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San Bernardino Shooter was MOBBED

Another classic workplace harassment/MOBBING provoked mass shooting; very common in America and also Canada. SYSTEMATICALLY IGNORED BY ALL MEDIA:

“There were also accounts by investigators that one of the attackers had recently had a dispute with fellow employees, according to law enforcement officials who did not want to be identified.”

“Farook, 28, and Malik were Muslims and Thalasinos, a Messianic Jew, took issue with Islam. He wrote fiery posts online and used a derogatory term to describe Muslims. He had also argued with Farook, a fellow health inspector.”

“Their relationship came under scrutiny on Friday when lawyers for Farook’s family cited workplace tension as a possible factor in the country’s deadliest mass shooting in three years. “Someone made fun of his beard. He was a very isolated, introverted individual with really no friends that we could identify,” David Chesley told a news conference in Los Angeles.”

“Farook had mentioned the teasing to his family, said Mohammad Abuershaid, another attorney. The lawyers mentioned “intolerance” and a “disgruntled colleague” at Farook’s workplace but did not elaborate.”

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