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Private Investigator’s Report on Gang Stalking

John B. Lopes is the President of a Virginia based private investigation firm. He is a military veteran, and his work was the subject of a FOX News program. He wrote an article on his experiences working with gang stalking victims which is linked below:

Click to access gangstalking.pdf

Here is a link to Mr. Lopes’s web page:

Here is a link to his private investigation firm:


  1. Brian gould permalink


    i found your information on a web search on gang stalking. I’m curious what I can do if i believe I am being targeted for hate by the groups you are talking about. I have been receiving messages both online and by people in the community that I am being portrayed in a negative way based in sexual activity that is horrible to accuse a person of. I have talked with the police after having been told the police were asking questions about me and the police say they aren’t looking to talk to me. I have also been told in writing that the FBI has me under surveillance but that was also denied. What do you suggest I do. This started in a very specific way when I was living in San Francisco California and has intensified in places like Seattle Washington.

    I have been told that using hush mail is better and more secure for communication by email. Is proton mail as secure as hush mail?

    i look forward to hearing from you

    • If you have a writing saying that the
      FBI has you under surveillance when they do not, and, you can trace it back to someone, then you might be able to make a defamation/libel case. Consult an attorney, many of them need work and might take the case on a contingency fee. Avoid using encrypted email because you are not doing anything that involves a need for secrecy, and, using hushmail, etc., can get you flagged (there is no benefit and there is a possible negative).

      • Hello,
        I am a targeted individual in Athens, Alabama. I would appreciate your advice about hiring an attorney and private investigator I can trust. What specialty should I choose? Or, should I even try? I appreciate your time.

      • I have not known anyone who was able to detect audio/visual bugs, etc. This stuff is well-funded, and they probably are snitches using police methods to thwart TSCM. However, I found some interesting things out about some of the goons involved in my stalking early on with a private investigation firm. A good private investigator can find out everyone living at a suspect address. Partial credit checks, or header search can reveal work history, alternate names, etc. Many of these people will be on parole or have other issues with agencies like CPS. Start by gathering license plates, addresses, cell phone photos and all of the leg work. Make sure you check the customer ratings and comments, and settle on a fee or fee schedule in advance of the work.

  2. Tamika Driver permalink

    Hi Name Tamika Driver, Bham Al 35215 im being gang stalked hard with micriwave frequency they been destroying my health fast, every since I left my old job at Embasdy Suites Hoover Al , I got ran off the road called a slut by randim folks , all becausevI said I was sueing them for calling me a teorist , I start keeping notes on bad treatment frim that jib , only to be off come back two cops waiting on me ,with my note book in their hand asking me did I write stuff in it I said itd my notrbook, then they called me a teorist.They did not show me the inside of my own notebook ,what they were saying is I put in there in hurting alk folks in there which is a lie ,they added wirds to it ,still to this day Hoover poluce have my notebbok ,I was not arrested that day Dec 15, 2015, and every since Been hit hard by gangstalking ,guy moves across the street from me I start getting bad headaches from no where, also heat on my face from no where I need help they fading my health.Northwood Druve 35215 road I live im collecting this list that been coming in our house in a water I place in the house smell like pestisides, need help before my health fade worse

  3. The Counter Terrorism Expert permalink

    Dept. Of Justice, DHS, FBI , local police , neighborhood watch and even the military and many agencies, even major corporations take part in these activities . Citizens Corps is a big time into gang stalking.

    • Mary permalink

      You should test your water and be careful about who you trust and your rights were violated. Get all kind of spy cams, put around your house, your car, and just places that my be infiltrated, learn how to code and learn about the law because corruption is wide spread get something to test the water and food in your home they are trying to kill you without making it seem like it was done on purpose these people are the scum of the earth learn all you can about computers it like going back to school hide your notebook always have several and try to never be alone if you have to move in with family do that knowledge is power sweetie, they study you so be random good luck with what you are going thru.

  4. Hello,

    I am a targeted individual in Athens, Alabama. I am trying to follow up on your advice about hiring an attorney and/or private investigator. I have gone to two consultations with attorneys and in each case it seemed obvious ‘someone’ had gotten there before me. How do I find an attorney who is not afraid of this program? I appreciate your help.

  5. I’m sure people that were targeted by COINTELPRO over 50 years ago faced similar problems. Most people, including lawyers, do not want to get targeted themselves. Therefore, they will cooperate with whatever authorities approach them. I met a guy in NYC that was a licensed PI and he told me that he once removed a video camera from a house being watched by the feds. He ended up being approached and threatened. Stories like that get around quick. You could get a PI and settle on a flat rate for some work. You should begin the leg work yourself by taking pictures with your cell phone, taking down license plate numbers in all around your block, and trying to match perps with addresses and link them to one another. You would be surprised at how much information you could collect before approaching a PI. Once you’ve done some leg work have the PI run plate numbers, house numbers, etc. Some internet pay sites like intelius can give you information fairly cheap. You won’t be able to get plate numbers because you will need a PI with connections to the DMV for that. It only costs them $10 to $20 to get a plate number, and usually you will get all the pedigree information including SS#’s. I would try to find a PI before a lawyer, they’re cheaper and usually have more balls.

    • I’m a T I also please call me let’s all get together in numbers we are stronger. Susan Hinkle 408-665-1005

  6. imalor2017 permalink

    Re: private investigators


    I am from Baltimore, Maryland. I also have first-hand experience as a target of the kind of illegal harassment described on your site. I’ve been targeted approximately for the past 14 years.
    Previously, I tried to contact private investigators in this matter (including Mr. Lopes) but it was not helpful.
    It was back on 2008.
    At first, I went with private detective agency “Cotton and Krahling Special Services Inc” but they turned out were corrupt (they’ve been losing evidences I submit for analysis, by constantly changing story about what happened, at same time refusing to return money….and stuff like that)

    After that, I decided to seek help from some reputable detective agency. After seen commercial on TV for Mr.John Lopes from “the Agency”, on October 2008, made an appointment (for which also had to drive over 2 hours to Virginia).

    However, it was a disappointment. Mr. Lopez was not helpful at all, and hardly said anything in general. After listening to me for over an hour, he just asked if I’ve seen movie “Enemy of the State”. But wouldn’t explain point of mentioned it. And further, without expressing any opinion on my situation, started to explain that his company hardly could be helpful, because it’s not what they’re investigating. And, once again, shifted back to a discussion of that movie, with all those technological advances. Afterwards, he said, utmost he could do – was to check my vehicle for subject of GPS and tracking devices. By the the time, I already lowered my expectations, but already paying him $120 for appointment, said go head and check it. He superficially inspected my car on the inside with flashlight and informed me of founding nothing. After that, he also tried to sell or rent from him some gadgets, debuggers, and such. But I was not interested in all that..

    In the whole, Mr. Lopes did not provide any useful information. It was over two hours meeting, but that’s all I remember – him talking about “Enemy of the State”….
    I still don’t know what to make out of this meeting, and have a second thoughts…

    Also, at the time of my meeting with Mr. Lopes, I did not know about his article about gang stalking, and generally knew very little about subject myself, by only finding first credible sources of information on much later date, on late 2014, when I finally discovered sites “” and “gangstalkingismurder”. And through discovering those sites, also discovered that Mr. Lopes actually has written this article (in fact- dated April 2008, which was prior our meeting on October 2008). His article and my personal experience of meeting him for this matter – just don’t add up…. don’t know what to say…

    At least, I’ve proven myself that private detectives/investigative agencies are no help in that type of situations and never tried again.


    • Rebecca Shockley permalink

      I live in Saint Paul, MN and I too have been a Target of these malicious people. They are relentless. My vehicle was constantly messed with, flat tires, headlights would go out at night while driving. They tried to run me off the road. If I was picking a friend up from work or something, they would surround me in the parking lot from all angles with their headlights on me. They are very evil! Anyone going through this, I’m sorry. I stood up to these people that had no life. If they followed me by car, I would pull over and walk directly to their vehicle, always with them driving off. If they put their headlights on me, I would in town put my brights on them. However, I was greatly outnumbered and I did feel like my life was in danger. I took pictures of these vehicles and people and sent them to my brother in case anything happened to me.

      • Becca permalink

        Rebecca – I hope you are safe. I have been doing the same thing to my perpetrators. My feeling is: if they are going to try to make my world insane, then I will make it as normal as possible. I go up to them and engage in a benign, friendly conversation like any citizen might do in the line at the grocery store. I figure, if they’ve so interested in me, why not talk to them a little. It can be funny. One time I was stalked by three or four tough guys in huge vehicles. One big, macho guy follows me from his huge vehicle. He’s a serious tough guy, Mr. Anonymous. So I stroll on over and casually start up a conversation. He looks totally freaked out. He is afraid to say anything to me. He is not allowed, maybe. Or they told him a ridiculous lie that made this 200-pound muscle guy scared of an 110 pound woman? Who knows. He sits there refusing to answer an innocuous friendly question. In return, I give him a mildly, baffled look, like “you’re odd.” He rushes back to his big car and drives off. It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t destroying human rights in America… but at least approaching them in a normal way demonstrates clearly that they are insane and not you.

  7. Thomas Kimball permalink

    Seeking a lawyer or someone who is currently fighting this head on:

    Thomas Kimball Hartford Connecticut – victim of harassment since 2015. I quit my corporate job at Apex Systems while reporting to Rob McGuckin. The harassment began IMMEDIATELY after quitting my job. I’d like to see us work together to press charges, expose and permanently eliminate this type of illegal, immoral and unethical behavior. Cheers to the future.

    Listed below is the abuse I have and continue to endure. Permanent affects are unquantifiable and unforgivable.

    – electronic harassment
    – noise campaigns; sirens, honking – synchronized when I enter and exit the house
    – brighting; high beams in the daytime/night time
    – one headlight symbolism when I come or go at night
    – synchronized drive by when I leave the house; come on guys the street isn’t that busy

    To those going through this – much love, they will pay infinitely for what they’ve done, this life or the next. I’m lobbying for both. Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO)

    • Crystal permalink

      I’ve been severely gangstalked since they hit me in my car July 2015
      Crystal Perry Amherst ny find me on fb let’s chat.

  8. Vish permalink

    I feel I am being stalked in an organized way. My name is Vish from Arlington, Tx

  9. Your an answer to prayer today ! I am a 56 yrs old ,I’m a woman that is a survivor of gangstalking since I seperated from my Ex-husband . It may have began 1988 as a trade for my step-father to have his criminal record cleared . They have run the gamut on me , every tactic and crimes in. 5 states , I have had to bring to justice 9 men for rape , beatings , carjacking , theft , home invasion , on and on .I am on a fake FBI watch list Brysen Lewis/Dawn DeLand , he said he through me to the wolves ! My life is dictated by their motivations , all relationships are handlers or infiltrated ! Right now they are doing any and everything to try to get me behind bars ,they are payed to destroy me any way they can , I am an experiment in the matrix , 21/2 yrs ago I discovered I actually had a people and was a TI , I am in Portland and I need help ASAP , my last Handler lived and worked in my apartment building I got him fired and he lost his residency and guns , I have a restraining order , has out for blood now , his father is a attourny ,I believe he knows possibly corrupt cops and he has an investigator on me . I believe a lot is at stake $$$ on my head a hit ( they want me dead or in prison ) in a good woman Please Help me !

    • Cheryl Weinreich permalink

      Dawn. Please call me. 703-401-5549

      This Private Investor will not help you

  10. Terri Rutten permalink

    I have been trying to comment on my situation, but either it doesn’t post or after an hour of writing it just disappears. So frustrating!!! I would like to connect with someone in my state or anyone for that matter, just to talk to… as I have no one

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