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James Alex Fields, Jr. Was on a Government Database Watchlist

The sequence of, James Alex Fields, Jr.’s (the Charlottesville domestic terror attacker) license plates indicates that he was on a government Watchlist. As seen in the photo below, his Ohio plate read GVF 1111.

I have long-contended, that special license plate sequences, are being issued for persons on secret government Watchlists. The federal “Main Core” Watchlist tracks over 8 million Americans.

The current Ohio license plate sequence is in the form ABC 1234:

Therefore, the numerical sequence of the plate’s four numbers has 10,000 possible variations. This number is reduced to only 10 with a repeating number sequence. This makes the car easily identifiable to police, public safety and other government officials.

The mother was interviewed and showed no shock or surprise when being told of her son’s murderous actions. Also, note that the video shows her license plate as GVF 1122. The first three letters indicate the approximate month and year of plate issuance. Again, they had to be issued on the same day as the numerical sequence is only 10 digits apart! Furthermore, she is interviewed wheelchair bound and has no Ohio disability plate? Perhaps, GV stands for “government vehicle”?




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