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UBS Whistleblower States She was “Gang Stalked”


“That’s what I call ‘organised mobbing, gang stalking.’ It’s meant to make you crack. That’s what they expect. Because you’re just a crumb in front of this super-powerful multinational firm. And it shows the impunity of those companies whose only rule is money,” added Gibaut.

It all began in 2008 with a probe at the UBS France premises; her boss asked her to destroy her computer files containing the names of clients and account managers.

She refused, and then discovered that her bank used Swiss account managers to unlawfully canvas French customers and held so-called “milk books” – parallel accounting covering tax evasion transactions.

“I threw myself into the lion’s den. I went to see the legal affairs manager, the general manager, the president, the head of human resources. In fact, from the moment I refused the orders, everything was organised to go against me.”

Harassed then cast aside she was finally sacked in 2012. The 30,000 euros she was awarded after her harassment claim against UBS, only covered her legal fees.
Gibaud now lives on minimum social benefits, with the youngest of her two children.

Unable to pay the rent, they may soon have to leave their Paris apartment as finding a new job has since proved impossible: “Everyone turns their back on you. I’ve sent out more than a thousand CVs but the only answers I have had is “Lady, you’re scary.” Everything is swept away; your career, your health, your money, your family… Why do you have to suffer so much and be so isolated when you tell the truth and you are fighting for the common good?”

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