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The Link Between Community Mobbing and Mass Shootings

The Link Between Community Mobbing And Mass Shootings

Original publication date:  April 10, 2013

This website is dedicated to analyzing WHY there has been a dramatic rise in rampage murders on the college campus, in the workplace, and elsewhere.

While the scope of the problem has been identified by the mainstream media, its analysis is largely superficial:

“Of the 12 deadliest shootings in U.S. history, six have taken place since 2007…David Brooks highlighted this discrepancy back in July. For much of the 20th century there were, on average, a handful of mass killings per decade. But that number spiked in 1980, and kept rising thereafter. This has happened even as the nation’s overall violent crime and homicide rates have been dropping.”


The NYPD Active Shooter Manual found 271 active shooter cases between 1966 and December 21, 2012. The NYPD study reveals that more than half, or 153 of the active shooter events, happened since 2000. See page 9, Table C and page 11, Table D of the NYPD Active Shooter Manual linked below:

Mass Shoooting Tracker is a web site deicated to tracking mass shooting events in the U.S. It has been cited by MSM, including CNN and MSNBC, and counts mass shootings in which 4 or more people are injured by gunfire (unlike the bogus FBI definition created arbitrarily in 2013 defining a mass shooting as one with 4 or more deaths resulting). The site reports more than one shooting per day, on average, for every year since 2013:

Most of the people who go postal, however, in academic as in other workplaces, have been mobbed there in preceding months or years.”-Dr. Kenneth Westhues

The mobbing which Dr. Westhues has described has found its way to our communities and can be linked to the dramatic increase in mass shootings.  Dr. Westhues confirms this fact in his communications with Keith Labella, Esq., as recounted below.

Dr. Kenneth Westhues on Mobbing and Mass Shootings

Doctor Kenneth Westhues, Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the University of Waterloo in Canada, is also a notable author, published in over a dozen languages.  Westhues has written numerous books and articles on the subject of workplace and academic mobbing. He has proven a direct link between mobbing and mass shootings. 

From Wikipedia:

Mobbing in the context of human beings means bullying of an individual by a group in any context, such as a family, school, workplace, neighborhood, or community.

When it occurs as emotional abuse in the workplace, such as “ganging up” by co-workers, subordinates or superiors, to force someone out of the workplace through rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting, and isolation, it is also referred to as malicious, nonsexual, nonracial, general harassment.

In the following email correspondence with a licensed attorney from New York, Dr. Westhues clearly states his opinion that community mobbing (also known as gang stalking) is responsible, in his opinion, for about ONE-THIRD, or HALF, of all mass shootings!

Mobbing represents a significant public health and safety risk, and is currently being systematically ignored by our elected officials, law enforcement, and the media.

Email Exchanges between Dr. Westhues and Keith Labella, Esq.

In the following series of email exchanges between Dr. Westhues and Keith Labella, Esq., Westhues specifically acknowledges his awareness of gang stalking. Westhues also opines that Christopher Dorner was likely a victim of mobbing. Here are the Westhues’ emails relating to community mobbing a.k.a. gang stalking:

Please note that in each of the following four email exchanges, Dr. Westhues’ response is first, followed by Keith Labella, Esq.’s initiating e-mail.

First e-mail exchange:

-----Original Message-----
From: Kenneth Westhues <>
To: Keith <>
Sent: Sun, Jan 6, 2013 5:48 pm
Subject: RE: Mobbing and Mass Shootings

Dear Mr. Labella: Thank you for your email. I appreciate your 
encouragement in the research on mobbing. I believe the evidence 
supports your contention of a link between mobbing (whether in 
workplace, community, church, or wherever else) and rampage murders -- 
not in all cases of such violent outbursts, so far as I can see, but in 
maybe a third or a half of cases. And, of course, it is only in a tiny 
minority of mobbing cases that the target lashes back violently. I plan 
to write more about this link as soon as I find time, and I'm grateful 
to be prodded toward that end by your email. All the best in the new 
year. Respect and regards, Kenneth Westhues
From: Keith []
Sent: 05 January 2013 10:51
To: Kenneth Westhues
Subject: Mobbing and Mass Shootings

     I have read some of the work that you and your colleagues have
written exposing the nexus between community mobbing and rampage
shootings. I wonder why, given the quality of the work exposing this
link, you and your colleagues have not made a media statement regarding
the alarming increase in violent mass shootings. It seems that some of
your books are being priced out of the market in the U.S. I also
understand that the media is largely controlled, and, that it is no
accident that the causal connection between mobbing and violence is
being "missed" by the MSM. However, you could comment about the trend
on your webpage, and, also publish an open letter about it. Sandy Hook
captured the attention of the U.S. and the world. I believe that your
work is too important for you not to weigh in promptly on these events.
You would be deserving of a Nobel Prize if the attention you brought to
the issue stopped one future massacre.


Keith S. Labella, Esq. (licensed in New York).

Second Exchange:

-----Original Message-----
From: Kenneth Westhues <>
To: Keith <>
Sent: Tue, Jan 15, 2013 8:47 pm
Subject: RE:

Mr. Labella: Yes, I did have a chance to look at several of the links, 
and I thank you for sending them to me. I'm hoping to write something 
about gang stalking in the next few weeks, and I'll plan to send it to 
you if and when I get it done. With best wishes, Ken Westhues
From: Keith []
Sent: 15 January 2013 09:28
To: Kenneth Westhues
Cc: Kenneth Westhues

      Did you get a chance to look at any of the links I sent to you? Do
you have any impressions or opinions about community-based harassment
networks a.k.a. gang stalking?

Thanks again,

Keith Labella

Third Exchange:

-----Original Message-----
From: Kenneth Westhues <>
To: Keith <>
Sent: Thu, Feb 7, 2013 8:48 pm
Subject: RE:

Mr. Labella: I appreciate your drawing this news to my attention. I've 
now read Dorner's manifesto, as well as the report of the house 
tribunal that adjudicated his complaint against his fellow officer. To 
judge by his account of the tribunal, this would indeed appear to be a 
case of workplace mobbing, or more specifically, administrative 
mobbing, and one of those very rare cases in which the target 
retaliates violently. Dorner is an obviously bright and perceptive 
fellow, and much of his manifesto is compelling. On the other hand, as 
Dorner admits, and as his murderous intentions and alleged actual 
murders demonstrate, he is a deeply disturbed person. However bright he 
is, he is obviously not thinking straight: killing innocent people is 
not a way to recover one's good name. Hence I'm not willing, without 
further investigation and review of evidence, to take Dorner's word for 
what happened to him in the LAPD, or to call it a case of mobbing. He 
urges journalists to investigate, and I hope some first-rate 
journalists will do exactly that. This is for sure a tragedy. Let's 
hope he is caught before he kills still more people. With every good 
wish, Kenneth Westhues
From: Keith []
Sent: 07 February 2013 15:57
To: Kenneth Westhues
Cc: Kenneth Westhues

      A former LA police officer, who also held a Top Secret Security
Clearance in the Naval reserve, has gone postal. He has killed several
officers in separate, ambush attacks, and, is now on the loose. His
Manifesto, linked below, spells out programmatic workplace mobbing.
This seems to be a textbook case based on your own case studies and
mobbing checklist:

Link to the Dorner Manifesto:

Fourth Exchange:

-----Original Message-----
From: Kenneth Westhues <>
To: Keith <>
Sent: Fri, Feb 8, 2013 9:22 pm
Subject: RE: RE:

Yes, thanks, as soon as I get to it. I put a little piece of writing on 
my website (like this one:, it gets tens 
of thousands of hits, and I spend the next two weeks answering emails 
in response to it. With every good wish.
From: Keith []
Sent: 08 February 2013 10:07
To: Kenneth Westhues
Subject: RE:

      Thanks for taking the time to write me back. As you and Amelia
Howard have pointed out, there is never an excuse for retaliatory
violence in cases of mobbing. I agree with this wholeheartedly.
However, even without justification, there can be an explanation for
the victim lashing back. If Dorner's claims of mobbing are validated,
and, I suspect that a thorough and independent investigation will
validate many of them, then he would be another mobbing victim gone
postal. Similar to Cho, and other cases that have been studied, there
is clearly indicia of psychological pathology as relates to the
shooter. This does not, in my opinion, repudiate the fact that mobbing
is a toxic societal issue and represents a type of group pathology.

   p.s.   Are you still planning to write something on the subject of
gang stalking?

End of e-mail exchanges

Dr. Kenneth Westhues on the tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007:


by Kenneth Westhues, Professor of Sociology, University of Waterloo

November 2007

On April 16, 2007, Seung-Hui Cho, a fourth-year student in the English Department at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, murdered 32 professors and students and injured a further 25, then took his own life. This webpage points toward an explanation of the tragedy.


A common way mobbings play out is that one or a handful of voluntary participants, who typically have strong feelings about the target, call down on the target a debilitating bureaucracy, an organized array of social-control specialists who take aggressive action not from ill-will or deep conviction, but as routine performance of their job responsibilities. This was very much the case in the mobbing of Cho in the student residence, which compounded the effect of the mobbing in Cho’s home department.

From information that has so far come to light, Cho appears to have been the target of an uncommon but distinct and devastating social process called workplace mobbing. It is the impassioned ganging up of managers and/or peers against a targeted worker, the object being the target’s absolute humiliation and elimination from respectable company. It is a matter of turning a person who is different or troublesome into a nonperson, rubbing his or her nose in dirt. For more on this workplace pathology, click here or here.

Mobbing… rarely results in the target going postal: that is, retaliating in a violent rampage, openly and indiscriminately murdering co-workers (sometimes singling out specific mobbers), then committing suicide or being killed or captured by police. Most mobbing targets simply quit their jobs. Others become chronically ill or depressed. Some commit suicide. Some knuckle under. Only a tiny fraction lash back.

Nor do all workers who go postal have a history of being mobbed at work. Charles Whitman gunned down 45 people at the University of Texas on August 1, 1966, before police shot and killed him. Kimveer Gill killed or injured 20 people at Dawson College in Montreal on September 13, 2006, before taking his own life. Neither Whitman nor Gill had been mobbed on the campuses they shot up. Their crimes have other origins.

Most of the people who go postal, however, in academic as in other workplaces, have been mobbed there in preceding months or years.

An adequate explanation of the Virginia Tech massacre requires becoming conscious of the scapegoating mechanism, transcending it, and then calmly picking through all relevant evidence, toward a factual, reasoned account of what happened and why. It requires accepting the awful truth of what John Donne wrote, that no man is an island, that every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main, that every man’s death diminishes me.

This does not mean trying to excuse Cho’s inexcusable crimes. Nor does it mean trying to shift blame and scapegoat somebody else. It means trying to get at the truth of what happened: empirical identification of the sequence of events, what led to what. Sound scientific explanation honors those who wrongly and unnecessarily lost their lives or suffered injury at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, and gives promise of preventing repetition of the tragedy.

End of excerpts



“The household gun ownership rate has fallen from an average of 50 percent in the 1970s to 49 percent in the 1980s, 43 percent in the 1990s and 35 percent in the 2000s, according to the survey data, analyzed by The New York Times.”

So, if there are LESS guns in the U.S., in fact, as gun ownership has decreased more than population has increased, how can we blame the “availability of guns”? Also, as indicated by studies like the NYPD Active Shooter Study, most of the guns used by active shooters are obtained legally. How can we blame gun regulation, or, gun ownership on this societal ill?

Also, as noted by academics, why is there such a disproportionate murder-suicide rate in the U.S. and Canada, if this is a gun ownership issue and not a sociological issue?

  1. Gabriel permalink

    Cuban Communist’s are the main culprits in “gang stalking,” which is really just another name for Communism.

    I have observed 100’s – 1,000’s of Cuban Communist’s operating within the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

    They track targeted individuals through Cellular, WiFi and Bluetooth mobile wireless mesh networks. When this doesn’t work they utilize satellite tracking through “signature” color matching of clothing and of make/model of vehicles. Clearly, they use a radio network presumably on Cellular frequencies .
    There are ways to disrupt their system: 1. Airplane Mode (On/Off), 2. WiFi (On/Off), and, 3. Bluetooth (On/Off).

    • I have no doubt that Cubans in South Florida, and elsewhere, are heavily involved in criminal harassment networks. However, the scope and scale of gang stalking reveal a systematic and systemic Program that is a full-blown neo-COINTELPRO that makes the Church Committee COINTELPRO findings look like a “Sunday school operation” according to a retired FBI Deputy Chief whose affidavit is on this site. This is also the opinion of various insiders I’ve spoken to from elected Sheriffs, police, former-FBI, military veterans, former military intelligence officers, former defense contractors with top security clearance, probation officers, private investigators, etc. In other words, this is a federal government funded and directed Program that is using assets in state and local government, corporations, neighborhood watch programs, the snitch system, etc., to create a Stasi-like virtual prison for those targeted.
      It gets even worse, in that, I have long-believed that organized crime and local political corruption are the ultimate targets. This is consistent with Criminologist Nicolas Desurmont’s paper on the subject, found on this site. If this is the case, the feds may expect blowback including Los Zetas style retaliation toward lower echelon criminal players involved when they decide to wrap up the Program and prosecute.
      Organized crime, writ large, are mistaken in the belief that these criminal harassment networks are working for them. The intelligence they get from them is part of the Counterintelligence game designed to effectively monitor and neutralize “them”. The useful intelligence obtained by organized crime through the federal gang stalking Program is a cost inherent to the Program not unlike the cost of allowing a drug cartel, or hostile foreign intelligence agency to operate (i.e., to protect the integrity of a larger “ongoing investigation”). This mistaken belief by organized crime that stalking groups benefit them will be their downfall (as it is only a short-term benefit). Doubtlessly, the recent DHS/ICE national gang round-up of 638 included many under the Program’s watch. Again, the members of these networks, and their families are known to organized crime,and, in my opinion, will face brutal retaliation.
      The reality of the Program is that there is a listening post every 500 meters in both city and rural areas operated 24/7/365 against targets (500 meters because it optimizes AV surveillance of targets by the local listening posts). At least 350,000 Americans and their friends, families and acquaintances are being constantly monitored. This type of Program can only be funded and directed by the the feds and their fusion centers that conveniently serve as command centers. The control exercised at the local level by both organized crime and local law enforcement is illusory as the purpose of the Program is to monitor this very activity of organized crime and local police.
      I talked to a staffer of Congresswoman Barbara Lee who represents the Bay area. The staffer admitted that Barbara Lee’s office has received complaints about the gang stalking problem.

      • This a hundred percent accurate and the funding for the tech as well as the logistics is boated on these gov websites. NITRD connects it all.. The workforce is ACQdemo tier paid program for civilians paid by the DoD. The universities start a research project with DoD NITRD and DHS grants that allow social research on groups or individuals without informed consent…this is unethical but now implemented by ethical review boards as ethical if needs for greater good out weigh the harm done to the subject…That is loop hole to allow this crime…The universities are receiving the majority of the grants from the DoD and DHS….over 30 billion i believe…This allows the university to research under new interopability strategies that are basically information sharing organizations that collaborate with each other. All the organizations have access to each other depending on clearance including tech…resources including Darpa.

    • Igor permalink

      There are even scarier stories in Miami, FL where most of the population comes from a communist police state, they have to learn and be resourceful to survive, therefore they come to this country with a lifelong training in countersurveillance and crime, once here they join any ring here hey find the opportunity to make a living in this type of crime they are already trained.
      In south florida they re involved in harassing people, eavesdropping in appartment complexes and break into peoples homes and vandalize implant cameras, they are into that.
      I have been harrassed by them and this extends beyond USA.
      They involve people at all levels from people from Hialiah, FL to profesionals living in Miami Beach(roaches)

      • Thanks for the comment. Some people do not believe that communist police state tactics could be infiltrating America through counterintelligence activities. Anyone familiar with the situation knows that there is an American Red Guard, and that family members are turning on one another with the use of totalitarian tactics of shaming, infiltration, intimidation right out of the “Wild Swans” playbook.

  2. private permalink

    There is a lot of gang stalking in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (the home of the Blackberry, They use remote listening devices, broadcasting equipment, etc., and harass random pedestrians, targeted victims, and often attempt to distract automobile drivers, etc.

    • Ironically, Professor Emeritus Kenneth Westhues teaches at the University of Waterloo and writes extensively about mobbing. He is considered a mobbing expert both in North America and abroad.

  3. This makes a lot of sense, particular in light of all the post office shootings that started off our current mass shooting spree in the late 80s (the source of the expression “going postal”).

    In the late 80s the National Association of Federal Injured workers identified that postal inspectors were systematically gang stalking postal workers who filed workers compensation claims (this was during a period when the Reagan-Bush administration were embezzling the federal workers compensation fund to fund the Contras in Nicaragua). The gang stalking was associated with stalking, rapes, beatings and more than 2 dozen violent suicides that occurred under suspicious circumstances.

    I worked with a postal worker who allegedly committed suicide in 1989 under extremely suspicious circumstances. He supposedly jumped from the fifth floor of the YMCA but on autopsy there was clear evidence he had been beaten just prior to his death. The postal inspectors seized the evidence file to prevent the Seattle police from conducting a homicide investigation.

    I write about this in my book The Most Revolutionary Act: Memoir of an American Refugee

    • Thank you for your supportive comment Dr. Bramhall. If we had more brave individuals like yourself practicing in psychology, law, and, teaching in our universities, perhaps America would not be quickly becoming a closed, fascist state. One thing that particularly struck me about your work is the notion that the innocuous sounding Postal Inspectors are actually an intelligence arm. If I had not been mobbed and gang stalked myself, I would probably be as gullible as the average American when it came to absorbing manufactured news by osmosis. I think that you would make an excellent guest on memoryholeblog. Douglas Valentine was a recent guest, and, there have been many other impressive professionals, interviewed by Dr. Tracy, who told the truth about what is happening in America today.
      Dr. Tracy has allowed me to guest blog at memoryholeblog, and has analyzed some of the information on my WordPress site:

      God bless you and keep up the good work!!

  4. TIGSinEU permalink

    I am a 37 year old man living in Europe. I have been targeted since the year 2005. Your site is very precise and has helped me a great deal. It’s true that zersetzung and cointelpro are very much alike. I believe the best way to stop zersetzung is exposure. I think the modern-day zersetzung so many people are experiencing throughout the world and are reporting on is about control; social control; behavioral control; training puposes; targeting innocent and unaware people who the stalkers believe are unwanted. This makes it sick vigilante justice for non-existant offences at best and ritual random abuse/torture/murder at it’s worst. Anyway, it looks like this kind of abuse is more widespread in my country than people could ever imagine, it’s just covered up very professionally. The police and medical profession are highly complicit and actually fulfill an instrumental role. Quite shocking since its 2015. Keep the faith and be strong!

    • Thanks for the comment. I get a lot of views from abroad, and almost half are from English speaking countries. Could you tell me what country you are commenting from?

  5. Kevin Scott King permalink

    Couple of questions. Gang stalking then is an aggressive and abusive form of social pressure? And are you asserting that the objective of the gang stalking is the mass shooting, or is it just a violent response (break) to it?

    Man, our society(s) is so screwed up (much stronger words are appropriate)… we’ve surpassed all of the ‘Dystopian’ films combined.

    • Agreed that we are living in a Mega-Dystopia. I believe that the mass shootings are blowback in most instances. In some instances I believe that these targets are being gang stalked and heavily monitored, and that there is a belief that a high probability of a mass shooting will occur. As we know, in these instances, the social engineers can “let it happen on purpose” to support the gun control agenda similar to their role in 9/11 and Oklahoma City to grease the rails for new anti-terrorism laws and resource wars.

      • Kevin Scott King permalink

        As I believe we’ve conversed before on this @ MHB, so gang stalking is part of a plan to break someone they are harassing/monitoring/controlling into creating an organic mass shooting event. And in these cases there are real victims and a real perpetrator. As opposed to different shooters with possible real victims but a created or framed patsy. So then Virginia Tech would be a classic example of the gang stalked perpetrator who actually is a victim as well. What then in your opinion are other recent examples of this?

      • In some instances, I believe that retaliatory mass shootings are deliberate, in others unintentional blowback. In my opinion, the Tucson shooting, and Fort Hood 2009 & 2014 are some recent examples that are highly likely. You should find the below links of interest:

        You should take a close look at my site if you are going to investigate and write about gang stalking. You can email me at

  6. Tony permalink

    I am currently being gang stalked by a group of people from Citizens Corps and they use Ctizens Corps to harassment me and also community watch groups and DHS employees its a massive operations these people have at this Fusion Centers its no wonder they want to remove there social media foot print because the activities they do are highly damaging to our nation and community. Not even the FBI , Air Force and Army are trying to remove their social media sites.

    Also DOJ funds Citizens Corps and knows the statistics on how many people are gang stalked.
    This operation of gang stalking is huge its about make people feel unwelcomed in America and making them not want to work , be apart of society they even use women and kids to harass people.

    Our government is behind the massive rise in mass shootings. Its being engineered daily in many cities through out America. Many of our soilders and politicians have no idea this is going on. My only friend was Myron May the FSU shooter and he lost his marbles due to gang stallking.

    I plan on leaving the country to a non nato country wth few secret societies linked to america. Land of the free home of the brave after experiencing gang stalking I hate to look at the american flag I am in a prison a corporate prison and if i I go to school or work I am harassed.

    • Citizen Corps Volunteers in Police Program and Neighborhood Watch Program seem rife for abuse of this kind.
      How do you know Myron May Tony? And where do you plan to relocate?

  7. TI Jo permalink

    I’m also being gangstalked – 2 years this week (workplace mobbing occurred prior to this for 3 years). Yes – where could one relocate?

    • Hi Jo,

      It is helpful when TI’s give a little more narrative. If you want to post again or email me at, I’d like to get to hear a bit more of your story.

      Regarding relocation, nowhere in the U.S. aligned world according to what I’m hearing. If you plan to emigrate, I would look into Russia.

  8. I hate gang stalkers permalink

    Gang Stalking many times work for the city , state or federal government, churches, non profits, corporations etc under titles like sustainable development, community policing,neighborhood revitilizations many times these people are apart of secret societies like the Free Masons and Eastern star. Do research on the Stasi or German Police and Blue Lodge Free Masons. Gang Stalking is nothing more than community mobbing.

    • Interesting that you specify Blue Lodge Masons. Both in secret societies, as well as corporations and government, the lower the rank of the member the better the scapegoat he will make. Therefore, I would expect the grunt work to be done chiefly by expendable scapegoats of a lower rank. Obviously, the orders are given from higher ranking members.

  9. Margaret Ford permalink

    This site has gone greatly enlightened me on the subject of community stalking. It is hard to believe people in a free society are willing to participate in such vile activities.

    • Hi Margaret,

      WordPress logs in your email and IP address. Your encounter with gang stalking probably is related to your joint activism against monied interests seeking to exploit public lands. It goes further than that, however, and after many years of lived experience, in several states, I am sure that it is a nationwide, federal counterintelligence operation tied into state and local authorities through databases, fusion centers and watch lists. I have a law degree and much experience in this area. I am willing to help legitimate victims. I could furnish you, or anyone who could use one, an affidavit, stating that given my experience, what you are experiencing is real.

      • Jerry permalink

        Hello, I only recently learned of gang stalking as I was searching for answers as to what I was experiencing. I am most definitely being gang stalked in the town I live in which is only 30 min from my home town in Colorado. I had no clue anything like this was in existence until it s
        Started happening to me. I’m doing y best to document my experiences with photos, videos, license plates etc. However this has proven difficult as any true T.I. or knowledgeable person on gang Stalking well knows

      • If you want to share evidence or more about your story fell free to comment on my blog.

  10. Henry Eastman permalink

    Scroll down

    Note: Out of chronological sequence, poorly edited, disjointed, not properly priorized & worse, but you’ll get the gist. Additional more polished reports, official and credible reports by private experts, on all the following related matters, exist on the internet. This note gets worse as you read!

    INTRODUCTION As most know, the current watch list, our own government reports growing monthly, more than any other single government program ever, violates tens of thousands of innocent citizen’s constitutional rights. With no trial, no hearing, no or very little evidence, just an accusation, no facing one’s accuser, no offering evidence to show your innocence, no due process whatsoever, one is put on the list, often in complete secrecy BUT…

    The worst part is what the watch list has evolved into. It’s no longer a watch list. It’s a watch, follow, harass and punish list as described in articulate ways by many nationwide. Unlike the no-fly list, ruled unconstitutional, which offers a process to be removed, the watchlist has none. See para. 10 below.

    REPORT. In the past, notes like this were deemed delusional. People, including Psychiatrists, once thought people who claim being bombarded by radio waves were mentally ill. Complaints by former Cuban Embassy workers last year and the couple from China last month about illness from such waves show this and these and many other claims are NOT delusions.

    Google some if not all of the following references. “Ted Gunderson former FBI agent on government-sponsored gang stalking”.

    Google “Government admits sharing the watch list with between 1000 and 1500 private entities”, but…

    When tens of thousands of innocent citizens the government labels “unvestigative”, call their Congressperson to try to get off the watch list, FBI officials advise “the watch list is secret”.

    (Please note, true terrorists don’t contact anyone and call attention to their whereabouts. Only innocent citizens contact our NSA and are obviously not dangerous. Letting innocent people know they’re on the list to use their constitutional due process rights harms no one.)

    The only “benefit” and purpose of officially keeping the list secret from innocent victims and Congresspeople called, is to deprive them of their due process rights, resulting in the removal of tens of thousands from the list. Often, it’s very difficult to prove your on the watch list. That’s also changing now with the use of smartphone cameras.

    ***The government reporting the large watch list, supposedly over a million and growing monthly, justifies the huge black budget. Note: 2013, NSA director Clapper testified under oath before Congress that there was no mass surveillance. Three months later the Snowden papers showed there was mass surveillance.

    Gov. also reports only about 20,000 citizens on the watch list are US citizens. We do not know if this claim is valid or not.

    ***The watch list is no longer simply a watch list. It has evolved into a watch, follow and Gang Stalk list. Google “The relationship between the watch list and gang stalking”..

    The Department of Justice on stalking report shows tens of thousands of credible reports of citizens being stalked by THREE OR MORE persons. The three or more rules out the usual form of stalking by spouses or lovers. Stalking is so widespread Most states have enacted laws against it.

    Google “FBI finally admits complaints it uses unmarked general aviation airplanes to fly over homes of suspected terrorists. nationwide”.

    What would be the goal in letting possible terrorists know they are being watched. This only forces them underground where they’re even more dangerous. It’s just another way to spend large sums of money. Cops following you around everywhere you go all day everyday every small City and town you visit?

    This does not change or scare off a criminal personality. Angering a criminal personality only incites them further. See photos of hundreds law enforcement vehicles in a month when most people might see one or two.

    True victims of gang stalking, or harassment DON’T write their Congressman, file federal lawsuits, form support groups, appear on the Dr. Phil show (Atty. Barasch), testify before Congress, (Mrs. Sharyl Attkisson), form victims organizations for support like the one out in Oregon etc. And, Unlike the mentally ill, real victims of stalking offer specific, verifiable evidence of their stalking.

    Google “gang stalked victims talk about their horrible experiences”. Then, see if you think this is a small problem. Most of the people are very articulate.

    Please Google “interview with gang stalker”. Here, an anonymous, but credible stalker explains to a professional journalists, why he stalks individuals. He claims that these people are not innocent and have escaped formal adjudication for their crimes. And it’s his and other stalkers job, to administer their own brand of punishment. He claims he doesn’t tell his wife where he really works.

    The forms of this stalking and harassment are almost limitless. If you read the stories from people around the country, they are very similar. The goal is to harass the person unmercifully and make their life miserable, in all all aspects. The ultimate goal is to try to get them to commit suicide.*** I cannot do justice to the level of pain and suffering gang stalking taking place in the country causes, not just a victims but their family and friends by the tens of thousands.

    ***Our government now quickly awards large Homeland Security grants to communities when one or more person there, or moves there, is placed on the watch list.

    Once law enforcement gets the list, it’s widely disseminated. Grant money becomes money for training which takes many ominous forms, as former FBI agent Gunderson discusses.

    Most gang stalking victims report not knowing how the stalkers find them so fast EVERYWHERE they go. Please Google “ARGUS satellite system”*. One (of hundreds) satellite can track over 50 targets simultaneously in a 50 square mile area. It then “pipes” live, color images directly to law enforcement squad cars, dispatchers, public and private, And you can figure out the rest. *Two BILLION megapixels. (Your smart phone has 13 no)

    If zealous stalkers think that someone has committed a crime and escaped justice, and need watching for safety, as the watchlist system implies, they’re not satisfied to simply sit around and just watch. Anyone who has pledged a fraternity, attended any police or military academy, played sports, enlisted in any branche of the military know the limitless creative and often sadistic methods men use to harass others, they often don’t even know. Criminologist and forensic psychiatrist are also aware of the many and varied ways men torture harass and bully others. Another name for this of course is vigilantism, No the new phenomenon in our country or around the world.

    The same took place in the South when self-appointed vigilantes hung innocent blacks every Sunday and Wednesday night. People even took their children to watch.

    Note: One method gang stalkers use to discredit true victims, is to submit on the internet claims so bizarre as to impeach the bonafide claims of real victims.

    The current operation of our watch list is one of, if not the most destructive and inimical Gov. programs ever operationalized. The numbers of victims, their family and friends are growing exponentially. This has a negative impact on people’s confidence in government and in our courts. *** This is NOT REMOTELY what Congress intended.

    Even if the numbers weren’t so large, the watch list represents a attack on one of our nation’s most cherished constitutional tenants.

    It’s the only place in our entire nation where innocent (and a few guilty) citizens are blatantly deprived of their right under the Constitution to Due Process.

    You’re labeled, tried, convicted and Punished without even giving a person a chance to know why, let alone defend themself.

    Google “how easy it is to be placed on the watch list”. Note official reports claim that even if a Court rules that a person has been unjustly placed on the watch list, if the NSA feels they meet their criteria, they remain on the list.

    There years an Oregon Federal Court ruled the no-fly list was unconstitutional for the reasons set forth here. It also ruled its attempt to rectify their process was completely “ineffective”.

    One difference between a watch list and the no-fly list is people know and can prove they’re on that list because they’re ordered off the plane etc. This can’t be kept officially secret, so people can file lawsuits. When you’re on the watchlist often it’s very difficult to offer convincing evidence that you’re being watched.

    Google “how hard it is to be removed from the watch list”. Of the thousands, one woman tells the story of getting into an argument with her neighbor, a federal government employee, over the fence line. Her gangstalking began.

    Google “techniques employed by gang stalkers, gang stalkers victims stories”.

    Gang stalking is like adult bullying. Victims of stalking and bullying commit suicide and lash out at others indiscriminately and without apparent reason. The violence in America? I’ve read three cases where the mass shooters claimed they were being stalked and harassed. This is the only claim that I could not verify for sure.

    I’m the past, some in the Press, some Judges, some Congresspersons and others convince themselves or are convinced by others these claims are delusional. Recent reports show cyber bullying is up in our nation, as are school bullying, racial attacks, acts against Jewish people and just last week in the south Three black churches were burned to the ground!

    Google ” United States of paranoia”. Assess for yourself if you think these people are mentally ill. Please note, inexperienced Psychiatrists, of any age, such as the one in this story, are not detectives. Often, if a person or group exhibits behaviors that meet the criteria in a DSM-5 category, they’re automatically given that label. Please see para 14 above.

    . History of gang stalking can be seen around the world especially in Germany under the Stazti program.

    The Argus satellite system? The Optics are so advanced, it can read a newspaper from 150 miles up, see-through seven stories and deep into the ground. This is how we identified and caught Bin Laden. No longer do we need to attatch transponder devices under suspects’ cars. They and the rest of us, are tracked everywhere by satellites and quiet drones of all sizes. Before Kathie Lee Gifford retired she said one morning on her show “that’s why I don’t lie out on my deck anymore”

    SUMMARY George Orwell’s telescreens in 1984 are here. You may not have known all this is going on right under the noses of Congress and other leaders. But many people in every community in all walks of life, victims and perps, know about this dark side of America today. Now, so do you.

    ***Convicted child molesters and criminals of all kinds get more due process rights than innocent watch list victims, who get none. Watch list victims are the only group in America where the Constitution doesn’t apply.

    Watching tens of thousands of innocent people and spending hundreds of millions to do it, doesn’t make us safer.

    The watch list now. The watch, follow, harass and spend money list has systematically grown into the most harmful, destructive, wasteful and unconstitutional program the government has ever let get out of hand. And, here’s the worst part, whether we realize it or not we’re ALL paying for it.

    If you recognize this is one harmful government, operation, don’t you have to try to do something?

    Yes this is bad, but like every failing program that doesn’t get fixed, it can and will get worse. It’s actually getting worse every day it goes unchecked.

    The men, at all levels, running this program realize the subterfuge of the need for secrecy they sold to Congress, is allowing them to not only take liberties with people’s rights, the law and our Constitution, but run a kind of secret government within a government and cause so much harm to so many.

    Whether people realize it or not this affects all of us! Thank you

  11. Joe J. permalink

    I, and my family, have been victims of this horrendous crime for over 25 years. We are not criminals or druggies, and are good, law abiding citizens. Based on what I have experienced personally, I am sure that I was thrown into some sort of evil psyops program designed to totally destroy my life and my family’s life. Mostly by suppression and subtle harassment.. Why? I don’t have a clue, but I am assuming that it is because I, or somone in my family, stepped on the wrong toes way back when. Or someone that had it out for us tried to frame us. I have been researching gang stalking since 2006, when I discovered the name of what was happening.

    There are a lot of disinformation sites online, most of which refer to aliens and such. Those are by design to make people that are not targets think that real targets are paranoid delusionists, or mentally ill. The best website I have seen to date about gang stalking is

    I 100% believe that this program comes from the top of our govt branches somewhere (NOT from Trump, he is trying to drain that swamp!). I believe that the defense department may also be involved, and then it trickles down to local law enforcement.

    Aaron Alexis, the Navy Yard shooter, was a target. Myron May, a lawyer, was a target, and many more were targets. Also, isn’t it convenient that the ones who could probably reveal what was really going on were either shot dead or committed suicide?

    I wonder what the Virginia Beach VA “independent investigation” uncovered on the mass shooting in the city municipal building there? I think that the surviving family members felt something fishy was going on and ordered the independent investigation.

    The sheeple need to WAKE UP! The gun control agenda being pushed because of these shootings. Many are caused by this psyops program. The mental illness issue is being used to convince the uninformed masses that we need to get rid of guns and put anyone that is even romotely suspected as being mentally ill on some watch list.

    We live in a police state. We targeted individuals/victims KNOW that’s a fact! Don’t believe it? Go to John Whitehead’s (a well known constitutional lawyer) website,
    Check out the video on the right “Vigilantes with a Badge”. John Whitehead also wrote a Government of Wolves and Battlefield America. I recommend that you read them both!

    I also recommend that you read the book “The Hidden Evil” by Mark Rich. Though it is a self published book and thought by some to be on the fringe, it contains much information about gang stalking in relation to “going postal”.

    People are already starting to question why we are having so many more mass shootings. Those who are brainwashed by the fake news MSM and some radical left politicians into thinking that they are caused by Trump are idiots! This program and agenda IS the Hidden Evil.

    The main reason why this evil program works so well under the radar is because people who are targets know what is happening to them, it is subtle, but they fear telling anyone because they know that they will be looked at as crazy, mentally ill, paranoid, have a persecution complex, etc and will be put on another “list”. This is how the cycle goes people! WAKE UP!

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