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Youtube Shooter Nasim Aghdam Claimed to be “Targeted Individual”

Nasim Aghdam: The likelihood, based upon what we know, is that she was put on a watchlist, her information was shared through Fusion Center databases, and, after years of gang stalking harassment she finally went postal:

Aghdam was quoted by the San Diego Tribune, at a 2009 PETA protest at Camp Pendleton. There were only a couple of dozen protesters at Pendleton that day according to the article:

“Nasim Aghdam, 29, a San Diego animal rights activist, dressed in a wig and jeans with large blood drops painted on them.

“For me, animal rights equal human rights,” Aghdam said.””

The journalist who wrote this article, Kristina Davis, has an extensive law enforcement training background:

“She has gone on countless police ridealongs, spent 24 hours with a firefighting crew, trained with snipers and been shot with a Taser (yes, it hurt!). Her toughest assignment? Completing a grueling two-week SWAT academy alongside 60 officers.”

PETA is considered a domestic terrorist organization for its “tacit support”, including funding, of groups that advocate violence such as Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front (members of these groups have gone to prison on domestic terrorism charges as cited in the article below):

Lastly, Aghdam claimed a pattern of threats, harassment and vandalism similar to other mass shooters:

“Aghdam also shared a photo of a tire with a nail in it: “My car attacked by anti-vegan animal business supporting animal criminals trying to harm/kill me because of animal rights awakening stickers on my car, America USA!!!””

Noteworthy by comparison, is the case of Nidal Hasan, the 2009 Fort Hood shooter. Less than three months before that massacre, Hasan had his car vandalized by a neighbor and fellow army officer. Hasan was the victim of vandalism to his car, with his neighbor being jailed in August, 2009. Less than three months later in December, the 2009 Fort Hood mass shooting occurred:

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