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D.O.J. Stalking Report ON GANG STALKING

A 2009 report, titled, “Stalking Victimization in the United States” was produced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics  — an office within the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). It revealed unprecedented, large-scale group stalking in the U.S.   It can be found via the following link:

Click to access bjs-stalking-rpt.pdf

Click to access bjs-stalking-rpt.pdf

The report reveals some startling statistics:

      – 13.1% of stalking victims, over half a million victims, were stalked by 3 or more perpetrators.

      –  Some 11% of stalking victims were stalked for more than 5 years.

      –  Nearly half of stalking victims reported the use of electronic monitoring, including computer spyware, audio/visual surveillance and/or GPS tracking.

Page 9 reveals that there were over 2.15 million male and female”harassment” victims. Page 10 reveals, under the title “Methodology” that:

“Victims of harassment met all the requirements for stalking victimization except those associated with induced fear or additional associated crimes [related to stalking harassment]”

In other words, if a gang stalking victim was not in subjective fear for his or her life, or did not “associate” another crime, such as assault, with the harassment, they were simply left out of the “stalking” category. This is so even if “all the other requirements for stalking victimization were met.” If the “harassment” victims were, in all other ways, substantially identical to “stalking” victims, we can infer that the figures for stalking victims were artificially deflated by almost fifty percent by deliberate omission, and, that almost 1 in 6 stalking victims were stalked by three or more perpetrators (i.e., 750,00 American gang stalking victims).

The following documents, obtained by a New York attorney via the Freedom of Information Act,  show that 185,050 stalking victims were stalked by groups of 3 to 50 stalkers acting together as a team or group.  Note that significant numbers of stalking victims (in the thousands) reported being stalked by groups at every break-point between 3 and 50 stalkers:

To view the responsive FOIA documents and closing letter issued by the DOJ’s Office of Justice Programs, click on the following link:


The report, “Stalking Victimization in the U.S.”, was based on a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, using the following questionnaire (“Supplemental Victimization Survey (SVS)”:

Click to access svs1_06.pdf



Based on my investigative work...I have come to the conclusion that 
thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue 
criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day in the U.S. This 
conspiracy is far too active to be controlled or operated by private 
enterprise whose goals are achieving financial gain. These operations 
require extensive financing with no return on the investment. This 
program's operations are financed by illegal black operations, i.e., 
narcotics, prostitution...

I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24 
hours a day and 7 days a week, there is a Central Command...whose 
administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and 
harassment against anyone in the any time, day or night. I 
have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal 
government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of 
Americans. This makes the FBI's former COINTELPRO program, which I 
worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday 
school program by comparison.

                    - former FBI Assistant Director, Ted L. Gunderson, in an affidavit 
                    in support of F.O.I.A. plaintiff's case in Labella v. FBI, et. al., 
                    2012 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 37830 (E.D.N.Y. Mar.19, 2012) (Garaufis,J.)

The Stalking Report

  1. The gangstalking and slander started for me when I was a student at Ulster University (Coleraine) in 1979. It continued when I lived at International House (Birmingham) in 1985. I was gangstalked and slandered while working at Balham Sorting and Delivery Office, Sth London, up to 2011. And now I live in Harrogate the gangstalking and slander continue.


      okay, point A, is your phone, your text message is sent, intercepted and broadcasted to others under the tactic direct connection of organized gangstalking also happens to your emails.

      This is done illegally and is very horrible, over the years got tired of law enforcement doing nothing so started to research this topic and found out only the recipient of the email or text message can complain.

      So knowing you have this illegal intercept nobody wants to help you stop then use that to your advantage, send an email or text message to yourself. You can send this to your own account or another free yahoo or google email account or another phone. Now you control the information and nobody will complain about what you say in the message because you are not going to tell on yourself.

      Now you own point A and point B controlling what is being said.


      You have a blank check to say anything about anyone and it gets broadcasted to ALL those in this illegal direct connection circle. Use that to your advantage include perps picture in the text message, say nasty text about them, and it is broadcasted to everyone.

      Use the sound file, SAY THERE NAME other nasty things about them. Then this is not a silent text message. Anyone standing around the open text message with a sound file you recorded will here what you said. REVERSE GANGSTALK THEM.

      Can do this both on the internet with emails and with text messages using attachments on your smartphone.

      Use your smartphone cameria get a picture of them to use, if you know there full name check out facebook and search for picture to use of them. Also do not forget to check MUGSHOT.COM nothing like using there mugshot picture, usually your worst picture.

      Of course advertise there criminal record sure to have one if involved in organized gangstalking being a PERP OR PERV OR PSYCHO.

      Excellent way to REVERSE THE STALKING, they hate to be EXPOSED. DO IT !!!


      Knowing I control point A and point B nobody can complain of what I do legally, and point C is illegally intercepted so they can not complain then the stage is set for the ATTACK ON THE SMART PHONE.

      Forget any fancy backdoor tricks, to access the smart phone we have knowledge of this illegal intercept, position, and using there technology to our advantage.

      We are going to create a text message on our smart phone as large as we can use up all the characters with a space bar, include picture, sound file. My file I created maximum was 348 kilo bytes.

      Now we are going to use the group send function on our smart phone, we can type in 20 phone numbers and send any message to this selective group. WE ARE GOING TO BE ALL TWENTY GROUP MEMBERS, so we are going to type in our phone number 20 times. When you select new message and type in the phone number other slots should appear where you can type in more phone numbers, this is where you type in your phone number into all the slots. When you finished and select OK, will say “ group message “.


      So, one push of the SEND KEY, we will multiply ourselves and send 20 large files. In my case I sent 20 times 348 kb. Sent this to an old flip phone with a refill card as my point B. My point A is my smart phone with the virus on it. The flip phone or any other smart phone is just your receiving phone. Started out sending message

      To my own phone which prevented me from using the phone, sending and receiving so many messages but also, stop the others from using there phone at point C. Once I used a receiving phone was faster at sending more messages and was able to totally lock down the receiving phone from being used.

      Using one phone, is a trick so you do not get the downloadable files and that is to select “BLOCK ALL” incoming text messages. This will CANCEL incoming text, so you can SEND ONLY ! Took me a while to learn this trick.

      The reason you would want to use two phones is to set the second phone, receiving phone, to an area code across state lines so now this would be a Federal Felony for Illegally Intercepting a wireless transmission. With one phone legally would be just a state felony.

      Changed the port speed to max on point A and point B, and all text message are sent with HIGH PRIORITY.

      What is happening at point B, is also happening at point C – THE GROUP OF SCUM, PERPS.

      Now, just going to push the group send button once every two minutes for an hour.

      Any smart phone while receiving the downloadable files is unable to be used, can only receive a text message or a call. Other function are on hold until the download is completed. So keep pusing the send button never let all the files complete downloading.

      Just have to wait for the files to get downloaded but you are unaware at point C, the traffic coming from point A which can be about 200-800 messages all requiring time to download .

      You can see at point B, this phone is totally SPAMMED OUT, TOTALLY USELESS and point C is broadcasting the same.

      You decide after three hours to stop, and that SCUM and PERPS at point C will block your intercept to avoid being SPAMMED OUT AGAIN !

      This would be a “ blocking “ counter terrorism tactic, block the perps for as long as you want from doing more evil.

      This is a good start and can be done during peak times of the day and on weekends. Of course, you can not do this ALL THE TIME ! However since the name of the game is to “ GANG UP ON “ then we will use the power of the internet and sign up for FREE EMAILS, sent daily, and have those emails sent to our phone to create annoying long term traffic.

      Create a few free email accounts sign up for FREE Horoscopes, Daily Prayer to email accounts. Using two gmail accounts myself, gmail is straight forward to forward to your phone.


      While I am at a FREE site not just going to sign up one gmail account but both gmail accounts, trying to create useless information as traffic so really does not matter.

      My structure for using two gmail accounts is to forward one gmail account to my phone daily and the other gmail account on weekends and holidays. Always have the option of using both gmail accounts for daily traffic at your decision.

      Start by signing up to 5 different FREE HOROSCOPES, DAILY PRAYERS a week for both accounts each and every week. Slowly build the traffic up until the PERPS just disconnect !


      Also, you can create traffic to your emails for FREE by signing up for end of the day stock market data, breaking news, and lottery daily results. Does not matter the information you want the traffic of useless data.

      This will be a slight annoyance for you, but a protective shield you just have to live behind to keep the PERPS annoyed. Keep signing up for 5 FREE whatever a week for both gmail accounts after about 4-7 weeks you GANGED UP on the PERPS.

      This is done automatically everyday, once the infrastructure is created the game begins, and the numbers are on your side !

      The idea is to DE-NETWORK THE GREAT EVIL !

      Of course, you can still spam yourself, on top of the automatic spam.

      Also, using my twitter account to send spam to my phone which happens at all hours of the day. On twitter you can select Mobile Notification and type directly in your phone number, select all notifications. And on twitter you can select Email notification select all notifications, use one of your daily gmail account.

      If you do not have a twitter account think about getting one just for the extra spam generation ability.

      Remember most PERPS walk around with there smartphone ON and a beep goes off when they get a new email or a new text message, EXACTLY, keep BEEPING them ! ROFL LOL lol

      As a targeted individual you should NEVER walk around with your phone ON all the time, take the battery out and leave the battery out while you travel. Stop somewhere but the battery in turn on, get your messages, then turn that phone off take the battery out ! makes it harder for you to be tracked.

      This will get your text message all at one time, not BEEPED ALL DAY ! LOL

      The best defense is an offense.


  2. They completely ruined my professional career and personal life. Today I can no longer find a job.
    This is a crime against humanity.

  3. Rosemarie permalink

    I have been being gang stalked for over 6 years. My ex husband works for the federal government. I have turned him in for bigamy, tax fraud, health fraud etc. Nothing has happened to him.

    He put me on the list because he wants to retire and not want to pay me my divorce settlement. I’m a 63 year old woman and this isn’t the old age I had envisioned.

    They rip my house apart. They have robbed me of thousands of dollars of items. They try to poisen me and my dog. The local police don’t want involved.

    • Please start a blog. Document everything and everything you can. Upload the story to the internet. I’m interested, given your bigamy claim, where you live, Utah?

    • Cheryl permalink

      I’m pretty much in the same position. My ex will not leave me alone and I believe it is money related, as he is very wealthy through inheritance and has made my life a living hell. I have witnesses that have told me “He’s paying people” and “He’s trying to destroy you”. Everywhere I move I am stalked and experience property destruction, Expensive car destroyed, landscape killed, and other destruction. He hires people who are making my life so difficult in every neighborhood I live in. I’m quiet and don’t bother anyone but they start noise campaigns, dog droppings from different dogs are thrown in my backyard. They obsessively eavesdrop by standing outside by my windows.I don’t know these people. I have been forced to move to different cities. I have moved 7 times and for no reason harassed severely by people I don’t know but will not leave me alone via stalking.

  4. Xxhunterdolcexx permalink

    This madness must end this is y we have ppl snapping and killing everyone around us somedays its takes every bit of power i can harness not to take a little precious blessing out of their lives like they have done to me . God forbid the torture continue from there maybe i oughta organize a retailiation of my own hell it sure beats smearing my own brains

    • Stay calm and focused, I know that it’s hard. Try channeling your energy into activism. Use social media to share information and links. Write your local and federal officials, and make local and federal F.O.I.A. requests. A paper trail is building that can’t be ignored forever . You are not alone in this!

  5. Scott Hagist permalink

    Really that’s the best advice is to stay calm!
    Meanwhile our lives just don’t matter anymore to anyone!
    My family all turned against me, friends what friends? They wiped them
    Out right from the flip, hell they have even turned my 92 old grandmother against me! As of now I have a choice to make either become homeless or be put in jail via setup. I am really having a hard time making the choice to just leave but bib but I ‘ve heard or read what they do to you once your out on the street with nothing!
    All I can say is that I wouldn’t believe my own story if I was to just hear myself!
    This is no game they mean ing the cops (St Louis county missouri) I really don’t see anyway out of this shit!

  6. Thomas Rogers permalink

    I have a friend that believes he is being gang stalked. He is pretty shook up about it and believes that if he doesn’t get the right people involved he will soon be a casualty and none of us want that. What should he do.

    • Well Roger, if they have not tried to put pressure on you, this could be because they assessed your personality profile as strong and independent thinking. The FBI and police are not helping people, and, this is because the FBI is behind this. The reason has nothing to do with your friend, or the useful idiots performing these mindless activities. I believe that they are cooking up a scheme against organized crime and other subversives to railroad them into a civil rights conspiracy under 18 U.S.C. 241. They did this with the KKK, and now admit 20 percent of the KKK were paid informants (including their most violent killers) by greasing the rails for lynchings, etc., to massage the whole civil rights culture wars in the South in the 1950’s and 1960’s.
      The best thing you can do is to help your friend document incidents. Take down license plates, take cell phone pictures, make police reports regarding any incidents that involve law breaking. It is unlikely that you will get any help by stating that he is being gang stalked because they are not investigating this. You could mention this to the police, and show them information from this site like the D.O.J. FOIA documents, the Santa Cruz police Memo, the private investigator’s report, etc. You may get a sympathetic ear, however, the police are paramilitary organizations designed to take orders from a strict hierarchical command. There are many instances in which law enforcement officers suffer mobbing and gang stalking.
      Continue to help your friend. You might want to suggest that he keep a written diary, or, start a free WordPress blog. You are on the right side of this. Do not give in. At some point gestures will be made to try to recruit you and even your friend. These people are playing a dangerous game. IMO, they are unwittingly setting up organized crime for the wrap. This includes foreign organizations like the Mexican Cartels and their business activities in this country. Hopefully, they will get what is coming to them soon.

  7. Sherrie permalink

    Does anyone know if there arecstatistics of current husbands involved in gangstalking against their wife. I believe it may be happening to me. I am welcoming any and all information that can be provided.

    • Bepositive permalink

      Hello Sherrie, yes its a hurtful thing when your husband helps. My husband does help and we are still together. I believe that he was threaten into participating because I remember the day he came home and looked so scared. So I think that the Cointelpro threaten my husbands life. Its very bad!!!

  8. I am a gang stocking victim in Ohio and I am surrounded by my purse because they live all around me on this block particularly but there’s more that seem to come from other places. My at-home harassment is being done by my neighbors I’m sure of it I’m not gonna say which ones at this poin I am a gang stocking victim in Ohio and I am surrounded by my purse because they live all around me on this block particularly but there’s more that seem to come from other places. My at-home harassment is being done by my neighbors that live on this entire block. Only a couple houses can I exclude as perps because I know the occupants. I would like advice on what to do I’ve set up consultations but these people haven’t even heard of gangstalking . I don’t have bro proof but a lot of evidence and damages but I’m getting ready to move soon anybody has any advice feel free .

  9. Anamarie permalink

    The government works with these thugs.we are all in the same boat.and yes its in the church happened to me.the government knows and violates these persons. Rights

  10. Anamarie permalink

    Gang stalkin is real and the government supports these happens even in the church.the government violates the rights of people like us.

  11. Anonymous 4 now permalink

    Its 2019 with a few thoughts about my neighborhood gang stalking. I am an average person living in a wealthy perp neighborhood. I have surveillance cameras pointed at me in all directions, the street corners appeared to be controlled by neighborhood watch and surveillance. I experimented to determine how these guys always come out and drive-by when I go outside. I blocked all the inside windows approaching my entrance, yet within one minute they are there 24 hours a day. I think there is a FLAIR pointed at me, a heat image appears at my foyer as I approach the door.The FLAIR cams have gotten reasonably priced checkout LOREX. Note, ordinary cameras may have a dull RED colored IR (night) cameras, better ones have an Invisible blue light. These cheaper systems are available at Costco, Best Buy, etc. Next I’m well aware of the neighborhood camera watch. When I move outside, their camera system’s motion detection sends an email to the on-duty stalker, among others. The result may be a simple revving of a motor cycle engine or cars honking one followed by two other beeps; 24 hours a day. The camera watch has been going for over 2 years, proceeding the “RING Neighborhood” advertisements on TV. I just want to point out the technology exists to easily watch you. You can do the same but it can be expensive. I have wired cameras as I don’t trust wifi. Good Luck TI friends.

  12. john doe permalink

    Targeted individual sabine parish louisiana

  13. Jerome pearson permalink

    I am currently beimg gangstalked in Sacramento Ca . 1623 V street and the entire building has been rented to stalkers. The resident above me has hacked my Wi-Fi and has hacked and stolen personal information and has extracted files. I have reported this to Sacramento police , Sacramento fire, FBI , FTC and Attorney generals office. My family is also being stalked by residents, contractors city officials. My house and phones hace been bugged and I believe city officials are taking part in this illegal and unconstitutional surveillance. I am not a suspect in any crime nor am I involved in any legal proceedings. My work apps have bwen hacked to run a smear campaign and they also have taken part in this dangerous and illegal act. I will conitnue to document and spread the word to evertone in the world and hopefully you can help me in some way. Thanks for reading

  14. Mark Vanous permalink


    I’ve been targeted for approx 16 months that I’ve been aware , First it was my phone , tablet, computer. After I replaced / repaired my phone so many times it became evident this isn’t spyware/ malware , definitely someone was behind this malicious sick behavior . Then the physical stalking / mobbing started . The told my neighbors and anyone that would listen that I was a white supremacist ( I have seven biracial children ) . One day I was waiting in my car for my phone to be repaired and I got out to go in and check if my phone was ready to pick up and this crazed looking guy jumped out of his car and came towards me screaming that I’m a Fu)$$ racist and he’s calling the police while he was holding his phone up recording me . He said that I was gangstalking him . That was the first time I had ever heard that term . The neighbors suddenly became unfriendly and crossed the other side of the street . They even had bumper stickers made about me being racist and wanting me to leave the neighborhood . I can go on and on like most TI’s I’m sure . But what I would like is to connect with other TI’s in my area and make a difference .I’m used to working 10-12 hours a day six days a week and Ive lost everything and can’t work because of this anymore . Could you please share a few groups or people that are doing something to make a difference . I’m in Costa Mesa Ca ( Orange County ). Even if it’s Los Angeles or San Diego areas I’ll drive . Thank you , Mark Vanous 949-

    • I deleted your phone number from the post bacase I’m not sure you wanted it published in the comment.

  15. I might have left comments previously here or elsewhere. My views have evolved. As of October 2021, I feel my own gangstalking might include reverse-racism toward whites. In addition, I feel it might include a “male-first” thing and a minority thing which combined punishes what they feel are slouchers or people who have it too easy, like someone they feel does not work or has it too easy from family in life. I also suspect a link between large “Big Brother” corporations and a growing MPM (Minority Power Movement) felt at both national/global and local levels. I feel those corporations, which includes large chain stores and the people they hire to watch against theft, are a primary source of the problem. It might impact healthcare in ER rooms of hospitals. I also think Verizon is a personal problem, although the other cell phone companies could also be so. I think one way to break up the games is to dissolve the large corporations into smaller non-connected entities. I think employees at Verizon, or people coming in through Verizon, have had a reverse-racist connection to me personally. Different races might be having different gangstalking experiences, but I feel whites need to watch the growing number of black-only ads at various corporation websites, as well as the social construct for “diversity” language being used. I suspect various minorities are involved in a Stasi-like warfare against the United States which can manifest as gangstalking. It can use both global and local players. Many of the websites about gangstalking seem to have an anti-American government approach. I think the real answer is having a realistic approach about various rebel organizations and state actors infiltrating parts of the American infrastructure, including large corporations. Many American politicians are trying to do the right thing, and are a voice of sanity against the chaos. Watch the moderate legislation to see true picture. Several government officials are trying to do things right or normally. Large sweeping attacks against the American system will not solve our problems. We need to get to the bottom of the cults infiltrating our systems.

    • There is some truth to what you are observing and stating. However, decades of research and lived experience, lead me to the conclusion that the feds are running the show through the FBI. My own opinion is, that the smearing of local law enforcement, defund the police, etc. (albeit some of the claims against police are valid) is part of a federal program attempting to federalize most police powers in an FBI that is a rebirth of the Gestapo. I would not be surprised if the police are federal targets to a larger degree than what is understood. Furthermore, I wouldn’t be surprised if some cops are being gangstalked leading to much of the excessive violence in policing seen over the last several years. The vast and unchecked federal police power cannot be overstated.
      Of course, police are responsible for gang stalking with the use of neighborhood watch and other minions (Iocal government actors, criminal informants (many on probation), private security, store security, corporate security, school/campus security, etc.). The involvement in gang stalking activities by such a wide and varied group of actors, throughout the entire country, necessitates control and direction by the federal government. It is logistically impossible for this to be happening in 50 states, and every sub-jurisdiction, in a uniform manner, and, for targets to be harassed interstate as is happening, without the federal government being in control of it.

      • Thanks for your reply. In summary, I agree, I do think the FBI might be a problem, but will continue to stay open-minded for any good agents still working among them. I am not prepared to lump everyone together unIess have absolute proof. I do not want to be unfair or cause harm to any remaining good agents out there. My definition of good is pro-American and working for the American system and the American people.

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