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Small Town Terrorism

The Gang Stalking of Rick and Cindy Krlich began after a property dispute with the local Fire Chief in the small town of Hubbard, Ohio:

The Krlich’s website is dedicated to exposing their civil rights violations and ordeal:

  1. Cold N. Holefield permalink

    To The Site Administrators at GSisM;
    Your bravery is unmatched. My utmost thanks for having the tenacity to speak so clearly and authoritatively about the all too real tactics of gang stalking and targeting harassment. I have plenty on video I have begun to upload to a private channel, documenting attempts at intimidation and gang stalking. Speaking out is what they don’t want you to do.I implore you to continue the website- specifically posts on this topic. We need more activists and truth tellers like yourself. The more we speak out, the less they can do. I will be following. I would like to share my most recent experience, which has reached a new level of deplorable heights ; no pun intended. Yesterday started off as a beautiful, clear day and by high noon the air above my dwelling was filled with chem trails in the sky. The aerial attacker in a small non commercial propeller plane circled five and a half times until I sent a signal of my own. Do you have or members have any experience with this? I have been gang stalked nearing a decade with the attackers following my every move online and in person. I have just learned of a man using my name on his writing, a name I began using in university writing class as a literary play on words, after a comment was left on my private videos for him. Surely he is one of “them” and records show he has been pulling this long con for years. I will not be silenced and with this comment, am finally speaking publicly of such. As I close my curtains this evening to retire to bed, four red cars are lined up on my street, 2 with license plates starting with the first digit in my home phone number. As I turn off the light, simultaneously the car lights go on. Ultrasonic tactics have become part of my daily life. Yesterday a sorry looking fellow rushed up to me in a parking lot, snapped a photo with his camera and rushed past whispering “Got ‘yous’ on XRAY”. Pushing that Post Comment button will be freeing, I’m sure. Cheers to your continued valor and allowing fellow victims to share our experiences. Together we are stronger.

  2. Keith Lankford permalink
    Fire chief linked gangstalking campaign, as with my harris county stalking that took place after I was stalked and set up by the Harris County police this same noise harassment used. I have video after video of these terrorist stalking me after I was forced to sale my home for first cash offer after renewed stalking by harris county police after my release from jail on falsified charges. This continues till this day with first responder participation, now in Texas City Texas. These same terrorist, homeland security, FBI, Police, etc monitor, manipulate and infiltrate all internet and cellular communication as I prepare to fight these fraudulent charges. With the participation of the USPS they also stop the delivery of court related documents.

    Rick and Cindy Krlich claim they’ve been beeped incessantly for 7 years. They’re suing 40 neighbors and have filed hundreds of police reports They claim the honking is part of a well-orchestrated campaign against them stemming from a 2007 property dispute.

    Rick Krlich tried to buy his neighbors’ house when it was in probate court. He said it annoyed the well-connected Clementes who turned the town of against him. John and Marlene Clemente deny there’s a campaign. Mr Clementes was the FIRE CHIEF. For the last seven years, Rick and Cindy Krlich claim they’ve been the target of ‘terrorist honkers’.

    The Hubbard, Ohio couple say motorists driving past their home have beeped more than 5,000 times out of revenge for trying to buy a neighbor’s house in 2007. The married couple allege the honking, in addition to ongoing Harassment and Stalking, has ruined their lives and are suing 40 of their neighbors, including some of the small town’s most prominent citizens. However their neighbors deny there’s a ‘small town terrorist campaign’ against the Krlichs and insist the litigious pair are the ones disturbing the peace.

    I drew the attention of Federal and State agencies as I became the 9/11 grass-roots organizer for Alaska in 2002. As we look at the history of the CIA’S abuse on civilians that pursue such course, this is self-evident.

    My Targeting escalated in 2012. This is when the 24/7 stalking began, the infiltration of all online accounts had began prior to this as I told many witnesses. As I was researching the Sandy Hook School Shooting, I was posting information on my website, MY FAVORITE MASON. This website is now on, yet I have embedded it and it can be seen in the pop down Links Tab.

    I was interested in this event as I had noticed a lot of oddities in many of these post 9/11 events. As I researched this I found that FEMA held a drill (EXERCISE) at Sandy Hook School one year prior to this shooting, they also held a drill on the day of the shooting twenty minutes away from this event. I copied and pasted these facts in my website as links to my research.

    I then found that the First Responder to this shooting incident, (William Halstead,) had an extensive history in Emergency Management, and with Homeland Security as well. BILL HALSTEAD PROFILE LINK:
    Bill Halstead, MPA, CEM’s Summary

    • Thirteen years experience in public safety including Emergency Management, Public Health Homeland Security, Emergency Communications, Fire & Rescue, EMS, and Law Enforcement.
    • More than ten years experience in emergency planning for all aspects of public safety.
    • Strong project management skills, experienced in oversight of multiple simultaneous projects in a deadline-driven environment.
    • Highly skilled in policy analysis, program evaluation, strategic briefings, and policy directives.
    • Practiced in presentation development and delivery, including training programs.
    • Grant writing / grants management experience, including programmatic and financial oversight, over one year at the state SAA level.
    • Significant team-building experience in public and private sector environments, working with the public, professionals and executive level management to achieve a common outcome.
    • Substantial supervisory experience in both government and volunteer agencies.

    Emergency Planning, Grants Management, Emergency Management, Presentation Development, Group Facilitation & Development, Budget Analysis, Emergency Response, Project Management, Supervisory Role, Healthcare Emergency Management

  3. susan lloyd permalink

    Gangstalking is common in ohio. I was also gangstalked in streetsboro ohio by a neighbor, his friends and members of the city council, mayor, fire dept, police etc after said neighbor damaged over 25,000.00 of my property. He then created an entire facebook page dedicated to threatening to rape and murder me while city officals of streetsboro ohio stood by and did nothing. In fact, the police laughed about it on their body worn cameras. It is sickening what goes on in ohio. I was able to flee like thousands before me who wre abused but unfortunately people like the krlichs get stuck for other reasons. Joshua even put up cameras (one which faced my backyard and one which faced my front yard so anytime I was outside he could alert his friends so they could gangstalk me. They even talk aout this and the illegal use of signal jammers online. They all have a 20 year history of abuse and violence towards many other woman. Ohio sees this behavior as acceotable and even stated i have to pay people who damaged my property and threatened to murder me 100,000.00. My case is on appeal to the us supreme court, It is sick what goes on in ohio. Im also disabled from multiple strokes and heart issues. The stress of them threatening me caused me a stroke and a heart attack. They also make fun of my ada protected disabilities and make fun of my face mask, my oxygen and my use of a mobility scooter. This is what goes on in streetsboro Ohio. The same court also forced the krlichs to pay their abusers money. It is all judical abuse by a corrupt cabal who uses retired oathless judges and drunk and drug addicted judges to abuse litigants throughout ohio

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