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Gang Stalking F.O.I.A. Lawsuit

Foia with the FBI is a street fight.”-Ryan Noah Shapiro

“We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.”Chris Hedges

This article examines a recent F.O.I.A. case brought against the FBI and DOJ in Brooklyn Federal Court on the subject of gang stalking. The Judge in the case has a close working relationship with the FBI. The Judge has handled the bulk of high level organized crime cases brought in Brooklyn Federal Court by the FBI over the past 10 years, including the case of the first Mafia Don, “Big Joey” Massino, to testify against his crime family.

The Judge was presented with an Affidavit in support of plaintiff’s request for materials the FBI maintained on the subject of gang stalking, organized stalking and flash mobbing:

The affidavit presented the following evidence as Exhibits:

“A”:  The DOJ Stalking Report of January, 2009 stating that 13% of all stalking cases involved three or more stalking perpetrators.

“B”:  A F.O.I.A. request response received by plaintiff from DOJ stating that 185,050 Americans are being stalked by multiple stalkers of between “3” and “50” stalkers acting in teams and groups.

“C”:  Official government document stating that the FBI shares a criminal database with the very DOJ subdivision component that produced both the Stalking Report and the statistics released under the F.O.I.A. in Exhibit “B”.

“D”:  An affidavit by Ted L. Gunderson & Associates stating that the FBI has records on gang stalking. Gunderson headed three FBI Field Offices in his 30 years with the FBI. Gunderson also had numerous contacts in the Intelligence Community as a California based licensed private investigator Gunderson also explicitly states in the affidavit that he personally referred numerous gang stalking victims to the appropriate authorities within the FBI to document their complaints.

“E”:  A  case in which a California Court chastised the FBI for lying to the court in a F.O.I.A. case.

“F” A news article detailing the FBI’s use of secret files to hide information from F.O.I.A. requesters.

“G” & “H”:  News articles detailing government schemes to curtail internet “conspiracy theories”, including high level support for criminalizing speech on the internet.

“I”:  The news report of the press conference in which Lieutenant Larry Richard of the Santa Cruz Police Dep’t stated that gang stalking predates social media, and, is becoming a larger, more sophisticated criminal problem.

“J”:  An internal police Memo obtained by plaintiff from the Santa Cruz P.D., stating that gang stalking has “implications to workplace violence”.

“K”:  A news report detailing gang stalking in San Antonio and stating that several felony cases related to gang stalking were active cases being investigated by both San Antonio police and the San Antonio Sheriff’s Office.

“L”  An internet poll in which 367 participants reported being gang stalked for time periods including as long as over 10 years. The poll resembles a variation of the normal Bell Curve indicating statistical reliability.

“M”:  A picture of a billboard adjacent to the L.A. Freeway advertising the problem of Organized Stalking.

“N” &”O”: Two news stories about the criminal problem of flash mobs.

“P”:  A Press Release by the American Bar Association stating that the FBI is working with Philadelphia authorities on the problem of criminal flash mobs.

The Judicial Opinion:,33

In subsections (i), (ii), (iii), and (iv) of the Opinion, the Judge selectively reviews and mischaracterizes evidence from plaintiff’s affidavit. The Judge concludes with the Opinion that the FBI performed an adequate search of its records systems on the subject of gang stalking, organized stalking and flash mobs and found no records.

Keep in mind that the FBI’s Central Records System has over 100,000,000 records.

Simply comparing the Affidavit of plaintiff with the Judge’s Opinion evinces a dishonest opinion, smacking of hyper-partisanship. This decision does not pass the smell test.

  1. It’s going one everywhere now. It’s state sponsored, no point going to Police because they are often involved, the whole point of it is actually steeped in history and is the modern development of surveillance in the former Soviet Union and East Germany. The point is to control populations using criminal elements within the population itself. As a method of control it is very effective, once you know what it is you can use methods to counter it, such as laughing in their face. 

    • Tommy,

      Thanks for the comment buddy. This is straight out of the KGB playbook. In the former communist Eastern Block every floor of an apartment building had a “hall monitor”. You couldn’t trust your neighbor. We are seeing U.S. citizens trusting one another down to 1 in 3. The last survey, circa 1972 trust levels of fellow citizens were at 1 in 2.
      Regarding the recruitment of criminals this mirrors the use of the Red Guard by Mao. Books have been written about how the KGB (now FSB) allows organized crime to operate only if it can “control” them. This country is certainly headed for a right wing NAZI-style totalitarianism. Like Hitler said, the only time a German has privacy is when he is asleep!

    • Lonnie Ashley permalink

      AMEN! The Government is more corrupt than the criminals! It happening to me in Colorado. Been going on since I filed EEOC charges against a multi billion dollar company and asked for my rights to be upheld. ROFL what a joke!

      • I believe I found your Facebook. You should relay this to members of the activist group listed under your Facebook groups. They already have resources and a network set up, and you surely are not the first member to have these issues. Keep me updated:


      • Chad permalink

        Lonnie I’m in Colorado and its happening to me to its been so bad that I think I have at least 30 of them following me I made a page on face book to try and reach out to other people like you and me dude I’d would really like to talk to you some how about this I think if we all come together we can stop this WHO ELSE IS IN COLORADO PLEASE CONTACT ME AT

      • Jay permalink

        I’m a targeted individual in San Diego CA. I am looking for other targeted individuals in my area that would like to get together or for support my email address is

      • Ransom permalink

        HOLY CRAP!!! I thought I was the only one in Colorado (Denver) dealing with this. I have tried numerous things such as going to my local media and local police dept with nothing ever happening or being told I’m just too emotional and it’s all in my head. From there going to the State patrol and local FBI offices where I was escorted out of both offices when I should them a picture I had that showed them as being part of the gang stalking team harassing me…Since then things have gotten much worse. I really could use your/some help and or guidance with this.

      • There is evidence on this site of gang stalking. This includes FOIA documents, a police Memo, private investigator’s account and more. Go to, find your representative and do a mailer, preferably via certified mail. Then follow up with a phone call to his or her staffer. At the least, you will create a record of correspondence that must be maintained under federal law.

      • Targeted I permalink

        Would you happen to work in Georgia? Gillsville sound familiar?

  2. John Baba permalink

    Gangstalking, in my own personal, daily experience the last 12 years has been RELIGION-BASED. In USA I have experienced this phenomenon in no less than 6 states. I have experienced this phenomenon abroad in two different Latin American countries, and in India. This phenomenon is not confined to Christian Fundamentalism–in my experience in India it has encompassed Hinduism/Guru worshipers (“devotees”). Chris Hedges’ “American Fascists” provides a clear, compelling insight into the political and ideological dimensions of what is a demonic spiritual phenomenon. Andrew Harvey, who has lately produced much mush-headed bunkum lately described spiritual/occult harassment in his book “Sun at Midnight.” This is a singular work in the printed medium, and it in my opinion excuses & exonerates some of the mush-headed trash he has tended to spew out in recent years. Unlike any other author/commentator out there, he has with singular precision described the phenomenon he experienced as part of a “worldwide demonic Pentecost.”

    • Certainly, all religions and fraternal orders are participating (as are all corporations, state’s counties and localities). The level of participation is greater in occult circles. However, I suggest that you read the Gunderson affidavit found on this site. No private entity has the resources available for the targeting and harassment of any individual, at any time, day or night, for intense harassment and surveillance, other than the federal government ( and central government’s elsewhere). This was labeled as a COINTELPRO by Gunderson who was a former FBI Deputy Chief and supervised COINTELPRO’S against CPUSA, BLACK PANTHERS, ORGANIZED CRIME, ETC. (Yes, I said organized crime, who were specifically exempted from the Church Committee’s ban on political COINTELPRO- a ban that was never put in place- not for a single day).

  3. april ahavey permalink

    I was gang stalkedbecause I filed a lawsuit against my previous employer- it went on for two years- I was constantly under surveillance- followed everywhere I went, cell phone tapped, read my text messages, listened to my calls, installed spyware on my laptop, and the list goes on. Police and state workers and even one of the attorneys I hired were bribed and paid off. The worst part was my own brother, sister, , , and boyfriend of five years wete all paid to conspire against me, collect information about me and install hidden camers and microphones in my own house- I never could imagine such abuse could go on, so much evil and wrong doing- worst part is I was innocent and told the truth, I was a whistleblower and they spent milliond to try and silence me- what a sick world we live in. I thank jehovah god forgiving me the strengthto get through the experience. I never knew there was an actual term and name for this behavior. I found out recently via an engine search that it is called group or gang stalking. I would love to chat with other people who have been through this or who are currently experiencing it!

    • Hi April,

      Thanks for sharing your story. Can you say who your employer was? Did they have connections to the government? Do you believe that there may have been a motive for your gang stalking that predated the employment (did any other family members have unusual problems, any law enforcement or military family members)?

    • For a similar case here is a youtube. View it quickly because as I put up the links they are removed.

      I was a former state government employee in the corrupt and idiotic state of Ohio in a major federally funded agency. I was gang stalked from the moment I took the job. My coworkers were recruited to mob me for 2 1/2 years I was there and show up in 1’s and 2’s in my social life-often in front of witnesses. The house was broken into every day. My possessions were taken and returned. My cellphone was stolen , had calls made and returned. My electronics were hacked and my messages and internet and location info were read back to me by an employee I worked with.

      I was verbally abused every day. The entire crew was irrationally hateful. Finally a coworker. A slime bag felon. A typical white trash moron P.O.S. who could barely do his job(big soccer fan), decided to put something like a bug fogger by my desk. I didn’t figure it out until the 2nd day. When I was completely sick the employees lined up and did street theater all day. At that point I was hyperosmic and they sprayed 2 chemical scents continuously as they went by. One of them even said so.

      Apparently this Department was famous for this behavior as my lawyer told me.

      Both times I got home the recruited neighbors also pumped the same thing up into my home.It made me even more ill. The neighbors did scent harassment all night too.

      I went to Cleveland Clinic and was not helped after describing my symptoms but was incarcerated in a psychiatric ward where I was kept awake for 2 days. I finally got someone to put me in the exercise room so I would get a few hours. I was completely ill during that time and received no medical help because they had no intention of me getting helped. I was exposed to additional chemical harassment while there. Apparently they had no problem with making mentally ill people sick. Finally a patient asked me to “quit my job”. Another patient asked me for my papers and threatened me with a body bag if I didn’t throw my records of the visit away.

      When I got back to work they had the paperwork ready for me to work. They had intentionally destroyed my credibility. Unfortunately I quit.The white trash was laughing like a little girl.

      When I got home it was completely contaminated and stayed that way until I sold it. I couldn’t tell anyone about that because I would simply be put back in a psychiatric ward.

      This system is completely corrupt. You are all being duped. You are living in a prison.

    • right now i am. anywhere from 30 to 150
      in a day. threats. street theater. fabrication. entrapment. fiancee unaware hired attorney flipped the script…phones emailes real time skits.

      lets rap

    • Crystal permalink

      Hi I have recently found out that I am a target I would like to ask u a few questions please email me

  4. april ahavey permalink

    What are the current laws, if any at all, against this inhumane behavior?

    • We are dealing with an updated version COINTELPRO on steroids that makes the Church Committee COINTELPRO investigation look like a Sunday school operation.

      My best advice is not to keep it in the closet. You sued your employer. I urge you to make an affidavit, a sworn and notarized statement, detailing your struggle. The only way this will stop is when enough of it is exposed to motivate the apathetic and compromised Congress to reign in the rogue intelligence community, including the FBI and DHS. This will be difficult given the fact that, in the 1970’s, a majority of Congress members believed that the FBI had a blackmail file on them. Unfortunately, the situation is worse today, in every respect, than it was in the past.

    • stef permalink

      Hi April my story is so much like your story. please contact me I am a real victim not pretending like most people are. It started with my former employment LSU in Louisiana.

      • There is a lot of academic research on university mobbing. If you are experiencing gang stalking in your community in tandem with workplace mobbing at LSU then you should write about it in a lucid , detailed account. The analysis of community based harassment networks, a.k.a. gang stalking, has not been given academic attention. It is important that more credible victims make themselves heard.

  5. OS Chennai permalink

    Organized Gang Stalking in Chennai, India started for me with hacking of my cell phones and computers in 2008 proceeded to all the typical gang stalking features and Electronic harassment. I have been a TI for the past 5 years now and have filed numerous complaints with the Authorities but got no relief. The stalkers are able to influence every law enforcing authority from police to judge that you come into contact with. I believe that solutions for Organized Gang Stalking lies in 1)Educating yourself about Organized Stalking 2)Exposing it on the net 3)Forming a network with TIs in your city and meeting them regularly.

  6. Gabriel permalink

    Most gang stalkers are Cuban Communist’s with cellular, wifi, bluetooth and satellite tracking being used to target individuals.

    • Wrong! This is a nationwide and international operation that is beyond the scope of any private entity, or even the small government like Cuba. You are seeing the worms eye view from your perspective. A decade and a half ago I thought the mob was behind it. Again, short-sited worms eye view. The big picture, bird’s eye view, is that this is COINTELPRO. The USG is the only engine that could drive a Program of this scale and scope. The rest are bait (targets) and useful idiots willingly or unwittingly doing the work of FBI (pawns in the game).

    • stalked562 permalink

      To my experience most stalkers have been white.
      Flipping my neighbors to join their cause.

  7. Jeff kendall permalink

    I’m a longtime victim of being destroyed by local state and county govt. I live in polk county Iowa. This hell is never ending it seems. They have destroyed my career as a auto glass technician. Every time I land any job I’m mobbed slandered harassed sometimes fired or forced to quit by the toll it takes on my mind and body. I’ve report ed this 5 years ago to the fbi in Des Moines, I’ve recently made attempt to report this to the Polk County sheriff’s department after a good neighbor told me his friend (a deputy of the sheriff’s office) is involved with watching my every move from his property. I called the sheriff’s office to make a report and they refused to allow me to. I explained how I have proof of several vehicles involved , license plates , and other state licensed individuals, firemen , bail bondsmen, Iowa department of public safety, even a county and a federal judge. Involved in destroying my life in a systematic manner. Deputy Moore of the sheriff so office laughed and refused to make a report. I’m at my Witts end . I am not suicidal and know I’ve done nothing to deserve this shit. Some things are worth killing and dieing for! This may be one of those things. That thought makes me cry and I pray for the strength to beat this another way. God bless us all

    • Hi Jeff,

      This is happening to good folks all over the country. I’m sorry to say that I have heard other stories from Iowa including Davenport and the Quad Cities. If we ever end up speaking I can tell you a little more about that, including the name of a rogue detective.
      Please try to stay strong and not do anything rash. It is a daily struggle, and we need to pray for each other. Keep and build your evidence such as pictures, license plates, etc. Read the post on this site titled Small Town Terrorism about the Krlich family ordeal in Hubbard, Ohio. They have gotten media attention and some legal help. Also, think about creating a free blog at WordPress. The last thing these cockroaches want is a light shining on their crimes!

      Keith Labella

      • Agreed, the Krlich family have made the best case against gang stalking with that whole house DVR. Unfortunately, most police organized gang stalkers aren’t as dumb as the ones working for that clown. From the court record in Hubbard, Ohio:

        …By your own acknowledgement you’re aware that there’s a whole community that thinks it’s just, just a fun thing to do to try and make his life miserable. And that’s sick. It’s sick. In Girard Municipal Court, you pled to a disorderly conduct and you’re still doing this stuff… what the heck does it take? I feel like getting a bullhorn and putting it on top of a car and riding through Hubbard and saying hey, idiots, cut it out. This is stupid, immature, ridiculous, sick, awful behavior..”

        Very sick and very familiar to most of us.

        I think the very best thing we can all do is take a page out of Krlichs book and wear a lawmate or similar hidden DVR camera at least so we’re not so easy to mob out of our jobs. Ditto for USB recorders. Those are great and worked for Officer Adrian Schoolcraft. That’s really the best way to stop work mobbing dead in it’s tracks or create a timeline to sue your employers. The more employers that suffer financial loss due to gang stalking-the sooner it becomes a ‘problem’ to be dealt with.

        I’m not sure why Derrick isn’t advising this on the front page of FFCHS. Doesn’t anyone wonder why there is little or no advice to targeted individuals seeking redress in the courts? Why the assumption it’s a ‘remote electronic assault’. Mine wasn’t. The personnel used had to be moved into adjacent units as I changed locations. Sometimes within 24 hours. When I was totally incapacitated they came out and gave me their demands. Nothing remote about it.

        This brings up the subject of chemical and technological harassment. For that see my wordpress site. I’ve got some tricks on there.

        Here is my word for the day for the fumigation victims–‘Chemical Sensitization’. See the website for details.

        Thanks and Happy 2015,

        Anthony M.

      • Thanks for the thoughtful comment and raising some interesting questions. Regarding counter-surveillance, targets should look into a looxcie that can be purchased on Ebay for under $100.

      • Bill permalink

        Keith my names Bill and this has been happening to me for 7 years .I need help in Boston Ma.

    • Ranae Noble permalink

      Jeff Kendall. I live in Des Moines, Iowa. I am being Gang-Stalk .. My name is Ranae Noble. How do i contact you? There is a movie being, made right now, about this Crime. There thousands of thousands, going through this. We need to find each other & others. living around us. Us. T.I.’S will break through this. Stay strong. Living in the Southside. ♡

    • Hi! Jeff. I am in Des Moines, Iowa. I am being gang stalk. Its going on 13 years. I hope you see this post. My name Ranae. ♡

    • april permalink

      I feel for you Jeff!! You will get through it! Keep records of everything! Never be ashamed to ask God for help or to pray to him. Experiencing gang stalking for nearly 3 years myself; it opened my eyes to the reality of how much evil and greed there really is in this world. These people get paid to stalk and harass us; the innocent targets/victims!

  8. dguy permalink

    I am a victim of organized stalking/police stalking. I live near Saint Louis Mo, I have been targeted in three states. The title gang stalking, although the most widely known, is not entirely accurate for many reasons. A better term is Police Stalking, because it is the Police doing and organizing this.
    They entice citizens to perform these crimes. Mostly neighborhood watch types, but they use anyone, from homeless, to felons, you name it. Other government entities both state and federal are part of this also. But the driving force is police, because people respect and fear the police. If a police officer approaches someone, they are assumed to be believed, simply because they are police. So this is the driving force behind organized stalking. I would like to believe there are Good police officers who are unaware of this crime. I have to be realistic and based on my experiences, I don’t know if that is accurate. How is it a target can move 500 miles away to escape targeting and be targeted in the new state/location? If this is just isolated rogue officers in police departments behind the harassment campaign than how is this possible? It would seem far more likely that this is a program that is established within the government, to which all police officers follow. So what is the solution? What they are doing is a crime, yet when it is individuals against a criminal system within our own government try to expose this they are a person against an army literally.

    The only Solution is exposure from within. We need a real patriot to come forward and expose what is being done. I do not understand the cowardice of the individuals keeping this secret that surely see how evil and wrong this system is. Not everyone in the know, or insider of this knowledge agrees with it to be sure. So expose it. Are you willing to stand before God on that fateful day and see the results of this program and know you could of tried to change it?

    • Yvonne Cordero permalink

      My name is Yvonne Cordero. I am an Licensed Vocational Nurse. I live in Claremont California. I work in the hemodialysis field of nursing. I have changed jobs several times. Things start out nice then I notice a change in my coworkers attitude. I just finished reading the gang stalking methods and I have experienced all 10 of them. I don’t know the cause of this but now I know I am not crazy. When I pointed this out to other people they would just brush it off like it was nothing. Is there anything that can be done about this?

      • Hi Yvonne,

        Mobbing is very common in the nursing field. Gang stalking is a more intense mobbing that occurs both inside and outside of the workplace. You should look into some of the accounts of other people in your field who have similar problems:

        You are doing the right thing in researching this problem. If you approach people with facts, many you can find on this site, then you will be able to get them to listen to you without automatically dismissing you as crazy. Feel free to email me:

        p.s. put gangstalked nurse in the subject of the email so I know it is from you

      • Yvonne Cordero permalink

        I live in Claremont California and I recently went on this website and posted that I was a victim of this organizational stalking. A couple of hours later I drove to my mothers house which is about 5 miles away and on the way someone threw a balloon filled with yellow substance at my windshield. I had my 13 year old son with me and am so glad that this did not cause an accident. I will not let this behavior intimidate me. Later that night or earily that morning, about 3 am the horn honking started from 2 different horns. This is different because usually I notice the horn honking when I am getting in my car. I guess my computer is hacked. I have started taking notes. I hope everyone else is taking notes. Maybe in the near future we can demand laws against this behavior. I do believe people pay random people to do these acts. I guess only time will tell.

      • Given that these activities are being reported nationwide, and that the frequency and numerous targets involved, this is all linked to a federal Program like COINTELPRO. I would recommend that you do some counter surveillance by taking down plate numbers, and taking pictures and video on your cell phone as well as maintaining your journal.You might want to invest in a dash cam because what you are describing could support criminal charges if you have the proof. Also, you probably will experience tailgating at highway speed so make sure everyone wears seat belts. The dash cam might prevent some more dangerous tactics that I and others have experienced like attempts by larger vehicles to run my car off the road.

  9. Kathie permalink

    Recent experience, I would follow up with you medical and health insurance.

    Groups or organizations claiming possible training

  10. I am a targeted individual in Milwaukee, WI. It was started by my former employer, a large chemical distributor back in June 2012 after a manager in my department convinced upper management that I was anti-chemical company. They mobbed me at work, isolated me (employees were threatened that they would be fired if they spoke to me), and gang stalked outside of work. They harass me with cars with out of state license plates, neighbors harass me, so called friends, relatives, and hundreds of other people. My current employer is now in on it too. What the hell is wrong with these people! This is just sick! Why would they go along with this if they know how this harassment hurts us. If there are any other targeted individuals in Wisconsin, I would like to talk to you.

    • What you are experiencing goes far beyond your two employers. Be careful who you network with because most of the “support groups” are government fronts. Your targeting probably is related to some deeper issue, and, you very well may have been monitored and profiled before your first employment began. Others in your family are likely experiencing similar problems. if you are a generational victim then older members of your family have likely experienced some form of gang stalking. Read my post on How Widespread is Gang Stalking.

    • Dan permalink

      Q, I’m WI also close to Milwaukee and have been dealing with this for 8 years now in 4 different states. I’ve put together a lot of the moving pieces in terms of who’s involved, and why they’re doing this but it took me a long time. Feel free to email me at ‘’-Recently started reaching out to other TI’s because collectively, I think we can figure out an effective solution with proof to support our claims.

      • I believe that public exposure is key to hastening this Program’s end. To that end, gathering details on your situation, and, starting to look at the bigger picture, was a great idea. Write an affidavit, sign it, notarize your signature and put it up on a blog. If you need help, or want it hosted on this site email me:


  11. Raj permalink

    My ex-employer Susquehana International Group, AQR Capital and recently Picwell Inc. sponsored similar activities against me.

    Susquenaha International Group is a trading firm based in Philadelphia and engaged in illegal trading activity is paying my neighbors to carry out gang-stalking activity.

    • This is happening, in a nearly identical manner, to hundreds of thousands of individuals nationwide. I also had an employment dispute with a securities firm, but, I now realize that only the government could run this extensive and active nationwide COINTELPRO Program. The corporations and criminals involved are snitches/compromised or useful idiots in some cases.

  12. yep permalink

    yep same here but in a smaller town.all kinds of New faces recently there. them!! hands in there pockets spraying some kinda animal detriment. after about 10min. where there were the air gets stinke an thick around where they were, they walk non stop.leaving a trail of something. I’m in Blount co Tn. there’s hundreds of them here. there needing,packs of ciggs ,Pepsi mtndew under the plastic the food an at restrou
    restrounts putting something in the food.,something.,
    If it ain’t in a can.,.I don’t eat it..or drink it.,,,there even hacking the cell phones the WiFi to stop me from posting this. They showed up 9months ago. And they have infiltrated labor from clerk, to emt police etc..this group is big. Lots of people having, strokes,heartattacks,breathing problems. They have required local drug users,dealers an friends of them in the area. They lie about you to other people to get them to go to there side. Evil. I’m a God saves Christian by Jesus Christ. I ask where are the true Christians at? Like the ones that helped PAUL.
    They are not Christian…

  13. My family has been stalked by neighbors and police are involved. I have documented everything since Seprember of 2015. I have fought back by taking video/pictures of evryone involved. I also had to hire Private Investigstor to help me. It sad that a police department would let this happen to a family with a 4 year old and 2 year old. Justice will be served soon once I bring this to their town council meeting. Let it be recorded for everyone to see. There are websites up now to post your videos of the stalkers. My stalkers will wish they never did this to my family. Fight back evryone.

    • It’s great that you are fighting back in a smart way to expose this. You should prepare for your city council meeting and bring your best evidence with you. Also, consider starting a free Wrodpress site and uploading your evidence. You will find excellent examples on this site in both the articles and reader comments.

    • Bryan Faux permalink

      I am in Utah. And I have been severely gangstalked for 9 years. I have also been trying to get as much evidence as possible. Hopefully I can find a lawyer soon that would be willing to represent me..

  14. the truth permalink

    It’s happening as i speak in Coney island Brooklyn, ny

  15. Lonnie Ashley permalink

    My name is Lonnie Ashley. I have been gang stalked for a year for asking the EEOC to uphold my rights against a multi billion dollar corporation. DHS got involved, involved my friends and family , and tried to murder me. They have been force medicating me by breaking into my home and putting things in my food and water supply. They have tried countless time to get me incarcerated and/or instilltutionalized to cover themselves and all the people they have involved and all of their own laws they broke. They have slandered me throughout communities with false allegations. Blocked me from being able to obtain an attorney to protect my constitutional rights. Removal of rights is what gang staking is and it is what they have done. All because of a power trip vendetta!

  16. Aprila permalink

    Same here! I also filed a complaint against my previous employer with EEOC (MCAD) here in Boston MA, and I was gang stalked for 3 years right after filing!! Our system is so corrupt, America is not the country it was anymore, very sad. Evil is real and exists people!

  17. tom permalink

    ….Problem with world is not the people blamed by paid agent shills on net. Its not, the People they blame. Its not the blacks, the Iranians, the Latinos, the Hispanics, the RUSSIANS, the Muslims….its the guys that hide…the cowardly Yank nazi wanna be.

    UNION, COUNTY POLICE appear to be gangstalking innocent civilians based on POLITICAL VIEWS. It appears that police, firemen, and common rabble, are stalking people, to intimidate.

    On Chestnut Street, in Union N.J., across (and around) 381 Chestnut St . , there is an apt. building wherein at least one or two suspected GANGSTALKER operatives dwell..there are many. This one suspect, is a Zimmerman type lowlife. Wears a pony tail..drives a Green Truck Explorer…beware!

    They are in local YMCA, HOSPITAL, etc. They watch from burger joint in center of town. Be aware..police are satanic fraternal order. They meet at lodges, like Elks, Rotary, Knights.etc., usually under cover of plan their crimes. They even break into homes ( See SNEAK AND PEEK ) and plant tracking devices on cars, in order to stalk/ intimidate..its the good ol neighborhood Klan style snitch club. They also appear to be indirectly, assisting drug dealers. HEADS UP.

    PATRIOT OUT. Please pass along as Im censored.

    P.S. The reason they force logging in with Disqus, FB, Gmail, etc…is to block whistleblowers and their targeted victims, so they may continue staging terror.

  18. Jay permalink

    I am a targeted individual in San Diego CA . I am looking for other targeted individuals in my area to get together or for support. My email address is

  19. Keirajones permalink


  20. aprilahavey permalink

    Go ahead and ask what you wish to ask

    • John permalink

      Hi I have been gang stalked for about 10 yrs now I dont know what to do or where to turn these people deserve to be dead my entire life is ruined. I have a temporary email I can be contacted at I am located in the Chicagoans region. To my knowledge this will reach No One because they seem to control every single aspect of my online activity.

      Email is

  21. Child of the most High God permalink

    They are using the GPS on your vehicle, the location device on your phone, hidden cameras in smoke detectors, remote viewing you from your computer, etc. They share information about you through an app on their phone. Each targeted individual has an app associated with them, and when their vehicle or their phone comes within a certain distance it alerts the Perps through the app on their phone. The Perps then update the app to alert other Perps about you whereabouts, if you are alone, shopping in a particular store, etc. Police/Feds set up the app, and then share the app with the Perps who range from Law enforcement to every kind of person you can imagine. All it takes is to share the app with anyone. Millions of Perps out there who treat it like a fun little game like Pokémon and go out looking for targeted individuals to mess with. What fun!! Scumbag losers without a life who are committing blasphemy against the Holy Spirit and are destined to spend eternity in Hell. Lose your contacts, get a track phone and be careful who you call, and get the GPS removed your vehicle. God Bless, hang in there, and the PERPs are the scumbag criminals committing a Felony with such pathetic lives they have nothing else to do but harass other people criminally. They even follow my Family and I into Church and laugh and stare at us. Have fun spending eternity in Hell. Pray for all PERPS involved, they know not what they do!

    • Steve Jaramillo permalink

      I totally believe you about an app they use and it’s used to watch you in your home so I have busted friends using it to watch me in my home so what I do is I list them as sexual predators on Craigslist rants and raves with there full names and I have kids so I also list them as child sexual predators with there full names

  22. Mark permalink

    Gang Stalking is widespread in Albuquerque. I just left there after being targeted for about a year. That is a year after they made it known.
    My home was being entered on a regular basis. Even while i was asleep. They always did little things just to let me know they had been there.
    It got to a point where i had dozens of perps on me. I was followed 24/7. Their “street theater” was happening daily.
    Of course no one believed me. Until recently i didn’t know what was happening. There were times when i thought i was about to be killed. I now had no friends or family, no one i could even talk to. Everyone thought (thinks) I’m crazy.
    I’m 45 and I’ve never been in a wreck of any kind. That changed when i was hit by a perp recently. Eventually they rendered my nice BMW inoperable, the second vehicle of mine they destroyed.
    I finally end up in the psych ward where i was held against my will for two weeks. I was forced to take meds i didn’t want or need. The side effects were awful. I was living in a nightmare. Then they just said i could go.
    I relocated to lexington Kentucky. They are here and they know I’m here as well.
    Difference is i’m not alone here. Also I’m no longer afraid of them. I’m ready and waiting for them.
    I’d like to get some of the ABQ perps in court. Criminal and civil. I do believe i have sufficient evidence. There are many weak links and i wanna blow the lid off this thing, this mega conspiracy.

    • New Mexico has more lenient standards than many other states for involuntary commitment:

      If you would like to email me a notarized affidavit, I’d be happy to put it up on my site, or, even help you draft it. I do want to know why you use the email screenname “martyknuckles”?

    • Dan permalink

      Started in 09 in colorado but I’ve experienced it in Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Missouri. I’m ready to move somewhere I’d have support with people who understand how awful and sadistic this torture is. I’m 31 and this has destroyed my life the last 8 yrs…now I’m isolated from all friends and family, so I’m reaching out to anyone that can help and will talk to me. We need to stand united otherwise we don’t stand a chance against this. Email me at

  23. Jeff permalink

    I’m a target/victim of the state of Iowa. I can prove the involvement of firemen, and other state agencies…I’ve been literally terrorized nearly to death and forced to quit my job due to the tremendous stress this is causing. I’m 43 Year’s old and now am having nightmares that I’ve never had before.

    • I’m interested in your gmail screen name “iowagpstech”? Can you expand upon your profession and how this may or may not have played into your targeting?

      • Jeff permalink

        Yes , I was traveling the state installing GPS systems on fleet vehicles. Mostly trucking companies and large companies like media com, (Iowa’s cable network provider) I have been experiencing being a target long before the two years of being a gps technician. Although the last two years has been far worse than before as I traveled and had a calendar on my phone that depicted my schedule it made it much easier for them to attack me on a regular daily basis.

      • Jeff permalink

        It also has become much more clear as to who is behind this, the question I have now is why me? This has destroyed my life, my marriage, my overall sence of well being. I cried when Edward Snowden tried to warn America of what was taking place and thought people would listen, I don’t think the media allowed for the true reason he gave up everything and blew the whistle. Ed is my hero and I hope all TI’s feel the same as he did what he did because he seen what was happening to you and me.

  24. Jeff,

    A couple of things that might clarify your situation.

    Firstly, this is a Program that is systematic, formulaic and homogeneously conducted throughout both urban and rural areas across this country. This Program is being conducted against countless thousands of victims. The only exposed government Program that this can be compared to is COINTELPRO. The government is expending a lot of resources, both direct resources and indirect ones. The targeting of individuals requires a logistic coordination that far exceeds the criminal individuals and entities involved. The only people that can be listening in to innocent targets’ homes are people on probation, or similar state supervision Programs. This is because the costs involved in intense surveillance of targets, on this scale, can only be explained by virtual slave labor. The government is choosing and grooming stalkers, victims, and, ultimate targets who ironically are neither targets nor have any meaningful connection to gang stalking activities. The loose nature of federal conspiracy law allows for the government to convict, based on cases that they set in motion, and in which the government either commits or sub-contracts most of the underlying crimes.

    Comparing this with Snowden, or other high-profile whistleblower cases is damaging to targets. This is because all of the targets I have met are largely run-of-the-mill citizens who became embroiled in this as victims of opportunity. Targets are of no value outside of being the entrapment bait. Having communicated with hundreds of targets, I am sure that none posed a threat warranting government intrusion of this nature. This leads me to the ineluctable conclusion that targets are merely pawns in a much larger game.

  25. Sinking Santa Cruz permalink

    When California breaks off and sinks into the ocean, Santa Cruz will be the anchor along with all the gang stalking citizens, the police who serve and protect crooks, and the judges who operate under greed and NOT oath. We all need to check everything in our case file (medical, legal, and criminal), and make copies of the compromised actions by elected officials, medical professionals, etc. Contact your Congress person in writing and via phone with a prepared document shortened with the facts- NO “they did this to me or I lost that and was told this”…Just the facts short description, date and violation by who and circulate it to as many authorities you can. No one will take you seriously if your story is filled with emotion. It’s now a numbers game circulate it to as many officials and authorities who claim there job in your state is to oversee the local government who did you wrong. The more your story is circulated the better your odds for justice. Yes corruption is and has contaminated a lot of people and counties BUT the whole system is NOT corrupt. It’s that now it’s much harder to get to the people who actually do their job due to gate keepers and false perceptions. The American people stopped standing up for themselves and gradually the dark souls filled with greed started to see the opportunity to benefit on other peoples losses…and here we are. If we remain in denial on how bad it’s become, were allowing it to continue and that’s what they want so they think they’ve won. When you end correspondence close with something like ‘no reply equals guilt’ so every official who overlooks intervention and fails to reply now has a paper trail indirectly aiding in the inhumane targeting. And go back…often we have to go back and resubmit due to gate keepers and internal corruption of people placed in places to intercept being exposed. It’s so exhausting but look at it as your purpose and if it doesn’t kill us it makes us stronger and this is a T.I. who got Inspector General to open investigation that later suspiciously went missing from federal data base causing me to resubmit. It only takes one story to the right person to put you on the top of the pile but we cant be considered if we give up and let soulless stalkers win.

    • Great comment. I have a link to on this site, encouraging targets to send their story to their local congressperson. This, in addition to F.O.I.A. and similar state open records acts, can help create legal “notice”. All communications with federal officials as well as F.O.I.A. requests have to be maintained pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations. Similar mandatory preservation laws are in effect under state laws. I also encourage targets to blog their notarized affidavits based on the “factually-based” personal narratives. It is good to keep dated journal as well as to document any crimes committed against you, property or personal, either paying for a copy of the police report or, at least obtaining the incident number for your personal records.

  26. poonam shankar shivnani permalink

    How should I tackle. I am still fighting daily for life. I need my things my way. My family needs me.
    Help me I am from deolali camp dist nashik India ..our local police is involved. Plz help me (98 220 74031. Or what’s app 8433 78 2393)
    Plz help ..

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