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Project Longevity: A Gang Stalking Op?

“On the state level, I have directed my administration to focus our criminal justice resources on urban violence,” Governor Malloy said.  “We agree that no strategy will be effective without the support of the community.  This means parents, clergy, neighborhood leaders, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles – everyone working toward one goal.  We are working to regain the trust of the African American and Latino communities.  We need their help.  The lives of these young people are too valuable not to act.”

“A critical component of the Project Longevity strategy is the “call-in,” a face-to-face meeting where partners engage group members and deliver certain key messages.  First, that group members are part of a community, that gun violence is unacceptable and that the community needs it to end.  Second, that help is available to all who will accept it in order to transition out of the gang lifestyle, and that social service providers are standing by to assist with educational, employment, housing, medical, mental health and other needs.  Third, that any future violence will be met with clear and certain consequences.  The next time a homicide is traced to any member of a violent group, all members of that group will receive increased and comprehensive law enforcement attention to any and all crimes any of its members are committing.

In other words, a comprehensive COINTELPRO operation in which the D.O.J. directs the FBI, state and local police, local government agencies, and community members to work with criminal thugs. This has led to the development of criminal harassment networks, directed by police, against perceived enemies of the state, and, all the consequences that such a reckless scheme result in, including an exponential rise in harassment victims snapping and the current mass shooting epidemic.

Dr. James F. Tracy analyzes the language of Project Longevity, and, asks whether or not it fits the modus operandi of the gang stalking Program:

Was ‘Project Longevity’ a Gang Stalking Operation?

My conversation with Dr. Tracy about the gang stalking Program and the media blackout on it:

Interview 79: Keith Labella

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