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NY, NJ Bomber Rahami: Another Terror Act Provoked by Community Mobbing

The family of alleged terrorist bomber, Ahmad Rahami, sued police, Elizabeth, N.J. , and others complicit in selective administrative code enforcement against them as well as a pattern of harassment and mobbing abuse:

The attitude of the community toward the family was blatantly suspicious and hostile:

“Marcella Perrutti, who owns the Short Cutz hair salon, said in all the years the Rahamis had owned their busy restaurant — public records say they’ve had it since 2002 — they hadn’t been active in the local block watch or become close with any other merchants.

“We all know each other, but nobody knows him,” she said, referring to the elder Rahami. “You’ve been there 10 years and you don’t know your neighbors?”

So, working hard for a living while being Muslim, and, not participating in the neighborhood watch led to a community mobbing witch hunt forcing these independent entrepreneurs to seek civil court justice for years of abuses.

As is usual with mobbing, most of the victims tried to settle their grievances lawfully. Not untypically, a young male was driven to violent terror in reprisal. The crime was wholly foreseeable, and the government officials who provoked the violence will pay no price. Ultimately, this case is indicative of the Mobocracy that is America today. People are singled out for their perceived differences, neighbors turned into government spies, and, those who do not collaborate with the mob become its victims.



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