a mandatory zero tolerance policy against any workplace harassment? If neither avenue is pursued we can expect predictable “tragedies” to occur, on a weekly, if not daily basis.

Ford’s Facebook photos depict a family man dealing with an ordinary life. Perhaps if a toxic, workplace mobbing environment were not in the mix, this tragedy could have been avoided. Perhaps, this question should be put to a jury with a preponderance of the evidence standard:


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