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Dr. Janice Harper on Mobbing

Janice Harper, Ph.D., is a cultural anthropologist specializing in conflict and organizational cultures. She is the author and editor of a number of scholarly books and articles, and is a regular contributor to The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. Dr. Harper is currently working on a book on workplace mobbing, Murder of Crows: From Bullying to Bloodlust in the Workplace. She can be reached at or

Dr. Harper is a pioneer in American academia. Her work links mobbing to workplace shootings in America in a similar manner to the work of Dr. Kenneth Westhues and Amelia Howard in Canada.





The Gentle Genocide of Workplace Mobbing

“What the Stanford Prison Experiment Can Teach Us About the Workplace”

“Mobbing in the Workplace: Even the Good Go Bad”

“The Mobbing of Alyce LaViolette”

“Anniversary of a Workplace Shooting”

Other articles by Dr. Harper:

Dr. Harper’s web site:


  1. Cynthia permalink

    There needs to be a place to report this crime. Police are uninformed & treat victims as if they are are crazy. They don’t even try to help the victim once they have judged you. Even if you have proof with pictures & video & recording. If they can’t grasp the concept they will not help you. If they can’t see it they don’t believe it and they are also too busy to listen. They need to be better informed of these criminals and their tactics in advance to know how to deal with such situations. We need to educate and only to those willing to be educated.

    • That is an idealistic interpretation. The reality is police monitor everything including “private” social media messaging. There is obviously a blackout on this being enforced from the top down.

  2. Sumter SC permalink

    I have been gang stalked for nearly a year now. I know their goal is to isolate me, try to get me to think I’m crazy or schizo! They employ law enforcement into the chaos of the mobbing attacks! They have attempted to defame my character in the media and use gangs to carry out these mob attacks! I am seriously in danger and need some help with this! I have become a target to someone’s irrational sick mind!

    • You should write a factual narrative of your personal ordeal. I would send it to Dr. Janice Harper at the University of Tennessee. Try to avoid speculation, conjecture and stick to the facts.

  3. Bill permalink

    Forgive me, but the last thing a victim needs is to write a detailed narrative. The number of attacks that are done to the average target is too great to just sit down peacefully and write to some academic who will treat it like an experiment on a lab rat. The guy who wrote above is in a state of desperation, meaning, they need help right now. Targets need to come together and do exactly what the gang stalkers do to them, form a community of targets who will look out for each other and communicate regularly. By collectively working together targets will restore their sense of dignity. Believe me this is the only answer to this, targets must come together because we are the only ones that know what the others are going through. How many people ( friends and family included ) believe it when you tell them whats happening to you. Not One. Targets are the only ones who realize our society has gone to hell ( literally )
    I’m pleased to see websites like this but lets face it its not enough. I am going to make an effort to reach out to the couple in Ohio who keep getting cars honking outside because their situation is similar to mine, but I suspect they dont even know the half of it. Gangstalking has opened my eyes to evil I only thought existed in horror films. But I plan on fighting this to the gangstalkers bitter demise.

    • Good luck to you in writing the couple in Ohio and trying to get targets to organize. Let’s not kid ourselves, targets are not the only ones who know what’s going on with gang stalking, the federal government is behind it. Your biggest obstacle as an activist is dealing with government disinformation groups that are well funded and organized, and, are trying to get targets marginalized. In my opinion writing academics is not a waste of time, they may be skeptical, but they are not the ones enforcing a media blackout on gang stalking- that is what the government is up to.

  4. Bill permalink

    I think you’re missing the point, constantly re-diagnosing a problem doesnt solve anything. A targets first need ( not want ) is an emotional refuge from this to restore their sense that they’re sane and havent gone over the deep end. We are having this conversation simply because we are probably stronger psychologically than 90% of people out there. Most are either contemplating suicide or already have from this. So even if the government has an active hand in this it does the desperate target no good hearing about it. They need people who are willing to talk candidly to them with significant compassion not a perpetual beating down of what they already know and dread on a day to day, minute by minute basis.

    I am aware that people have no way of knowing who they can trust because of the nature of the psychological abuse from gangstalking. But all I’m seeing from ligitimate websites is a constant description of what they are going through and who it is thats doing it to them, they already know that. Your assuming that targets are reading this for casual or light reading material while taking time out from their busy life. Gangstalking IS their life or whats left of it.

    The ugly truth about gangstalking is less about who is doing it to them and why, but more about why nobody is doing anything about it. Only targets can help each other, if they dont they will simply keep on getting vanilla answers ( or the equivalent of a nice pat on the head and sent their way ) or death which is almost certain because as I mentioned above there are only a handfull of targets who are strong, the rest are already dead from this. I’m not trying to be morbid but honest.

    Thank you for establishing this website as a means for targets to communicate. It cant be easy screening out who is legit and who is not.

    My experience in this could fill a couple of phone books but targets already know and experience similar circumstance tailored to their individual lives. If I dont try to connect with other targets my fate will be similar and that is unacceptable to me.

    • You sound sincere, and keep in mind, that the feds are continuing this Program with the knowledge that, not only suicides, but that violence writ large, including mass shootings, are being provoked by it. Networking with targets is a good idea for much needed support. Coordinating mass FOIA campaigns on the subject of gang stalking on the federal and state level, and, contacting politicians on the federal, state and local level is going to be a more effective way of resolving the problem. Even if these folks shelve the letters and give you no documents for the FOIA requests, they still are mandated by federal and state “preservation” laws to keep records of the requests and complaints. How comfortable do you think they will feel with a growing list of records that puts them on official notice that not only have the feds created an American Red Guard, but, that the exponential increase in “motiveless” mass shootings is a direct result of this federal Program?

    • Becca permalink

      Bill – your comments are well thought out. If you want to try to connect, I’m in Colorado. I got here via my home state of NY. It would be good to find some people to work together with. I often think it would be easier to document the harassment and abuse if we assisted each other in this regard. Any way, I’m hesitant to post my email / phone here because this is an older thread. But if you are interested I will post my contact info. Thanks again to you and PeaceFrog.

  5. Becca permalink

    I think those who are being harassed, whether for personal or political reasons, need several forms of support.

    First of all, we need legal and investigative support which will assist us. We need legal aid through avenues that will stick with us and allow us to collect evidence over a period of time. We need private investigations that document evidence of a cumulative nature. Most of us are not experts in the use of counter surveillance technology, so some assistance in that department would be helpful in order to record perpetrators and provide a more secure environment.

    Second, most of those enduring criminal stalking, illegal surveillance and harassment need friends who understand what they are going through. The harassment aims to disrupt a person’s social credibility through a slander campaign to generate controversy and suspicion around the victim. This is what the COINTELPRO program did to activists decades ago. Anyway, those who are subjected to this feel very isolated, socially anxious and understandably stressed out. We really do need to find a way to repair our social trust. Of course, there is always a concern that an attempt to get together will attract infiltration by harassers/fakes.

    I’ve experienced harassment, physical and cyber stalking, threats, street harassment, vehicular stalking, slander campaigns, break-ins to my house and car and vandalism to my house and car. I also experienced a mobbing situation at work where people apparently circulated a sexually harassing video of me to bosses, colleagues and a few people in my community. This has been going on since about 2015. Before that, I was a volunteer activist who campaigned for better laws regarding campaign finance in NY state. If anyone wishes to talk about this, please let me know and I will post my email or phone. (Although, my phone has been hacked and stalkers have repeated excerpts of my private conversations back to me…)

    So many things happen to good people… I hope we can make the USA a better place in the future.

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