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Gang Stalking, Militant Zionism and Organized Crime


Choshen Ha’mishpat 425:50


There exists a historical alliance between Jewish extremists like Meir Kahane and the JDL with Joseph Colombo and organized crime. The Jewish Task Force, and similar militant Zionist groups continue this collaboration to the present day. This behavior went back generations, and, Kahane legitimized his groups “work” with the Colombo mafia family with WW2 era Zionist collaboration of the Betar movement with Mussolini.


According to Richard Rosenthal, former NYPD undercover officer, not only did Joe Colombo provide bail money for JDL members, but, his mafia family provided them with weapons and bomb-making materials for acts of domestic terrorism on U.S. soil; at one point Colombo posted a substantial bail for no less than 11 JDL members held on felony charges. (Rosenthal, Richard (2000). Rookie Cop: Deep Undercover in the Jewish Defense League).  The motto of the JDL is “to protect Jews from Jewish adversaries by whatever means Jews believe necessary.” We have evidence of a strong financial relationship between Jewish extremists and the mafia. The Italians would only take this risk if the reward were worth it; the FBI files will show that direct payoffs, and much more so, indirect payoffs (in the nature of “intangibles” prosecutions under the mail/wire fraud statute) flowed like vino. Italian organized crime opened the door to involvement of South American drug cartels, and, many other criminal organizations who participated in the protection racket. This flowed down to street gang participation.The street level gangs being the least insulated, and most  vulnerable to infiltration and cultivation of police informants. Firstly, it should be noted that the conspiracy against rights statute, 18 U.S.C. 241, that is the obvious government endgame here, is colorblind and protects every citizen regardless of race, origin, etc. Secondly, it should be noted that federal conspiracy law is intentionally broad, and, that you can be subject to a conspiracy charge merely by agreeing to participate in a crime even if you agree to commit a crime with a cop or informant who has no intention of carrying out the crime. You can be guilty of conspiracy with other conspirators who may reside in other states and foreign countries, and, whom you never even knew of, and, an undercover cop or police controlled informant can carry out the minimal “act in furtherance” which is the only thing needed for a conspiracy charge to stick on every individual who agreed to the conspiracy.

What would Jewish extremists desire from the lowest cost provider of muscle?

I have spoken to dozens of Americans of European descent who believe, with good reason, that their families were targeted by militant Judaism and organized crime for suspected or known anti-Semitic family beliefs. Notably,I have spoken to educated professionals including lawyers, nurses, corporate employees and others. I believe, based on knowledge and information, that thousands of extended families have been targeted for perceived anti-Semitic leanings across this country for decades. Most of these victims are generational, and a type of vendetta has been waged against their families for decades. The goal of this nefarious conspiracy is to marginalize, or, in some cases, neutralize working class, and middle class European families suspected of harboring or expressing anti-Semitic beliefs.Literally thousands of lives have been destroyed by the ongoing conspiracy. These activities amount to a terrorist conspiracy against rights, and “Jewish Jihad”. These activities are obviously known to federal authorities, specifically, to the organized crime units of the FBI, and, the FBI’s Section 5 Racial Intelligence Division run out of Washington, D.C.

Far from targeting only German families, with few exceptions (notably the anti-Nazi Serbs) families have been attacked, based on ethnic origin,  from the Irish to the Eastern European Baltic states, and, everywhere in between. This was due,in large part, to the “collaboration” of most of Europe with the Nazi’s in WW2.

Jewish persecution of Amalek, grounded in Old Testament and Talmudic teachings, and practiced as a “holy mitzvah” is waged as a Jewish Jihad to this very day. Hollywood’s blacklisting and overt gang stalking of many media personalities is known to the public. This includes the vicious career derailment of the career of Vanessa Redgrave, after her “Zionist hoodlums” speech at the 1978 Oscars. It also includes the vicious targeting of Mel Gibson and the gang stalking and murder of Michael Jackson for a few private remarks he made deemed anti-Semitic by Hollywood Jews:

Recently, Jewish Hollywood mogul and serial rapist, Harvey Weinstin, pleaded that Jews should fight anti-Semites with “Mafia” tactics. He made several references to the Godfather film, and was serious, about the use of these murderous tactics ,against perceived anti-Semites. The Times of Israel quotes his violent and malicious language at a recent public speech:

Because of the saturation of all forms of media with an official, and bogus account of the Holocaust, by what has been aptly referred to as the “Holocaust Industry”, most Americans shy away from discussion of the Holocaust, Jewish criminals and radicals, etc. This, along with stealthily working with both the Italian Mafia, and, organized crime writ large (Jews play a substantial role, and one largely not discussed, in both American white collar and organized crime) allowed the Jewish militants to infiltrate religious schools, academic institutions, workplaces, etc., with the criminal and conspiratorial intent of destroying gentiles’ careers and lives on the slightest evidence of anti-Jewish sentiment. Although militant Jews were the core of this Program they had wide support from secular, and other assimilated Jews as well as from carpetbagger, sell-out gentiles.

According to the research conducted by this author, the federal government hijacked the militant Zionist movement with COINTELPRO tactics, and, continues to use it for its own ends. According to John J. Loftus, former federal prosecutor, Army intelligence officer and author, Jews are the second most spied on group, after blacks, in the United States. COINTELPRO documents, released under the Freedom of Information Act, prove that Loftus’s claims are highly plausible.


If the JDL, ADL and various other militant Zionist organizations believe that their activities are going unnoticed, or condoned in the American Surveillance state, then they are delusional. Here’s what we know about the CIA’s interest in militant Zionism from the post-Watergate Rockefeller Commission (keep in mind that the CIA has an annual budget estimated to be three to five times that of the FBI):

“The domestic spying of Operation CHAOS also targeted the Israeli embassy, and domestic Jewish groups such as the B’nai B’rith. In order to gather intelligence on the embassy and B’nai B’rith, the CIA purchased a garbage collection company to collect documents that were to be destroyed.”

Insightful interview with John Loftus regarding the the Intelligence community and militant Jewish groups:

The work of retired psychology professor, Kevin B. McDonald is instrumental to understanding the behavior of Jews as a group evolutionary strategy:

“MacDonald’s most controversial claim is that a suite of traits which he attributes to Jews, including higher-than-average verbal intelligence and ethnocentrism, have culturally evolved to enhance the ability of Jews to out-compete non-Jews for resources. MacDonald believes this advantage has been used by a number of Jews to advance Jewish group interests and end potential antisemitism by either deliberately or inadvertently undermining the power of the European- derived Christian majorities in the Western world.”

See also:


The Holocaust is a compilation of lies and slander, and it is exaggerated by a factor of 10 times:

Unwittingly, I was interviewed for a position at NYC ACS by Harry Gelb before I graduated Fordham Law. Gelb happened to have a mother and 2 aunts that were Auschwitz survivors. Gelb lied to me in the interview stating that he did not know where Harlem was when he grew up in neighboring Washington Heights. Harlem came up in the interview because I had done an internship with the Legal Aid Society in Harlem; Gelb said he had a friend in his co-opt Board from LAS. Here is a transcript of his “Holocaust Memorial” interview in which he reveals his uncle Miles Lerman was the former head of the Holocaust Memorial Commission and Museum in Washington, D.C.:

I immediately was targeted by workplace mobbing at ACS’s Queens office. The head of that office was also “coincidentally”the daughter of Auschwitz survivors, as she brags about on her Facebook timeline:

Conveniently, the assistant head of the Queens office was Anthony Ferrara who had family members in organized crime. This scumbag had lunch with my supervisor at ACS, Guljit Kaur Bains, at Parkside Restaurant,  owned by Tony Federici a captain in the Genovese crime family. Lackey Bains made sure to mention this to me during my mobbing at ACS. Eventually I sued ACS and I believe the fix was in with the Jew shyster, that I hired to represent me, even before I signed the retainer. These Jews are good at getting other people to do their dirty work.

Crimes of a Harvard educated, Jew lawyer, Leonard N. Flamm. This ambulance chaser sold me, his client, out in my employment case against the NYC Administration for Chidrens Services. Here is the story of his further abuse, threats and coercion of another victim/client:

“Shortly after she hired him, Jacobs contends, Flamm seduced her. They began a romantic relationship, and soon were engaged to be married. In late 2001, Jacobs became pregnant with Flamm’s baby. (Id. ¶¶ 9, 10).

Jacobs alleges that when Flamm learned of the pregnancy, he insisted that Jacobs have an abortion. (Id. ¶ 11). She refused, and Flamm subsequently called off the engagement. Flamm allegedly then refused to do any more legal work for Jacobs. (Id. ¶¶ 12, 13). Jacobs continued her refusal to have an abortion, and Flamm purportedly threatened to hire a hit man to beat her up. (Id. ¶ 14). Flamm also told Jacobs that he would sue for custody of their child if Jacobs did not have an abortion. Flamm specifically threatened to reveal to the appropriate authorities allegedly confidential information about Jacobs, including but not limited to her psychiatric history, that he had allegedly learned in his capacity as her attorney, to deny Jacobs custody of their child. (Id. ¶¶ 14, 15).”

Three out of four Jews identify the Holocaust as the “primary essence of Jewish identity”, setting the stage for widespread militancy and conspiratorial crimes against perceived enemies:

Jewish overrepresentation at elite universities explained

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