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Risk Factors for Targeting

After years of experience, research, and, communication with hundreds of gang stalking targets, here are some factors that I found to exponentially increase a person’s risk of being targeted for gang stalking:

1  Coming from a military or intelligence family;

2  Having known or believed anti-Semitic beliefs or opinions, either as an individual, or, an entire family being targeted for same (minorities’ opinions regarding Jews are watched by militant Zionists as closely as are white peoples).

3   Coming from a large German family, or, other ethnic background that is suspect (e.g., Ukrainian, Baltic state origin). This is ironic because Ashkenazi Jews are descended from the Khazar Empire which was located in Eastern Europe and included most of modern day Ukraine. However, Ukraine and the Baltic states had large pro-Nazi factions during WW2 with operative networks today from leave back operations going back to Operation Gladio (e.g., Azov Battalion in Ukraine which was not “formed” in 2014, but rather, was a latent operation established under Gladio during the Cold War).

4  Belonging to, or having family members in a cult. Cults like Jehovah’s Witness, and Scientology are heavily infiltrated by covert intelligence operations. Intelligence agencies’ modus operandi is to steer the cult (or other targeted group such as organized crime) into self-immolation, often using broadly-based and long-term social engineering tactics that resemble social experiments.

5  Being a legitimate whistleblower, or, journalist reporting on government corruption.

6  Belonging to a group closely watched by the government such as animal rights activists or environmentalists (I believe that even Vegans are closely watched as potential animal rights extremists).

7  Being a gun enthusiast, fundamentalist Christian, religious Muslim, or Constitutionalist, or, member of an alternative political party like the Green Party, Constitution Party.. (e.g., Ron Paul bumper sticker will get you on DHS MIAC fusion Center database watch list).

8  Using FOIA or other tools to obtain government information legally, but in a way that they consider dangerous in the aggregate or “as a whole” (e.g., Ryan Noah Shapiro, Aaron Swartz).

9  Belonging to a profession steeped in mobbing culture. This can range from nursing to police/emergency services to teaching.

10  Having associations with, or family members in organized crime.

11  Having an employment dispute, especially with a large corporation or powerful business.

12  Divorcing a wealthy person or person otherwise connected in government or with organized crime.

13  Expressing anti-government opinions, especially those disseminated through blogging, etc.

14  Being on any watch list (e.g., registered sex offender, threat assessment list).

15  Association with a militant minority organization (this can range from Black Lives Matter to the Jewish Defense League).

16  Getting caught up in  a federal investigation in which COINTELPRO tactics, or police instigation tactics, make you a useful target of convenience to get to high value federal targets (i.e., organized crime investigation, police/political corruption investigation, any large conspiracy case including conspiracy against rights).

Generational targets represent a substantial minority of gang stalking Program targets. Generational targets are those who were groomed for the gang stalking Program long before the active phase of their gang stalking began. Generational victims all have family members who have been affected by the Program (including members who have been co-opted by the Program). Targets who believe their targeting is associated with 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 above are likely generational targets. In the case of generational targeting there is a pretext event (usually a staged firing followed by an employment lawsuit or an ugly divorce with a complicit spouse planted on them long before) that occurs before the active phase of their gang stalking begins. Generational targets are watched and behaviorally profiled for months and years before the active phase of their gang stalking begins; part of this is being subjected to public rudeness and other stress factors to observe how they react to it in an experimental MKULTRA type fashion. This preconditioning and monitoring phase exists for all targets, however, it exists to a greater degree for generational targets than is the case for non-generational targets.

For more on preconditioning and behavioral sensitization (also known as anchoring) see the “Little Albert” experiment in which the U.S. government funded unethical behavioral experiments on an infant, using Johns Hopkins University as a front. The experiments caused trauma in the infant with lifelong associated psychiatric illness:


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