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Wikipedia Censors Gang Stalking News

Why is Wikipedia Censoring Mainstream News about Gang Stalking?
Wikipedia is an “open source” online Encyclopedia in which anyone is invited to make edits, and by successfully making 10 or so edits, anyone can become a “Wiki Editor”. In order to insert information into a Wiki article it must be related to the article’s subject matter. There is a two prong test for information screening used to delete entries on articles. The addition must be (1) view point neutral, and (2) from a “reliable source”.

Wikipedia has systematically undermined efforts to edit its stalking page to include reliable source information, including, but not limited to, mainstream media news accounts on “gang stalking”. For an overview of Wikipedia’s systematic deletions of viewpoint neutral and reliable source entries and articles see below links:

Note: The author herein does not claim that every entry or article was wrongfully deleted. However, Wikipedia shows a pattern of deleting existing article entries and new articles that are both viewpoint neutral and reliably sourced.

The author herein made an edit to Wikipedia’s stalking page, related to gang stalking, attempting to present countervailing evidence to the “False Claims of Stalking and Delusions of Persecution” subsection of Wikipedis’s Stalking artcile. That subsection sought to use to editorialized “news stories” as proof that “Internet conspiracy theories” and delusional “belief systems” accounted for gang stalking stories.

The author inserted a single sentence stating, “However, multiple news reports, including a news interview with an active duty police Lieutenant, have described coordinated group stalking activities directed against individual stalking victims, referring to the phenomenon as gang stalking. [29][30]”

The footnotes,numbered 29 and 30, supporting the deleted entry, were two FOX News Syndicated cable T.V. stories on gang stalking. One of the stories was that of Lt. Larry Richard, a Santa Cruz, California Police Lieutenant who gave a press interview, in uniform, to a FOX News syndicated local news station on the subject of what he called “gang stalking”. Here is a link to the deleted Wikipedia page that contains both the subsequently deleted sentence and supporting footnotes:

Below are additional links to the stories that have been “scrubbed” and are currently disabled links:

Here are the mirror sites containing the original news stories:

Why would Wikipedia’s editor’s selectively edit two FOX syndicated news stories related to gang stalking? One story verified gang stalking by an active duty California police lieutenant, and, the other, contained a news team investigation of two open law enforcement cases in San Antonio investigating gang stalking victims’ rapes, assauslts and vandalization of property.

The answer may be found in a article tracing Wikipedia articles and entries relating to governmental activites and corporate interests back to IP addresses owned by the same governmental officials and corporations. See link:

Apparently, it is not a violation of Wikipedia’s “Neutral Viewpoint Policy” when government and corporate interests write and edit about issues in which they have a personal stake. This begs the question of how honest and trustworthy any of Wikipedia’s articles are when they relate to subjects of governmental or corporate interests.

The author is currently investigating the subject of gang stalking by using, inter alia, the FOIA and various state open records laws. Based upon the author’s investigations, in deleting factual news accounts of gang stalking, Wikipedia is complicit in a cover-up of gross civil rights abuses by a covert, criminal government Program (a.k.a. “gang stalking”). Furthermore, upon information and belief, the author herein believes that the following mass murders are likely related to the “gang stalking” Program:

Scott Dekraai

John Turner
Yvonne Hiller
Amy Bishop
Shareef Allman
Jiverly Wong
Cho Seung-Hui

Ross Truett Ashley (visited same gun range as Cho Seung-Hui)
Abdo Ibssa
Nidal Malik Hassan
Jared Loughner

Note that the author is not claiming definitive proof of gang stalking in each case, but rather, indicia of gang stalking in each case. Moreover, the author is not claiming to know whether other incidents of mass violence relate back to the “gang stalking” Program, but he suspects there are other such incidents.


  1. Emma permalink

    Oddly enough, my first encounter with the term “gang stalking” came from the Wikipedia article on stalking. I had just started to “wake up”, I guess you could say, to the extent of the harassment around me, and the tipping point for all this was realizing that I had a stalker, and then realizing that I had multiple stalkers, none of whom I’d ever actually met. So I obviously wanted to read as much as I could about stalking, and what better place to start than Wikipedia?

    The first website I went to when I decided to search for ‘gang stalking’ was I read a little bit about it, and said to myself that it sounded totally plausible that something like this could happen to people who happened to pose a threat to the government or somehow got on an NSA man’s $*** list. Unfortunately, most of the sites that come up with a search for ‘gang stalking’ are utter rubbish and only serve to reinforce the disinformation campaign put forth in the Wikipedia article. So even though the first site I went to is one of the few credible sources for gang stalking information, I was still bombarded by psycho-talk rubbish about ‘electronic harassment’ and ‘implants’ and all sorts of weird junk from every other site I visited that day. So I slowly walked away from that search, and told myself “there is no way this is happening to me.”

    After a few months of diligent internet searching, I finally came to realize that yes, this is what’s been happening to me. Not the stuff that’s included in the crazy-talk, but the fact that I’m caught up in some b.s. counterintelligence program.

    Anyways, the Wikipedia article could have tipped me off and saved a few months of my life from my being in a constant state of utter confusion and fear. I guess that’s one reason that they’re censoring it. It’s frustrating that there’s a tsunami of disinfo out there, too, which not only discredits the few sources of truth out there, but also helps misguide targets and non-targets alike.

    Thanks for your website and your efforts, by the way. You’ve made excellent progress in your investigation of gang stalking, and I look forward to reading more of your writings in the future.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to see that some targets can navigate through misinformation and see that this is a COINTELPRO-style counterintelligence Program. I am working on a few things now, and I hope to be publishing some further informative materials on this site shortly. Best wishes.

  2. Who Are The Gang Stalkers Youtube permalink

    Myron May and others have been targeted only god knows how many people are in this program and many will not speak out since they fear they will be viewed as being crazy since gang stalking is a covert operation and hard to expose unless a person has a camera to record his or her surroundings at all times.

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