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Police Trap?

“Justice is merely incidental to law and order.”- J. Edgar Hoover

There is strong circumstantial evidence that gang stalking is an elaborate federal police trap:

1. An almost complete media blackout on the issue. No serious attention given to the subject even after active shooters Aaron Alexis and Myron May both identified themselves as targeted individuals, and both contacted “activist groups”.

2. For the past 10 years the word “perp” has been used to describe stalkers by “activist groups”. This word is rarely used by civilians but uniformly used in police-speak.

3. The stalkers have been trained to use FBI floating box surveillance techniques. These techniques are known to all targets of the Program. The link below elaborates on this FBI technique:

4. According to Loyola Law School Professor Alexandra Natapoff’s book Snitching 50 percent of all narcotics cases are prosecuted using informant testimony as key evidence. She also points out that some 15 million Americans come into contact with the Criminal Justice System every year either through arrest, probation, parole, or some other court monitoring scheme. This does not include the millions of families that have to deal with CPS every year making them vulnerable to state bullying and the schemes of sociopathic bureaucrats.

Organized Crime Is the Real Target

Consider the resources being employed in this Program, and anyone of average intelligence will know it is a federal operation. Who are the feds biggest domestic targets? Violent Extremists including militia members, eco-terrorists, animal rights activists, and hackers are all included, but, the longest and most resource intensive campaigns by the feds have historically, and up to the present day, targeted Organized Crime, local police corruption and local political corruption. All three of these are closely associated and their targeting includes a plan to federalize most serious crimes, including narcotics and the rackets. Federal conspiracy laws are so loose that the mere testimony of an un-indicted  co-conspirator can support a conviction.

The people who will make the feds case against organized crime in this Program are not core members of organized crime. They are the less vetted members who have low standing, but, are involved in the daily criminal activities of the organization (associates, petty criminals doing freelance work, hangarounds, prospects). The government has already established that it will puff up the criminal credentials of these more loosely affiliated members to bring down real members and high ranking members of O.C. These peripheral associates are closer to the street corner dealers, pimps, petty thieves, etc., that are doing the gang stalking. These street corner criminals are also largely owned by the government, most of them being compromised informants. With 1 out of 5 members of O.C. being a snitch, it is foolish to trust anyone out of the core inner circle.

The feds are aware that there is more heroin and cocaine being trafficked in Brooklyn and Queens today than there was during the pizza connection cases. Narcotics, along with numbers, escort services, etc., are run by people outside the LCN, typically trusted relatives, via store front businesses that also serve as an initial source for laundering money. This is especially important in providing a degree of organizational separation in areas like narcotics where the feds commit massive resources. As was the case 30 years ago, a relative with one or more pizza shops will supply middle level dealers, who in turn supply customers and smaller dealers (in Maspeth, Ridgewood, Bushwick, etc., bikers ran much of the cocaine supplied by LCN). So, what does this have to do with gang stalking? Firstly, someone connected to the rackets, who is not a member or associate/wise guy will puff themselves up and be prone to acting tough by association. Secondly, these affiliates are prone to be drawn into stupid police traps. They are likely to grandstand by participating in gang stalking harassment, imitating organized crime members, but directing their harassment toward easy targets such as a gang stalking/conspiracy against rights targets. These mobbed up business fronts are particularly close with corrupt local police, many of them on federal radar and unwittingly being groomed as future heat magnets/federal targets. They also represent the weakest link, and will be compromised/flipped by something small like a tax evasion case.

The intelligence game requires that useful information be given to federal targets to gain their trust. This is merely a cost of doing business to the feds. O.C. benefits from street level criminals in various ways. They either pay a street tax for doing their criminal activities, or have a franchise type relationship where they buy drugs exclusively from an O.C vendor who also provides police protection. The same goes for information. The feds will make information from criminal harassment networks, i.e. gang stalkers, useful to O.C. so they think they are the ultimate beneficiary of this activity. Before coming to that determination, and keeping in mind the very loose nature of federal conspiracy laws, here are some of the major federal conspiracy crimes that O.C. members are on the hook for. The phrase guilty by association, rather than actual guilt, is well known to O.C. members who have done long stints in prison for getting mixed up with clowns (remember it can take decades for the feds to actually close a large-scale,multi-district federal case):

18 U.S.C. 241 Conspiracy against rights (despite being dubbed the “KKK” Act, this is a color blind statute, i.e., it applies to all victims equally regardless of race, religion, gender or any other factor).

18 U.S.C. 242 the same Conspiracy law as above applied to local police and other government officials with lighter penalties.

Patriot Act Section 802 “Domestic Terrorism” this law can trigger indefinite detention without the right to a lawyer. This law also does not require violence, but merely the threat of violence or coercion.

All of these laws carry lengthy federal prison sentences, and the possibility of the death penalty.

Federal criminal jurisdiction is commonly established when a crime occurs that crosses state lines, usually as a criminal violation of the commerce clause. Criminal violations of the commerce clause include hijackings and restraint of trade, but could be applied to any crime crossing state lines. A violation in the case of gang stalking would involve communication among criminal harassment networks across state lines that interfere with a targeted individual. Targeted individuals often report being harassed in multiple states, and while traveling through different states. The businesses that gang stalking targets frequent are also targeted and sabotaged (e.g., damaged deliveries, increased theft, vandalism, robberies, assaults etc.). It is a no brainer that the feds will use this as a basis for federal criminal jurisdiction as well as the stacking up of serious federal felony charges. Given the facts of how this Program operates, the resulting indictments will read like Hollywood scripts.

The DOJ Stalking Report of 2006 reported 3.4 million stalking victims. It also left out almost 2.2 million “harassment” victims because they did not subjectively fear for their lives. 18 percent of victims reported being stalked by two or more perps from both the stalking and “harassment” target groups. This means, based on a conservative estimate, over 1 million Americans are being gang stalked. Since targets uniformly report 24/7/365 surveillance and harassment both at home, work, and in the community, this requires 4 full time jobs to accomplish for every target (given that there are 168 hours in a week). Given this intensity of resources, only free labor can explain this ongoing operation. The only pool of free labor available for these activities would be the 5.1 million Americans that are under some form of community supervision (probation, parole, etc.). This is clearly a government Program that could not be run without snitches. That 5.1 million figure is about 5 times the size of all full-time police on the state and federal level (5 is also the number of snitches that each FBI and detective are told to have as a minimum according to sources, including former career FBI agent turned whistleblower Wes Swearingen; Swearingen wrote FBI Secrets in 1994).



Methods & Techniques of the Gang Stalking Program

Compare the FBI’s Gang Stalking methods to those of the Stasi.  They are identical.

Upon information from police, former FBI officials and other investigators we know the following facts about the gang stalking Program:

The gang stalking Program is an illegal, covert, federally run counterintelligence Program.  It currently has at least several hundred thousand Americans under 24/7/365 surveillance at home and everywhere they travel. It has at least a million gang stalking group members, primarily criminal informant snitches, and misguided Neighborhood Watch program members. It has the support of the government, including fire, police and emergency services. It has been in operation for at least two decades, and is basically a “partially-privatized COINTELPRO*” that was “ramped up” after 9/11.   It applies formulaic, programmatic COINTELPRO harassment techniques against individuals targeted by the Program.   ( *40% of the federal intelligence budget is privatized. Most of these funds are allocated to military contractors and security firms with employees that have security clearance that federal judges and even Congress don't have.)

Here are some salient techniques of the Program:

As with the former COINTELPRO Program, there is a formula for 
the Gang Stalking Program to identify a targeted individual, disrupt, 
destabilize and finally destroy, or, "neutralize" the individual 
target. The process is uniformly reported by thousands of targeted 
individuals, across the country, as being highly programmatic, 
systematic and systemic. These are some of the gang stalking 
techniques, or gang stalking methods, being routinely and uniformly 
reported by targets of the Program nationwide. 

Targets experience some or all of the following in their daily lives:

Brighting:  high beaming a target. 

Mobbing/Crowding a target by swarming them in public. 

Directed Conversations:  conversations strangers have in public relating to the target's 
personal life. 

Entrapment: setting the target up on criminal charges.
Illegal Entry into the target’s home or car. 

Illegal Audio/Visual Surveillance/ Bugging of target. 

Intimate Infiltration: Planting spies on the targeted individual, or recruiting spies by
using their existing relationships.

Isolation: isolating the target from friends, family, etc., by spreading lies and rumors. 

Mail and Email Tampering. 

Mimicking: copying the target’s daily routine by throwing out the garbage at the same time 
or using the water or bathroom in an adjacent apartment at the same time.

Noise Campaigns: slamming doors,loud stereos, car alarms going off in tandem, using power 
tools at late hours. 

Psychological Sensitization/Anchoring: getting the target to become "sensitive to" or 
sensitized to everyday stimuli,such as colors or everyday actions, e.g, following the 
target in bright red clothing and/or swarming the target’s vehicle with red vehicles 
continuously until the target develops a phobia to the color red. 

Slander Campaigns: spreading lies and rumors about the target such as they are a drug 
dealer, pedophile, etc. 

Sleep Deprivation: timing noise campaigns at the time the target normally sleeps. 

Telephone Re-Directs/Wrong Numbers above and beyond what the average person might

Theft: stealing from a target. 

Moving Foot and Vehicular Surveillance Techniques: following the target wherever they 
go, tracking the target using GPS. 

Vandalism / Property damage:  breaking windows, slashing tires, dumping garbage on a 
target’s lawn

Compare Stasi Zersetzung:

“The operative’s psychology is to be besieged using procedural processes, interrogation and prior intelligence, so as to penetrate the enemy’s inner workings. In this way, knowledge is gained regarding the thoughts, feelings, behavior patterns and psychological traits of the adversary, which may provide precious keys in his dismantling and liquidation, in gaining influence over him, and in his decomposition and recruitment …” – a brief extract from the chillingly brutal working guidelines for the staff who worked at the central preventive prison for political prisoners of the Ministry for State Security (the STASI) in Berlin’s Hohenschoenhausen district under the former repressive East German regime.

However, this prison – the subject of Nina Toussaint and Massimo Iannetta’s documentary The Decomposition of the Soul – was no ordinary detention center. The building – which never figured on maps of East Berlin and which, today, still bears the marks of Germany’s recent past (Nazism, the Soviet occupation and the Communist dictatorship) – has the sinister distinction of possessing as many interrogation rooms as detention cells. Its topology and organization betray its true function – a huge interrogation center, a veritable laboratory of psychological destruction. It is a symbol of the ex-German Democratic Republic GDR’s general system of repression: a place dedicated and devoted to the art of “operative decomposition”.

As the filmmakers explain, the arrest of a suspected enemy of the state was “of course, part of the procedural process. It may be limited to intimidation, or lead to an “investigation” with graver consequences: permanent preventative detention, repeated interrogations, total isolation, the semblance of a trial, heavy sentences, the impossibility of social and professional reinsertion, harm inflicted upon loved ones, stripping of nationality and expulsion from the country, incitement to suicide, or even thinly disguised murder”.

Part of the detention center’s buildings have now been taken over by offices and shops, but a STASI museum was opened there to inform about the inhumanity of the GDR’s state security system, and in October 2001, the Free Democratic Party tabled a motion to the Bundestag calling for the Hohenschoenhausen detention center to be preserved as a permanent memory to the second dictatorship under the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SED)’s regime alongside the STASI headquarters in Normannenstrassee and the Berlin Wall memorial at Bernauer Strasse.

  1. permalink

    Now in a neighborhood near you, in BOSTON, CAMBRIDGE, MA.

    • Yes every county, city, and possibly township. The same systematic, programmatic playbook. I’ve even spoken to targets from the Midwest and remote Western United States. This could only be organized through the military, its contractors and civilian law enforcement. A movement this broadly based has not been seen in this country since the Red Scare.

  2. This article is very accurate. I might add that Gang stalking is alive and well in New Jersey.

    • Thanks for the comment. Took at look at your site and it’s interesting. BTW, if you know the identity of the 18 year law enforcement insider, you should consider nudging him to make an affidavit.

  3. Hello PeaceFrog – there seems to be a few personalities masquerading as me on the web. This may be a case of that or just somebody recommending my site. I’m the creator of homelandstalk.

    The 18 year law enforcement insider was re-posted from Survival Blog. I don’t know that person’s identity.

    BTW, I will add your website as one of my recommended sites.

    • Thanks Dave. You have an informative site on the gang stalking Program. I’ve been falsely copied both as PeaceFrog and even as PeaceFrog71 several places that I know of. This is a common tactic. Feel free to email me at I’ve been getting some great feedback from a former decorated war veteran and target. Currently he is a licensed PI in Virginia, and very much tuned in with some good connections with former MIL/INTEL sources.


      • TI Jo permalink

        Hi – Can you provide contact info to the licensed PI in VA? I’m in MD. I have been mobbed at work for 5 yrs and gangstalked for 2 yrs. I’m growing tired of it. I don’t know how people last for so many years. Thanks. Jo-

    • Dave, can you tell us what happened to your website? It seemed very accurate but it’s down now?
      I was also targeted by DHS initially after a secondary interview with CBP spun out of control.

      • I am able to log in and see that there are visitors today. I can’t trust this because of having been shadow banned on reddit where I was able to view my comments on my devices but not outside devices. I will try to check it from an outside ISP tomorrow.

      • I am unable to get to the website using Internet Explorer. This is a typical tactic because it will slow down traffic by eliminating about two-thirds of computer/tablet traffic. I was able to get in with Mozilla, chrome, my phone and smart tv.

  4. They use every conceivable way to harass you , sky is the limit to their imaginative ways of harassing a Targeted Individual. Hit them back , expose them, pass out flyers, wear t-shirts which say ” Google Organized Stalking”.
    Research Gang Stalking , since my perps keep me jobless, i spend all my time studying / researching gang stalking , so i am aware of all their methods , all the time , i am vigilant 24×7, i avoid their traps, don’t get upset when they harass me .

  5. no name for safety reasons permalink

    I was the Vice-President of a large corporation my husband and I founded. The last months of our marriage, it became clear my husband wanted me out of our non-profit organization and out of our marriage. He fired me on trumped up charges. He divorced me and married one younger than his daughter. Before we separated he said, “They said they will follow you the rest of your life.” Almost eleven years later I can attest that in this instant he was telling the truth. The gang-stalking has been everything and more of what is described here. I moved five times in ten years. My dog was murdered. I was physically attacked and poisoned with arsenic. I am happy to still be alive. I have no idea what the future holds…but time makes one wiser and more equipped to fight…andI am fighting back.

    • Crystal permalink

      I am also being corporate gangstalked it is the most severe form of psychological harassment I had three breakdowns/suicides and they did not care for me in the hospital and only continued to harass me even after the suicide attempt in the hospital they are SOULLESS I too was poisoned multiple times I worked for a hospital that is affiliated with the largest corporation in wny. I understand what you are going through.

  6. GJB permalink

    Gang stalking has been part of my life for almost 10 years. I still have no idea why I ended up being a Targeted individual. I am fighting back with my limited resource and it must be working because the retaliation I get in return is more “intensity” from the perps. They are getting close to exposing themselves and that is one of my goals. I do have the attention of a US Senator and hopefully I can draw more attention to this horrible crime.

    • I would suggest that if you can speak to a Senator or even a staffer that you prepare a presentation and give them documents to support your claims. Some of the information on this site will be helpful toward that end. Another approach is to get other targets to meet with a staffer and present your claims as a group of constituents.

  7. GoneGirl permalink

    what a waste of money, im not even a threat. useless idiots

  8. from the article this is done by the fbi and called project pedofile. Now I know why my stalkers are govt paid and sponsored? My tax dollars used to ruin my life and many others on bogus charges that the victim is never confronted?

    • Hi Guy,

      I see that you have a picture with a T.I group in Arizona. I recommend that you guys find your local representative at and write a joint letter or letters (if there is more than one representative). I have known a few targets, including myself, who used this method to get a face to face meeting with a congressional staffer. Also, there are laws that mandate preservation of correspondence with politicians that are similar to Freedom of Information records preservation laws.


    Scott Hagist permalink
    Really that’s the best advice is to stay calm!
    Meanwhile our lives just don’t matter anymore to anyone!
    My family all turned against me, friends what friends? They wiped them
    Out right from the flip, hell they have even turned my 92 old grandmother against me! As of now I have a choice to make either become homeless or be put in jail via setup. I am really having a hard time making the choice to just leave but bib but I ‘ve heard or read what they do to you once your out on the street with nothing!
    All I can say is that I wouldn’t believe my own story if I was to just hear myself!
    This is no game they mean ing the cops (St Louis county missouri) I really don’t see anyway out of this shit!

    PeaceFrog permalink
    People are usually recruited as gang stalkers from the probation/prison system:

    If you are being coerced by authorities into gang stalking targets of this government Program, then be a man and blow the whistle!

    You are the only person in this country named Scott Hagist according to Intellius:

  10. Imaplanter permalink

    This website is right on the money for Ashburn Ga., and surrounding counties.If your passing through one of these small towns and run up on a real slow driver its probably me. It would seem the stalkers are setting me up for a big bad accident with a semi especially on hwyway 300. An early shout out to the driver of the car with plate tag that reads “rat”!

  11. I could not get this comment to post. The IP is Georgia-based:

    This website is right on the money for Ashburn Ga., and surrounding counties.If your passing through one of these small towns and run up on a real slow driver its probably me. It would seem the stalkers are setting me up for a big bad accident with a semi especially on hwyway 300. An early shout out to the driver of the car with plate tag that reads “rat”!

    • Brandy Spivey permalink

      They r doing that to me as well Brandy Spivey from miami dade county florida

  12. Yes im being gang stalked by the feds..never beem arrested dont do drugs and i know who put them up to it…..been going on now for months…will not comment further..this phonr has ears…..

    • File a lawsuit…….same thing happening to me here…cape coral Florida….also no drugs records etc….they Also have phone bugged…24 7 harassment. I have tremors…sexual assault…..even car arson….getting lawyer

  13. Crystal permalink

    I’ve been gangstalked since for years but they became violent with me when they hit my car when I was stopped at a red light july of 2015 the cops that arrived were in on it my lawyer and doctors are in on it. Everything mentioned in the above article is exactly what they are doing and yes they copied my email address with subtle changes as well

  14. How are these gangs not consider terrorists? My daughter has been hurt by these people, I’ve lost everything. Wtf do they want?

  15. This a great concise article that I am going to attempt to update with a few more facts it could use to explain how it works. It seems so impossible, almost supernatural….Until you read the information from these (.gov, .mil, and .edu) sites that explain the tactics , and logistics of these operations. They also describe the interopobility strategies involving first responders, non profits and for profit organizations, utility workers, transportation dept, universities, minority groups, religious groups, US Post Office…..veterans…including civilians getting paid thru ACQdemo and DoD……All these sites talk very little about what they do exactly but seem to be very excited about there newest technology…NITRD is the one site you should check out…use a VPN because if your a target you will not gain access to any of these sites from your IP easily. Use WAYBACK MACHINE to find archives of the pages it will not allow you to see…This will all be public soon. Because they get careless…Remember…Show no fear and get thru the day, tell nobody or when you do talk about it talk about your friend and how your concerned about them for what is happening to them. Not you.. And when countered by somebody suggesting your friend might be schizo, just claim that he is very calm and normal and functional and asked you to witness this phenomenon. And after witnessing multiple predictions of his like odd number of head lights, reverse lights ,one burned out light, in a pattern that was impossible to predict, then you are able to validate and credit an actual account of this torturous crime and it validity. Never do this officially obviously because there is no friend…Nobody believes us right? But if you start telling this story to others, protecting your friend, and yourself,,,it creates a possibility to counter the whole crazy theory… Because a person isn’t crazy if another person can validate the observations… Anyone know that the target will most likely be a social research subject or target of observation from a university without informed consent which makes it legal and even ethical due to a recent revised ethical review of what constitutes violation of privacy…In a public forum, there is no privacy which allows interaction and influence from surveillance role players…look at indeed. com for jobs in this field….I will add more later. i will add links soon.

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