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Keith Scott Murdered by Police over “Threat Score”?

A counter-narrative evolved in the conservative press over the police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott. Scott had a history of violence, recent retraining order and had done prison time. The Daily Mail asked two excellent questions about the event. When police rolled up on Scott, his car windows were closed and yet they knew he had a gun in an ankle holster, and, was in possession of marijuana. It is clear from the police video that Scott was walking backward with his hands down and empty when police shot him dead. How did they know he had the ankle gun unseen in the video???

This missing link in the video/audio evidence police released can be easily explained by the widely used and growing “threat assessment scoring” police routinely use before initiating contact with a suspect. They ran his tags, got a red flag, and he got shot dead with his hands in the air. Here is an article explaining the operation of a police threat assessment scoring system (note that anyone unlucky enough to be driving his car or exiting his house would be similarly flagged “violent”, and, likely meet the same “police protocol”):

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