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Former FBI Chief’s Affidavit

Former FBI Assistant Director's Affidavit Confirming Gang Stalking:

Wikipedia Page:


Ted Gunderson was head of the Memphis, Dallas, and LA Field Offices of the FBI, and, served as a Deputy Chief at FBI Headquarters:

  1. Phyllis permalink



  2. Phyllis permalink

    Is there any way I can get a copy , I would like to take it to the rep, senator . I am a targeted individual, my only son was murdered due to corruption of law enforcement, fbi, state and local , mostly gang stalked , work mob stalked. All sort of people recruited to stage and murder my son. I was a whistle blower and this is why we are targeted. I would appreciate a copy , some how I can’t print the affidavit .

    • A copy is generally acceptable under the Federal Rules of Evidence, Rule 1003:

      Copy the document off the website and attach it to the letter:

      Click to access gunderson.pdf

      If you want to email me directly, this is my email address:

    • Phyllis,

      Is there is anything more that you would be willing to share about the murder of your son, and/or your targeting as a whistleblower? As one of the creators of this site (Keith is the primary author), we would appreciate it, if you’d like to comment further. Alternatively, we could also communicate via e-mail. (Keith’s address is in his comment.) We are sorry for your loss and for the targeting that you’ve had to endure.

    • Phyllis, Our general approach, regarding the approval of comments, is to err on the side of safety and security for all involved. Thank you for sharing the details of your situation, which we will retain in our files, but will not post for public consumption, at this time. Our condolences for the loss of your son and your ongoing targeting. We know that this program is highly destructive and, as we continue to press for its exposure, we will keep your comments in mind. You are in our thoughts. Our apologies for the delay in posting this response.

  3. I’m so sorry for this sad and horrifying world in which we live in. It is obvious to me that the world of illegal activities far out priorities and monopolizes American day to day life.
    As a Woman of moral manner I do not believe in the term “whistle blower” I see it as “keeping America safe” FROM itself & others!
    If a President harms American Civilians or Military than she/he is forgiven. If I try to save Americans or others I’m to be beaten as a whistleblower?
    No- I do not accept this backwards theory.
    As an inventor of the “Vertical Theory” I acknowledge that Standing UP for my rights is more difficult than laying down belly up. Soft side up! That’s America as we are such are like me today!
    Mr/Mrs/Ms FBI I’m sorry. I need you and others who can pass the test with out being cowersed.
    We need you to “think” about what desicions you will stand behind! It is the decisions you make that create the “Character” you are. Simple childlike moralistic decisions.
    Do the CORRECT thing. Pass the TEST. Say NO to immoral things especially if someone threatens you!
    It’s a LIE! You die if you are convinced to do the WRONG thing! Remember the lessons hopefully you learned as a child. “Thou shall not…”
    And for MOB hits! When did whacking people become a way of business in America?
    There is no such thing a “depopulation” it’s code for MURDER!
    I stand up for every person who is dealing with the ugly truth About America.
    Stay Strong, Do the non-mob thing & stay true to America.

    Advice: Don’t go with the heard!

  4. Brenda permalink

    I am being gang stalked for the last 4-5 years. I believe I have been blacklisted and sabotaged . This because I reported an abusive supervisor at a large insurance company. I am unable to get any adequate service at any businesses, by any doctors etc. my home and car are broken into. Items are stollen or vandalized. The police will not release any of the reports I have made. My camera equipment was stollen with cards. Phones are stollen. Phone and computer compromised. I am isolated and unable to obtain lawyer services. I live near Lancaster PA ( Harrisburg or Philadelphia) Are private investigators any help? The local police are not. PLEASE HELP!

    • If you read through this blog then you know that I explain gang stalking as a federal COINTELPRO Program. It will be very hard to get official help from local police. However, you can start a free blog on WordPress and upload your pictures, police reports (just give them the $10 each for the incident reports) along with your narrative. If you are not willing to help yourself, in this way, you have no chance of reigning this in. I made complaints that led to federal securities , narcotics and organized crime investigations, and, I hope that the idiot ring leaders (neighborhood watch captains, etc.) find a grisly end when the feds pin all of this on hard target organized crime (and I predict 100% that they will use 18 USC 241 in heavy multi-district federal prosecutions, and that this will lead to criminal organizations doing internal housekeeping that is long overdue). They have already used shows like Amish Mafia to reveal and introduce criminals and criminal organizations who, for some reason, willingly give a preview audition of their organized crime offenses to their future Grand Juries on television; I mention Amish Mafia because you mentioned Lancaster, PA..

  5. Brenda permalink

    I apologize if my statement seemed to imply that I am accusing the employer of gangstalking me. I meant to state that since the occurrence of supervisor abuse and coworker mobbing at a large health insurance company, I have noticed that I possibly have been placed on a list, possibly as a terrorist? I was laid off from the company 1 year. I would be given a separation package, if I signed an agreement not to sue the company. I signed the agreement and agreed not to sue, as money was tight. I began working at another large health insurance company following this experience, only to be subject to the same treatment. Has anyone else experienced this? I am sabotaged at all jobs since that time. I was advised not to talk about my experience. During that time I remained silent, the defaming of my character in the community began. One of my next employers required that I sign a document agreeing to not talk about any previous employers. This was during the hiring process. This was needed for me to obtain the job.This employer was also a large health insurance company that I later learned, was owned by the second health insurance company. As stated above all types of strange occurences began to happen. It appears shopping at Walmart, Target and Best Buy I experience extreme harassment. This has scanned the gamut from :
    1) almost continual episodes of items supposedly ” being placed in the bagging area” at the self checkout. This gives the appearance that I am attempting to shop lift. I requested the supervisor stay at my register. She refused. ) 2. I have a German Shephard I take with me everywhere since the strange occurences have started. I always leave my car running with the emergency break and air conditioner running, as well as a bowl of water for him. Yesterday at Best Buy in Reading, a supposed Wyomissing policeman walked up to my car as I pulled out of my space to leave. He stated I was guilty of having my dog in the car. He stayed” you are unable to do that in Pennsylvania. He stated he was giving me a warning. He requested my identification and car registration and insurance ID. I requested to know his badge number. He became angry and rude. He repeatedly ordered me to give the above items. I continued to insist on a badge number. He stated he would have to call his supervisor. He walked back and contacted someone. He returned stating his badge number was 15. I gave him my drivers license. My registration card was still in the envelope. He watched as I opened it and handed it to him. I gave him my insurance card. He went to his vehicle. He did not request to see if my car was cool from the air conditioner running, which it was. He also didn’t check my key chain or the starter. I remove the ignition key and leave it in the car. I then take the set of keys with me. He would have noted a sole key in the ignition. He handed all my information back. He stated I was being also given a warning for not signing me registration. He quickly slipped in the insurance card. He quickly stated I was receiving a warning as the insurance card was expired. I quickly searched for the recent insurance card but he quickly got in his car and drove off, stopping at the front of the store. I followed him with the accurate insurance card and he quickly left again. I followed to stop him a white pick up truck pulled out in front of me. I continued driving and honked my horn at the “officer”. I displayed the accurate insurance card which he refused to look at. I asked and he acknowledged that he was writing up a report on this that would go on my record. I was not given any type of documentation stating that I was receiving a warning. At no time did he display a ticket book. I stated that the employee was lying. I called the dispatcher and asked that this officer call me. I asked for the law that he was referring to. He gave me the number and read something about cruelty to animals. He gave me the name “Steven” ( he “wasn’t sure of the name but it would be in his report. “). I informed him that is was rude during the interaction. He stated ” I don’t like dealing with people, I mean I don’t like dealing with crazy people”. He stated ” or people who act crazy. He indicated I had done so by asking for his ID. I asked if requesting a badge number to ascertain his identity before I release all my information was “crazy”? I being an older single woman. He had no response. I apologize for any spelling or punctuation errors. The program keeps changing the spelling,punctuation and adding or deleting letters. I know the strange occurences will increase. They always do after I reveal my experiences.

    • I am sorry to hear of your troubles after being placed on a gang stalking list by your former employer with whom you had a dispute. The officer you speak of seems to be a rookie, or, imposter possibly. He should have known that he had to give you his badge number without conferring with his supervisor. According to a brief internet search, PA is one of about twelve states that do not require uniformed officers to wear their badges. Mobbing and community mobbing a.k.a. gang stalking is widespread in the medical field. It is especially common among nurses. You might want to network with message boards and internet forums to find other victims who worked in this field.

    • melissa permalink

      I worked for Belmont brokerage in long beach california and ever since my problems as an employee working for them I’ve been gang stalked, harassed, followed, and everything has been more difficult. police, fire department harrass me along with gangs. even in custody issues with my kids judges treat me with disrespect or don’t listen to me at all. the owner of the company put me on a black ball list I believe as well. it’s frustrating and I have to endure with my children. but since I’ve had people try and stash drugs in my car, sabotaged my vechile and threaten me all the time

      • Start collecting evidence. Make police reports. Even though you may have reason not to trust them, you need to create a paper trail. Keep a journal, photograph people, places, license plate numbers, etc. I worked for a financial firm that I later learned was being investigated by the FBI. There was a major organized crime connection.

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