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“Washington is using American-style Stasi methods…I thought this era had ended when the DDR fell…”
Markus Ferber, German Member of European Parliament on NSA PRISM scandal

      As the primary author of this site, I have been writing about and living the gang stalking phenomenon, which I believe to be the FBI’s largest COINTELPRO, for years. Advances in government surveillance technology, as well as, the breaking down of traditional barriers between the military and domestic law enforcement functions through anti-terrorism legislation, have broadened COINTELPRO. The creation of DHS has also given the new COINTELPRO more muscle, the local law enforcement “intelligence units” still play a big role in the COINTELPRO game. I have written articles on Nowpublic including “FBI FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT REQUEST”, and “DOJ KNOWS ABOUT GANG STALKING”, in an attempt to demonstrate that the FBI and DOJ are aware of gang stalking, and, more importantly, to attempt to persuade readers to use the federal freedom of information act “FOIA” to put pressure on these agencies to reveal what they know  about gang  stalking. 

              Firstly, this is not merely conjecture that the government is involved. Perhaps breaking down the modus operandi of gang stalking vis-a-vis COINTELPRO best makes my point in chief. According to the COINTELPRO literature (which I will elaborate on later), and, the most sited book on the web on gang stalking, David Lawson’s Cause Stalking, the formula as applied to groups and individuals in COINTELPRO, and, individuals in gang stalking is this: 

COINTELPRO                                         GANG STALKING

 IDENTIFY                                                           IDENTIFY 

DISRUPT                                                              VILIFY

 DESTABILIZE                                                       NULLIFY 

NEUTRALIZE                                                    DESTROY      

      Assuming a person had little idea of what COINTELPRO was, but, as a gang stalking victim, had a good understanding of what gang stalking is, the first place one could look for information on COINTELPRO is a Google search and a full reading of the Wikipedia page on COINTELPRO. One could further delve into the subject by doing a Google search of “political control technologies”, this is what the Europeans call COINTELPRO-style tactics. Also revealing would be a search on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police “VIP” program. This series of internet searches and a couple of hours perusing the results would familiarize anyone enough to make their own determination about the haunting similarity of political policing and gang stalking. More revealing would be reading The Cointelpro Papers by Churchill and Vander Wall which uses dozens of original FBI memo’s and teletypes (obtained through FOIA) to show how the government identified, disrupted, destabilized, and, finally, neutrilazed countless individuals and dozens of groups. This was conducted on most individuals and groups based on politics and not because of any actual or suspected criminality (i.e., political policing). The Cointelpro Papers analyzes non-criminal groups targeted including the Socialists, Communists, New Left, Anti-War Movement, American indian Movement, and, Black Liberation Movement.  It also discusses the targeting of Martin Luther King, Jr., and other less known activists who were nullified. The book also discusses principled pushback from FBI Field Office supervisors promptly squashed by J. Edgar Hoover and the domestic Washington Consensus. The government’s own version written by the Church Committe is available in paperback and is called Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans: 1976 U.S. Senate Report on Illegal Wiretaps and Domestic Spying by FBI, CIA and NSA (ISBN: 9781934941218). Of course, the Church Committee analyzed the COINTELPRO problem (i.e., government gang stalking) and came to the conclusion that lack of supervision was the problem. True to form, over three decades later no effective legislation has been passed to curb the problem the congress found to be illegal.        

     As for the FBI’s claim in sworn congressional testimony of abandoning COINTELPRO tactics, true to form, they lied. In 2001, the FBI, acting on a rumor and some weak circumstantial evidence, used COINTELPRO to destroy the life and career of Dr. Steven Hatfill. This was largely based on a rumor spread by an interested colleague that Hatfill was the anthrax mailer in 2001. The trial evidence showed that the full court press FBI gang stalking campaign even included dangerous tailgaiting and assault. Hatfill had zero privacy for years. The former U.S. attorney representing Hatfill described the FBI’s behavior as a McCarthy-style witch hunt. When the real anthrax mailer, another government scientist, was found to be the culprit, the FBI settled the case for $5.8 million. Another anthrax suspect, Dr. Bruce Ivins, was also  subjected to a full court press by the FBI and effectively “suicided”. He was alienated by friends, family, and co-workers after the FBI made it known he was suspected in the domestic anthrax attacks.                                     

     Perhaps, the film the U.S. v. John Lennon is the most poignant illustration of politically motivated persecution. After donating $50,000 to the Black Panther Party in the late 1960’s Lennon became the target of a full blown FBI COINTELPRO (i.e., government gang stalking) campaign. Of course, he never moved, fought deportation successfully, and was ironically gunned down by a mentally ill postal worker from Hawaii. Besides Lawson’s book I think everyone should read Bridging the Gap, and Closing  the Gap by GMB Bailey which highlight the snitch culture and informant misuse that pervades activities like gang stalking.  Here is the link: .   


     One can approximate a complete shift in paradigm in the very structure of policing on the federal, state, and local level back to the “War on Drugs” and the creation of the DEA in the Nixon Administration. The first important thing to note about the war on drugs, is that, it is an endless war. Even in police states with expedited executions, the drug trade can not be eliminated. At bottom, it is a war against the poor, but, that is another story. The paradigm shift engendered by the war on drugs was one of a basically passive policing of crimes to an active crime management system. This was accomplished through a system of dealing between authorities and snitches. The snitch, and, his close cousin, the undercover narc, became the pillars of the criminal “justice” system. The abuses of this satanic pact are well covered. What is not so well articulated is that a wider range of policing systems that were given birth by this hideous marriage of convenience. This system which rendered de facto minority control of crime syndicates to police via their immunized, operational snitches created a foundation for more widespread abuses and social engineering controls, example par excellence, the inevitable gang stalking cointelpro phenomenon. Who are the villains/cowards/derelicts? The people at the helm of the Justice system from the Attorney General to the U.S. Attorney’s Offices to the directors of the federal police down to the local police chief’s and county sheriffs.

     Gang Stalking is an active 24/7/365 nationwide Program. Given the intensity of the harassment, the countless thousands of victim reports, the fact that it is happening not only in large cities, but, in rural towns and gated communities, the Program can only be funded by the federal government. Many gang stalking activities are carried out by criminals. An excellent example is the admission made to me by a NCVC victim advocate stating that the only confirmed cases of gang stalking are those performed by “Mafia personnel” against potential witnesses that they believe will be entering the federal Witness Protection Program. The fact that much, if not most, gang stalking is performed by criminal groups, for their own purposes, does not make gang stalking a private Program. For the reasons stated above, the totality of activities that is being referred to as gang stalking, can only be being funded by the federal government. The same logical deduction could have been made regarding the original COINTELPRO Program. The federal government has simply hijacked the already existing practice of gang stalking, and made it into a well funded federal Program, with the intention of using gang stalking targets as human bait to grease the rails for a federal civil rights conspiracy case against the traditional enemies of Washington such as organized crime.

 “Gang stalking groups” have a substantially identical modus operandi to the FBI’s Special Surveillance Groups or “SSG’s”. These SSG’s were developed in the 1970’s to combat Soviet espionage. Today, these tactics have been taught to criminals, through FBI channels, for domestic COINTELPRO operations against American citizens. Anyone familiar with gang stalking will immediately understand the striking similarity by reviewing the following NPR links on SSG’s:

     Unlike workplace mobbing which has been given some academic attention, and, is actually against the law in some places, gang stalking/community-based harassment is a crime avoided by credible sources in academia and media. The same basic principles apply. In a workplace mobbing (legally known as “constructive termination”) case the office is the center of systematic harassment. Most people quit or file a lawsuit. With organized group stalking there is no escape. It is a full court press seeking to destroy the targeted individual’s life. It is identical to COINTELPRO and all facets of the targets life are turned hostile to them. This is the creation of a hostile living environment. Infiltration of family, work, friends, associates, and, just about every aspect of the target’s life is manipulated using advanced behavioral science. It is inconceivable that anyone with a more than cursory knowledge of COINTELPRO could believe that these similarities could be attributed to anything but the involvement of the FBI.

     All gang stalking targets experience an updated and refined version of McCarthy era blacklisting. This involves being hired, then, soon after, being subject to a hostile work environment, resulting in actual or constructive termination. Because of the sheer number of employers involved in this nefarious practice against gang stalking targets, as well as the fact that employers ranging from small businesses to large multinationals are involved, this neo-blacklisting can only be being orchestrated by the FBI, as was the case with McCarthyism. Unlike McCarthyism, neo-blacklisting, with its use of a hostile wok environment leading to actual or constructive termination, is not subject to the inference that a blacklisted target is being subject to defamation leading to un-employability, because they are indeed hired, then promptly set up for failure. Gang stalking targets’ “employment problems” start at the same time as their gang stalking starts. Most gang stalking targets, similar to victims of workplace mobbing, are actually better than average workers in their occupations.   


     I think the only way to break through the conspiracy theory label planted upon us by the mainstream media, as willing lapdog to government, is to focus on the basic commonalities of gang stalking. Gang stalking is merely a street name for Cointelpro tactics being used to silence and destroy political enemies and others targeted by the government using criminal tactics. Firstly, most individuals who are gang stalked are too hung up on why they fell into the trap. This is a nationwide, programmatic system being used as an alternative to direct law enforcement Cointelpro campaigns. Both the targeted individuals and the gang stalking groups are a means to a political end. By training snitches in Cointelpro tactics the establishment distances itself from illegal activities and gets to use these social engineering techniques in a more and more arbitrary way. This is the ultimate abuse of the snitch culture. Given its history, the FBI has used these techniques on political dissidents, judges, members of Congress, etc. In all liklihood, prominent left wing professors have experienced this, as well as journalists. These people are keeping quiet, in part, not to be labeled as conspiracy nuts.

     We are all in this together, subject to a well trained and organized army of interlocking goon squads from sea to shining sea. The way to bring this mainstream is to focus on the fact that gang stalking IS COINTELPRO! There is a rich historical archive, well analyzed, that reveals what Cointelpro was in an earlier phase. The National Archives in Washington, D.C. has over 50,000 pages of declassified documents from the Church Committee hearings on domestic balckbag Cointelpro-style operations by the intelligence agencies (the bulk of which was illegal FBI activities directed against domestic political “enemies”). When the FBI decided to commandeer and train a national snitch network to farm out its blackbag operations, and, to use broad social engineering techniques to ensnare its political enemies, gang stalking was born.




But this theory of our government is wholly different from the practical fact. The fact is that the government, like a highwayman, says to a man: ‘Your money, or your life.’ And many, if not most, taxes are paid under the compulsion of that threat. The government does not, indeed, waylay a man in a lonely place, spring upon him from the roadside, and, holding a pistol to his head, proceed to rifle his pockets. But the robbery is none the less a robbery on that account; and it is far more dastardly and shameful. The highwayman takes solely upon himself the responsibility, danger, and crime of his own act. He does not pretend that he has any rightful claim to your money, or that he intends to use it for your own benefit. He does not pretend to be anything but a robber. He has not acquired impudence enough to profess to be merely a ‘protector,’ and that he takes men’s money against their will, merely to enable him to ‘protect’ those infatuated travellers, who feel perfectly able to protect themselves, or do not appreciate his peculiar system of protection. He is too sensible a man to make such professions as these. Furthermore, having taken your money, he leaves you, as you wish him to do. He does not persist in following you on the road, against your will; assuming to be your rightful ‘sovereign,’ on account of the ‘protection’ he affords you. He does not keep ‘protecting’ you, by commanding you to bow down and serve him; by requiring you to do this, and forbidding you to do that; by robbing you of more money as often as he finds it for his interest or pleasure to do so; and by branding you as a rebel, a traitor, and an enemy to your country, and shooting you down without mercy, if you dispute his authority, or resist his demands. He is too much of a gentleman to be guilty of such impostures, and insults, and villanies as these. In short, he does not, in addition to robbing you, attempt to make you either his dupe or his slave.

                –Lysander Spooner, American Philosopher


Suggested Reading:

COINTELPRO Papers:  Documents from the FBI’s Secret Wars Against Domestic Dissent by Ward Churchill and Jim Vander Wall

Open using a new tab or window.  The document is almost 500 pages and may take some time to load, depending on your computer.


AARC Public Library Contents   Church Committee Reports





The Ordeal of Larry Klayman, Esq.

Larry Klayman is a high-profile conservative attorney, and former Justice Department attorney. He was one of the first attorneys to initiate a lawsuit against the NSA for illegal spying on Americans. He has since then been subjected to COINTELPRO:

“I think they are messing with me,” Klayman told the court, according to Judge Leon’s memorandum from Monday.
Klayman told the court that “he and his clients had received inexplicable text message and emails, not to mention a disk containing a spyware program,” Leon wrote (page 39 below).
A transcript of that court hearing will not be made publically available until next year, according to the PACER electronic legal records database. Speaking to the website WND this week, however, Klayman opened up about the type of harassment he claims he was subjected to soon after taking the NSA to court.
“People began receiving from me emails that I had never sent,” the attorney told WND, or World News Daily — a right-leaning website based out of Washington, DC that Klayman has previously contributed to.
“The government just wanted me to know they were watching me,” Klayman claimed.


Click to access 34790BB36CF0DB176C0A9AD1D16F51AD.pdf

  1. Nice article Keith. I’m glad you focused on law enforcement and left out the conspiracy disinformation nonsense. Personally, I wish I had never read any of those sites after my multiple perpetrator assaults in October 2013.

    They just encourage someone to embrace conspiracy theories instead of filming cops, recording mobbers, getting medical evidence and keeping your mouth shut until you find a good lawyer! So far,that’s the biggest problem. I get the impression that most lawyers know all about systematic police harassment and won’t help a plaintiff in that kind of trouble.

    • It is tough. We have to expose this for what it is- a continuation of COINTELPRO. The lawyers and others will resist interfering because they are told there is “ongoing federal investigation” and they do not want to face obstruction or disbarment. Our job is to send out the message in a clear and coherent fashion. This can only be effectively dealt with by a new Church Committee investigation that is very long overdue.
      As far as the advocacy groups, in my opinion, there are none. The basic approach of collecting money for political lobbying efforts is not being pursued. As you observe, most of these groups are self-marginalizing, IMO, controlled opposition. There are some great sites and I know others that have reached out to political and law enforcement officials in a serious manner-that is the only road open to us.

  2. .i live in Miami Fla 141 st 17 ave 33054 i been target sent i left the foster ( a ward of the state) that was in 1978 ? yes that how long the game been played on me . helicopter police /fire/ ambulance siren to been stop for no reason to been firer from job for no reason last job metro Dade county transit . i was re-leaveas a bus driver. while on a route with pay home land security show up at my house the next week . two month later i was still out work with pay then i had to take aback to work physical did it then they verbally said (not in writing) i need a psychological evaluation. i went to there doctor (sorry i know it was a trap) he said i just was paranoid.i got a second opinion. i got a clearance from a psychologist and a psychiatrist that it was OK for me to go back to work that’s been April 2015 its march 2016 and i am not fired but not working? this is what they use on me school bus,taxi cabs to follow me around and the color yellow cars like they have parked thet yellow car by the entrance gate of my , and helicopters fly over ?. traffic in my neighborhood street is funny it more then a highway? ever time i walk too the front of my home or walk to go to my car one or three cars pass by?and when i come home or park my car a drive by is done, they broke in to the house toke nothing (set up Surveillance) broken to my car at work just went under the dash to do what????(to make it easy to follow me around) i know by how many police fire dept personnel from county to county that’s in on it. that it not cf it war

    • Melody Baca permalink

      WOW! I am currently experiencing the same tactics! We need to unite, speak up and speak out! As a Patriotic American, God Fearing woman, I never imagined I would become a political target. Yes, law enforcement, Fire Departments and all other emergency response teams are involved.

      • Well I just got laid off from UPS seasonal work usually they UPS seasonal work last until mid January but just so happens the one I was working at close their doors real early on a seasonal work doing the time I was working yes I experience GS from the police fire department and by the taxi cab drivers I knew it wasn’t that Beast long before the end Spencer Treat UPS or contact the driver I was working with to make this happen you keep me not making money not making a living so I always be under their control or feel hopelessness but I will pick myself back up even though he tried also make it look like I can’t hold a job and it’s my fault and it’s because of my personality my attitude or missing days of work which I did not do any of that stuff but I knew that I had to be perfect is anything possible what’s startup as usual to fire me they will use he was all Christmas return to work the next day after that there is no more work imagine that UPS right after Christmas is slow they always want you in a situation where they can watch you and control you this is shorted what they would do just to are there way infiltrate with corruption and Evil malice and it just like they continue to spread evil I had my plan I know what I wanted to do but when someone trying to make plans for you without your consent or well-being that’s gang stalking

  3. James Tomko permalink

    My name is James Tomko and my wife and myself have been the victims of intensive gang stalking. We live in Pueblo, Colorado and we would like see a serious investigation of this organized stalking

    • I did a quick internet search, and it came up with a Dr. James Tomko, is this you? If so, you are not the only professional or family who has reported gang stalking victimization. There is a lot of useful information on this site. You should review it, and bring it to the attention of your local Congressman, police, sheriff, etc. Sworn affidavits by you and your wife would be helpful. If you want to email me I’m at, put gang stalking in the subject line. Remember gang stalking relies on most targets to remain quiet and rewards this by continued abuse.

      • James Tomko permalink

        No I am not that Dr. Tomko. I am James Joseph Tomko and my wife is Mary Louise Tomko. We have lived in Pueblo Colorado for a year and nine months and have been intensively gang stalked the whole time. However when we lived in the Eugene Springfield area of Oregon we were also stalked and we were stalked in Nebraska; where we think the stalking started.

      • I’ve heard numerous targets speak of being stalked in multiple states. The fact that some of the areas in which gang stalking occurs are sparsely populated necessitate the use of civil servants such as fire/police and military personnel. This is a government Program like COINTELPRO. This is a big problem that is destroying the lives of countless thousands of seemingly diverse targets daily. Contact your local congressman, police chief, mayor and just do some activism. Many people will simply do nothing and just get harassed to death. They are pulling code 3 on senior citizens on the highway with police/fire lights and sirens. Silence = Death.

    • ShinetheLight permalink

      Yes, this organized stalking Cointelpro program is occurring across state lines and within the ‘5 eyes’ (countries) that exchange all intel information as you travel. I have been stalked in NE for 4 years and I first noticed stalking in another state in Hawaii in the summer of 2014 where we were being followed. This last summer we went to Canada and also were stalked by Port Authority and Victoria, British Columbia PD. We have been stalked by the police in Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, Virginia, Kansas, Utah, and also by security (which is heavily involved in this organized stalking program). Security is often off duty PD and some have radios that receive real time alerts from their agency on ‘threats.’ They make a lot of money being part of this program. It is sick and very illegal but all involved do not think they will ever get caught or held accountable.

      Their goal is they want you to know that you are being watched, surveilled, and followed 24/7. This is not covert surveillance, it is overt. They essentially are trying to take away all of your privacy rights. My stalking began in 10/13 when I was unfortunately in the same small town as a very corrupt cop that became Sheriff of that town unexpectedly. It started out it appeared as ‘sport’ harassment because of his nature and then he notified the fusion center and others within the state police to start engaging in this stalking program. Since DHS and the FBI also work in this fusion center, it became very easy to be put on this ‘watchlist’ so that they can try to control, disrupt, harm, and isolate the targets of this program. They also go beyond just the ‘target’ to follow the person’s family including young teenage daughters (children) and others that person. The target receives the brunt of the harassment, but those around the target will also notice things happening to them (on a less frequent basis as the target) but enough to send a message that you had better be quiet and complacent. This is to retaliate against the target, to shut down free speech, to control someone that is too intelligent or outspoken and could potentially reveal what is occurring with Cointelpro type activities, and for ‘sport.’ Please stay strong for anyone affected by this. I know this is occurring to many people now, and will continue to grow like a cancer across the U.S.

      My advice is to document meticulously who, when,and where things occur. Contact your state senators, contact the President of the U.S. through letters and emails asking for another Church like investigation but with a Special prosecutor for criminal charges, contact the House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes and ask for a Special Prosecutor on this organized stalking program, speak out when you can but remain very calm and collected in everything you do (take calculated risks when you can to speak out, but be very careful). In my experience, they will try to discredit you by saying ‘she is a little crazy” or trying to discredit everything you say. That is their only defense if you are not a criminal and is a psychological tactic they will use. Stay calm, have your facts together, and be very professional in all interactions. Don’t let them destroy you. Try to maintain strong family contacts, friends, and relationships. Their goal is to destroy your relationships and to isolate you. Don’t let them. Find happiness in the little things every day and know that this is not about you personally, it is about them and this sick Cointelpro program that is taking place in the U.S. The more you understand what they are doing and how they are doing it, the more at peace you will be in what is happening and you will be able to speak out about it in a persuasive fashion and expose it.

  4. Melody Baca permalink

    PeaceFrog, you are correct. Thank you all for your posts- they want to troll us to our death. Stay strong all! Remain strong.

  5. James Tomko permalink

    This is James Tomko again. My wife Mary and I are still being stalked intensively even during the epidemic. We believe the gang stalkers are getting really impatient. It has been long time and and a bunch of money stalking us. They have their deadlines. This whole global enterprise has a deadline. This is the last century as we knew the world to be. They have to destroy certain types of people so that they can continue with their agenda. They soon will begin their endgame. Once again this is James and Mary Tomko from Pueblo, CO. We continue hold fast.

  6. Cherise Cannon permalink

    Hi my name is Cherise Cannon I have been Watchlisted Unlawfully. The FBI is Paying my Aunt Judy Yelverton And Several other Family members in NC to fabricate Terrorist material in order to incriminate me they are Trying to murder me. I’m pursuing a Lawsuit my Story is on Youtube: Unfilteredcc

    • Hi Cherise,

      Everything you are saying on your YouTube channel sounds like COINTELPRO from what I’ve read, and, more importantly from my own lived experience.

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