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Gang Stalking in China

Gang Stalking in China, branded “the Chinese Human Flesh Engine” has been reported by reliable media sources in the West. Some observers have compared American gang stalking to Mao’s Red Guard:

What a shame that the “free press” can not report the extensive, criminal harassment networks operating in the United States, Canada, and Europe. This is clearly a selective “media blackout”.

  1. Alas, since the same “free press” has miserably failed to duly inform the public of the extraordinary self-disintegration of Building 7 by an office fire, nobody should be amazed that it would not report on the much touchier subject of state-sponsored harassment in the West.


  2. Joie Ngirmidol permalink

    I am Gang Stalked by Xbox Hacker’s, calling themselves “Anonymous” but the Gang includes my daughter and ex husband’s hacker son. Local cop’s paid with corrupt money to close eyes to attempted murder by Heavy Metal Poisoning! Professional’s accepted corrupt money to alter biological lab result’s for Heavy Metal Poisoning!

    • Your Linkedin page shows you are a retired R.N., and your IP is coming from Hawaii. Are you having any symptoms of heavy metal poisoning? Do you have any acquaintances from when you were a nurse who might be able to help you get a trustworthy tox screening ?

      • How do we get help and support. Hacking family in organized crime in old police and community involvement in systematic EXTREME monitoring and heavy metal poisoning ! I have evidence of all claims. Have lab reports showing deadly level’s of poison’s!

      • Some people have gotten local press coverage of their gang stalking,including poisoning:

        However, most people are being ignored. The term gang stalking and organized stalking is being subject to a media blackout. My advice to you is to document all crimes, make police report’s of the individual crimes, and mention to the police that you believe that you are on a gang stalking list. They won’t admit it, but they are getting these complaints every day.

  3. I been poisoned also. By heavy metal sprayed over me and they have throwed diamond dust in my food.

    Chinese gang from Guangdong..

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