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Private Investigator’s Report on Gang Stalking

John B. Lopes is the President of a Virginia based private investigation firm. He is a military veteran, and his work was the subject of a FOX News program. He wrote an article on his experiences working with gang stalking victims which is linked below:

Here is a link to Mr. Lopes’s web page:

Here is a link to his private investigation firm:


  1. Brian gould permalink


    i found your information on a web search on gang stalking. I’m curious what I can do if i believe I am being targeted for hate by the groups you are talking about. I have been receiving messages both online and by people in the community that I am being portrayed in a negative way based in sexual activity that is horrible to accuse a person of. I have talked with the police after having been told the police were asking questions about me and the police say they aren’t looking to talk to me. I have also been told in writing that the FBI has me under surveillance but that was also denied. What do you suggest I do. This started in a very specific way when I was living in San Francisco California and has intensified in places like Seattle Washington.

    I have been told that using hush mail is better and more secure for communication by email. Is proton mail as secure as hush mail?

    i look forward to hearing from you

    • If you have a writing saying that the
      FBI has you under surveillance when they do not, and, you can trace it back to someone, then you might be able to make a defamation/libel case. Consult an attorney, many of them need work and might take the case on a contingency fee. Avoid using encrypted email because you are not doing anything that involves a need for secrecy, and, using hushmail, etc., can get you flagged (there is no benefit and there is a possible negative).

  2. Tamika Driver permalink

    Hi Name Tamika Driver, Bham Al 35215 im being gang stalked hard with micriwave frequency they been destroying my health fast, every since I left my old job at Embasdy Suites Hoover Al , I got ran off the road called a slut by randim folks , all becausevI said I was sueing them for calling me a teorist , I start keeping notes on bad treatment frim that jib , only to be off come back two cops waiting on me ,with my note book in their hand asking me did I write stuff in it I said itd my notrbook, then they called me a teorist.They did not show me the inside of my own notebook ,what they were saying is I put in there in hurting alk folks in there which is a lie ,they added wirds to it ,still to this day Hoover poluce have my notebbok ,I was not arrested that day Dec 15, 2015, and every since Been hit hard by gangstalking ,guy moves across the street from me I start getting bad headaches from no where, also heat on my face from no where I need help they fading my health.Northwood Druve 35215 road I live im collecting this list that been coming in our house in a water I place in the house smell like pestisides, need help before my health fade worse

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