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F.O.I.A. Documents PROVE Gang Stalking

F.O.I.A. Documents Proving Gang Stalking:

Public officials have denied that people in the U.S. are being stalked by teams or groups.  The following FOIA documents obtained from the DOJ by Keith Labella, Esq. reveal that these official denials are false.

The following documents are those that were provided by the DOJ Office of Justice Programs, in response to the FOIA request by Keith Labella, Esq.:

Link to DOJ OJP Closing Letter explaining the documents below (page 1 0f 3):

Click to access oip-closing-letter33.pdf

DOJ FOIA Stalking by Teams of Groups (page 2 of 3)


  1. Benjamin Simon Corbion Ciney Leignon permalink


  2. Way to go! I filled out that survey and am one of the 13%. I have never come across this and thank whomever took the time to pursue the information and for your posting it. Great work!


  3. Gregory holliday permalink

    I am a victim to these teams of assholes they destroyed my character broke my family up and also slandered my name on the streets for extra help I live in San ysidro ca 3167 smells road 92173 my name is Gregory Holliday I’m 33 years old and I can sense that they have a plan to take me out with a deep cover up

    • Garrett Wolff permalink

      They have done the same to me. I’ve (like many of those targeted) done nothing that could warrant anything like this and all I can say is that they will lie and misrepresent anybody to cover up their own misdeeds. My family was destroyed, drugs were introduced by their operatives into mine and my dad’s life, and they killed him and did so in a way that made it appear to be an overdose. They’ve separated me from my son and likely caused my divorce unless my ex wife was in on this from the start. It makes no sense and I hope there is a way to see those responsible for this brought to justice.

  4. Derek E. Masters permalink

    keep up the fight. Just recently began to educate myself. Thanks u the hard work. We are the resistance.

  5. N C Sage permalink

    NC Sage live in the US. are being stalked by teams/groups and 5289 Hwy 121,The Colony,Tx who
    employs a gang memb followed and stalked to another apt and uses gangs/Mofia to do this too.
    Note FOIA doc from Keith Labella reveal official denials false. I Random Candidate. Budget Suites
    female employer connect Mofia to stalk, harass and use weapons against me.

  6. Colette Hunter permalink

    Please beware the email address that I have given maybe Hacked !My son and I have then stalked, bullied, and profiled for years… Colette Hunter/ Colette Hunter Facebook- Type after my name in the search engine one of the following; Stalking, hacked in at least four phones and 7 or 8 computers, monitored and public lines of communication, accident, bullying, John, Officier Selvey, Mr. Minor, Officier Minor, following me to the food pantry, looks like an under cover cop bullying me, Franklin, Belleville police won’t file reports, local Fairview Heights FBI said, “Go home because they won’t kill you tonight!”, profiling, jumped on, tampering on my property, Don Pierce, family trust, Franklin, John, gang banging kids from the center, called A bitch and a nigger, several police with family homes in one block radius, following me, attempts to make me look crazy so no one listens, Bullying my disabled son, mortgage fraud, mortgage insurance fraud, life insurance fraud, utility fraud, bank fraud, identity theft, and a lot more …

  7. Lloyd George permalink

    Yes, I too have had my Family broken up, dog murdeded and 2 others stolen. This is a joint effort by the U.S. Military and NATIONWIDE
    & Local Law Enforcement programs dubbed,
    ROCA….. Wife Gang Raped, Poor Ellie falling to.pieces and its all fun to and for Our Nation
    Of Narcisstic Rats..Its Revenge of the Nerds, On Steroids and Yes, The Churches are involved too.. Another Unwitting Accomplice is your Community Oriented Policing groups ..

  8. Janelle gassler permalink

    I Janelle gassler of anchor pointnt ak believe to be a victim of gang stalking and trafficking

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  1. “Public officials have denied that people in the U.S. are being stalked by teams or groups. The following FOIA documents obtained from the DOJ by Keith Labella, Esq. reveal that these official denials are false.” | Random Candidate

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