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Dr. Stuart Bramhall on “Going Postal”

This makes a lot of sense, particular in light of all the post office shootings that started off our current mass shooting spree in the late 80s (the source of the expression “going postal”).

In the late 80s the National Association of Federal Injured workers identified that postal inspectors were systematically gang stalking postal workers who filed workers compensation claims (this was during a period when the Reagan-Bush administration were embezzling the federal workers compensation fund to fund the Contras in Nicaragua). The gang stalking was associated with stalking, rapes, beatings and more than 2 dozen violent suicides that occurred under suspicious circumstances.

I worked with a postal worker who allegedly committed suicide in 1989 under extremely suspicious circumstances. He supposedly jumped from the fifth floor of the YMCA but on autopsy there was clear evidence he had been beaten just prior to his death. The postal inspectors seized the evidence file to prevent the Seattle police from conducting a homicide investigation.

I write about this in my book The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee

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