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Battle Ground Murder Case

Both a murder 1 suspect, Stephen M. Reichow, and his acquaintance, made statements to the police identifying themselves as “gang stalking” victims. Reichow reports being gang stalked for over 6 years. This is consistent with the data from the DOJ Stalking Report showing multiple stalkers who target victims for years on end, driving them to violence and murder:

Reichow told police he had been hanging out with Maulding earlier in the day. They had been picked up by another friend, Anne Tanninen, from Maulding’s house and went to a storage unit that Tanninen rented. He said they were inside the storage space when Tanninen received a “strange” phone call from someone talking about a drug deal, court documents said. Reichow said Tanninen told them she was being “gang stalked,” the affidavit stated. Gang stalking can include being harassed by an organized group of people.

Reichow, Maulding and Tanninen drove to a storage facility that Tanninen rented. According to documents, the three were hanging out inside the facility when Tanninen received a strange phone call from somebody talking about a drug deal. Tanninen then told Reichow and Maulding that she was being “gang stalked.” Reichow told police he then told Tanninen that he had been stalked and harassed for the last six years.

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