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Jane Clift, Community Notification Alerts, Gang Stalking & Mass Shooters

Here is a link to the case of Jane Clift, who for a minor infraction was put on a threat assessment list given to her doctors, local schools, police and emergency services and the local business council:

The same thing has been described by gang stalking targets here in the states. Specifically, mass shooters, Matt Riehl, Aaron Alexis, Myron May and Gavin Long have described themselves as targeted individuals.

From Matt Riehl’s Youtube video description of the video below:

“Stay away from the following Lone Tree CO businesses. You will be harassed and robbed at gun point by an Aryan PD moron.

Charlie Schwab

All of these businesses are in cahoots with these lying Nazi dogs and they will stalk you . . . .”

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