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How Widespread is Gang Stalking?

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

J. Edgar Hoover on COINTELPRO

There have been books, articles, blogs, commentary, Youtube videos, etc., detailing what victims call gang stalking and gang stalking methods/techniques. To my knowledge, there has not been any attempt to quantify gang stalking in the U.S. in terms of the total number of participants. By participants, I mean gang stalking victims, members of gang stalking groups, flash mobs involved in community mobbing of gang stalking victims, and, persons and entities who play a peripheral role in related workplace mobbing and systematic isolation of the gang stalking target.

Once caught in the web of the gang stalking Program, a target is subject to a full court press that invades every aspect of their life and is calculated to destroy that person. The process is highly formulaic programmatic, systematic and systemic. Key to the destruction of a gang stalking target is a full penetration and infiltration of their environs, including their constant surveillance and harassment in their home, workplace/school mobbing of the target, and target’s isolation from friends and family members. This is done in a highly formulaic, programmatic, systematic and systemic manner. This article seeks to extrapolate, largely from circumstantial evidence, how large the gang stalking Program is in terms of persons and entities involved. This article will also look at gang stalking activities and related funding issues to assess who is ultimately behind the funding and control of the gang stalking Program.

The starting point is the assessment of the number of victims of the gang stalking Program. The author made a FOIA request to DOJ after their release of Stalking Victimization in the United States, in January of 2009. In that FOIA request, the author asked DOJ how many victims of 3 or more stalkers were reporting that the multiple stalkers were acting in concert as a team or group. The author received a response showing, that according to DOJ statistics, 446,790 persons in the U.S. were being stalked by teams or groups of between “3” and “50” stalkers. See links:

See also, Stalking Victimization in the United States, USDOJ 2009, finding 13.1% of ALL stalking victims are stalked by 3 or more stalkers, with the majority of stalking victims being subject to electronic surveillance:

Click to access bjs-stalking-rpt.pdf

An article in the Examiner pointed out flaws in the methodology used in the Stalking Report that resulted in an under-reporting of the number of gang stalking victims, and argued that an accurate number was at least 350,000. See link:

The real number of targeted individuals is probably over 1,000,000:

The DOJ Stalking Report of 2006 reported 3.4 million stalking victims. It also left out almost 2.2 million “harassment” victims because they did not subjectively fear for their lives. 18 percent of victims reported being stalked by two or more perps from both the stalking and “harassment” target groups. This means, based on a conservative estimate, over 1 million Americans are being gang stalked. Since targets uniformly report 24/7/365 surveillance and harassment both at home, work, and in the community, this requires 4 full time jobs to accomplish for every target (given that there are 168 hours in a week). Given this intensity of resources, only free labor can explain this ongoing operation. The only pool of free labor available for these activities would be the 5.1 million Americans that are under some form of community supervision (probation, parole, etc.). This is clearly a government Program that could not be run without snitches. That 5.1 million figure is about 5 times the size of all full-time police on the state and federal level (5 is also the number of snitches that each FBI agent and police detective are told to have as a minimum according to sources, including former career FBI agent turned whistleblower Wes Swearingen; Swearingen wrote FBI Secrets in 1994).

I have it on the authority of a licensed private investigator from Virginia, with a government background, that about one in eight houses are being used as listening posts targeting gang stalking targets. Extensive use of unpaid informants by local police is being used to monitor targets in real time (just as targets’ email and social media are read in real time). I have spoken to a psychiatric nurse about the harm caused by years of this targeting. Complex post-traumatic stress disorder is universal in targets. Parts of the brain are irreparably damaged including a shrinking of the hippocampus causing acute, short-term memory impairment and longer term risk of early dementia.

Recent revelations show almost 300,000 Americans with “no known affiliation to any terrorist group” have been put on the terrorist watch list. This is 40 percent of the entire terrorist watch list. Coincidence?:

In any event, this article will be using the range of 185,000 to 350,000 gang stalking Program victims in assessing the parameters of the Program in terms of persons involved in the Program. We will also consider gang stalking and gang stalking methods/techniques as widely and uniformly reported in various articles, blogs, books, commentary, the Urban Dictionary, etc., on the subject, to quantify the number of persons involved in the gang stalking Program from features of the Program widely and uniformly reported in the numerous accounts of the Program in articles, blogs, etc.

The first element of the gang stalking Program we will analyze is the constant surveillance and related harassment of the gang stalking victim 24/7/365 as is a widely and uniformly reported feature of the Program. From what is being reported, in terms of surveillance and related harassment, at least one member of a gang stalking group has to be surveilling a gang stalking target at all times. This means that at least one person is involved in surveilling the gang stalking victim 168 hours a week. This means that approximately 4 full-time jobs are involved in the constant surveillance of a single gang stalking Program victim. Since gang stalking victims are subject to harassment, conspicuous surveillance, flash mobbing, street theatre and related tactics everywhere they go, inside and outside their community, there are additional gang stalking group members involved in the illegal surveillance and related harassment of gang stalking victims in the community. Clearly, these groups multi-task surveillance and harassment activities against multiple gang stalking Program targets in a given community in which the respective gang stalking group operates. It is safe to say that at least a handful of gang stalking group members are needed to illegally surveill and harass a Program victim as they travel within and outside their communities. It is also clear that gang stalking groups multi-task and harass numerous targets that travel in and through a given community in which the particular gang stalking group operates. It is also conservative to estimate that at least one or two gang stalking members per target are involved in coordinating gang stalking activities against targets of the Program when said targets are “on the move” in addition to the bare minimum of 4 gang stalking group members needed to keep the Program target under constant surveillance. This equates to a total of 5 or 6 gang stalking group members per gang stalking target at minimum. If we take the conservative estimate of 5.5 gang stalking group members per target and apply it to our range of 185,000 to 350,000 we get about 1 million to 2 million gang stalking group members.

According to a source I have who is a former, decorated Gulf War Veteran, and, currently a licensed private investigator in Virginia, there is a massive informant sharing Program from the local precinct level all the way upstream to the military and intelligence agencies. This source has his own sources that are both active and retired from both the military and intelligence agencies. He explained to me that the out of state plates and accents of many of the gang stalking group members is indicative that such a network is currently operational. He says that this floating/sharing snitch system explains why Mesa County inadvertently leaked the identification of 200,000 drug informants from an informant database in 2010 when it had a total population of just 439,041 that same year. In other words, almost half of Mesa’s total population were affected by the drug informant leak. This includes infants, toddlers and the elderly, so actually, the leaked drug informant database included well over 50% of Mesa’s population capable of being in the drug trade, proving the extensive use of out of state snitches in narcotics operations in Mesa.  See links below:,_Arizona


Main Core is the code name of an American governmental database that is believed to have been in existence since the 1980s. It is believed that Main Core is a federal database containing personal and financial data of millions of United States citizens believed to be threats to national security. The data which is believed to come from the NSA, FBI, CIA, and other sources, is collected and stored without warrants or court orders. The database’s name derives from the fact that it contains “copies of the ‘main core’ or essence of each item of intelligence information on Americans produced by the FBI and the other agencies of the U.S. intelligence community.”

The Main Core database is alleged to have originated with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in 1982, following Ronald Reagan’s Continuity of Operations plan outlined in the National Security Directive (NSD) 69 / National Security Decision Directive (NSDD) 55, entitled “Enduring National Leadership,” implemented on September 14, 1982.

As of 2008 there were allegedly eight million Americans listed in the database as possible threats, often for trivial reasons, whom the government may choose to track, question, or detain in a time of crisis.

The existence of the database was first asserted in May 2008 by Christopher Ketcham and in July 2008 by Tim Shorrock.

Threat assessment “professionals” and fusion centers play a large role in organizing the gang stalking Program. Offensive use of threat assessment, under the guise of prevention of violence, is used to single out potential “lone wolves”, and, has obviously achieved the provocation of many murders and suicides. Social media is currently being used to target individuals for their opinions, setting them up for “red flagging”, invidious discrimination and even state-sanctioned staged murder:

Population surveillance and Threat Level Assessment in Fresno, CA:

“On 57 monitors that cover the walls of the center, operators zoomed and panned an array of roughly 200 police cameras perched across the city. They could dial up 800 more feeds from the city’s schools and traffic cameras, and they soon hope to add 400 more streams from cameras worn on officers’ bodies and from thousands from local businesses that have surveillance systems.”

“As officers respond to calls, Beware automatically runs the address. The searches return the names of residents and scans them against a range of publicly available data to generate a color-coded threat level for each person or address: green, yellow or red.”

“Exactly how Beware calculates threat scores is something that its maker, Intrado [a private corporation], considers a trade secret, so it is unclear how much weight is given to a misdemeanor, felony or threatening comment on Facebook. However, the program flags issues and provides a report to the user.”

The gang stalking group members are drawn heavily from the Penal System under the guidance of the Department of Homeland Security. One victim, who is an ex-con, tried to post the following on the Wikipedia page on Stalking by Groups:

“Mostly the groups are x-cons or convicts released early out of jail or prison to join this program were to monitor and or track innocent people and report anything so they will end up in jail or even worse be assassinated by the group if the head agent in charge gives them a green lite on the persons life which means to kill them. I am a victim of this and not only my life but my children’s lives are in danger because i am well aware of every thing they have done to me over the years.”

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It is important to note that the 1 million to 2 million estimate of gang stalking group members is an estimate of the people coordinating the illegal surveillance and harassment against targets as part of a territorial, hierarchical group with a defined membership. This estimate does not include non-members who are loosely affiliated and join in on the gang stalking activities, such as flash mobbing and street theatre, on a semi-permanent or ad hoc basis. These semi-permanent members range from neighbors and community groups coerced, or misled by a slander campaign against the gang stalking target, into participation in the the Program, to vagrant types given a few bucks to participate. Most of the storefront businesses, community groups and many of the neighbors involved in the Program are not members of gang stalking groups, but, will harass and mistreat the gang stalking target because of coercion used against them by the gang stalking groups, or, because they buy into a slander campaign vilifying the Program target as deserving of such treatment. Gang stalking Program targets represent a fraction of a percent of the communities they live in. The neighbors, storefront businesses, community groups coerced and/or misled into involvement in the gang stalking Program nationwide represent additional millions of participants in the Program.

In order to destroy the target, an infiltration of every aspect of that target’s life is performed. This means that not only are neighbors and neighborhood businesses recruited to participate, but, that employers, friends and family members are turned against the target. This involves workplace mobbing at each workplace the Program target works. This also means that friends, associates, co-workers and blood relatives are subject to coercion and slander campaigns against the target. This requires the Program to reach dozens of individuals per target.

Most of the above-mentioned categories of people,to wit, neighbors, neighborhood groups, businesses, employers, friends, relatives, etc., are not gang stalking group members. Rather, these participants, who are far more numerous than the 1 to 2 million gang stalking group members nationwide, participate in the Program because they are either coerced and/or misled by slander campaigns against the Program target. Gang stalking victims quickly realize that friends, co-workers, and even intimates are really “frenemies” looking to undermine them. Some of these frenemies are emotionally unstable, psychologically draining individuals with dysthymic disorder. More importantly, some of these frenemies are likely to have been placed on the gang stalking victim even before the active phase of gang stalking began. These frenemies are chosen because they are psychologically weak and some digging will reveal other questionable relationships in which these same frenemy tools have been placed on other gang stalking victims. Again, this happens to mirror the law enforcement practice of placing a “bad jacket” on a mark. Certain employers are gang stalking mills, intentionally hiring Program targets for workplace mobbing and constructive termination because their owners are particularly vulnerable to blackmail and other coercive tactics.

Some astute observers of the Program from Central Texas observed the following:

  In this area, a well-entrenched network of doctors, lawyers, bankers, and public officials (plus a few others) first apply pressure of some kind to victims (usually a combination of financial and social) using various means designed to gain control of their assets. One of the most commonly used methods for doing this is deliberately getting victims dependant on various substances (prescription medications, alcohol, or illegal drugs), because it’s fairly quick and easy–one prescription or party are often all that’s needed–and results in near-total control of the targeted individual. If that doesn’t work, the next step is often involuntary commitment for short periods (see “Issues Of Commitment”)–just long enough to get complete control of the victims’ assets. If everything else fails to produce the desired result, the victim becomes a gang stalking target, with sophisticated illegal surveillance being used to both facilitate the stalking and learn what particularly “gets to” each victim the most in order to systematically drive them to suicide.

Below is a a link to the testimony of a gang stalker explaining “the syndicate” and its operations, funding, lingo, interactions with civil institutions, etc. The gang stalker describes a coercion daisy chain in which he too is at the mercy of the mob and would have to sacrifice his wife and family if ordered to by “higher ups”. Of course, anyone weak-minded enough to follow this Program is blind to the wider implications of social engineering and political control technology imposed by the criminalized intelligence services using him as a tool of structural political oppression against the wider public. The public is ultimately seen as the enemy by the power elite and their well fed and trained dogs in the intelligence and security apparatus:

Another trick, right out of the FBI’s COINTELPRO trick book, is surrounding the targeted individual with loud, hostile, criminal and harassing neighbors. Keep in mind, that this requires a large degree of government finance (e.g., Section 8), as well as government planning. The neighbors will appear to be random, normal neighborhood people, but, nothing could be further from the truth. The neighbors surrounding a target will be under police control, or, indirect police control through the neighborhood watch (itself perverted into a criminal harassment network). The target will deal with problem neighbors for months, or even years before either the target leaves, or, the problem neighbor remove themselves from the game by the commission of crimes, CPS taking their kids, etc. Remember, this neighbor or family was there because the police had some control or leverage on them (e.g., cooperating informants, families with CPS issues). Most gang stalkers are being coerced themselves into into continuing this toxic behavior (i.e., they are gang stalking targets). This is similar to a Potemkin village, in the sense that it is a highly coordinated and staged environment that seems to be a natural environment. It may take years for a target to figure out that once a problem neighbor/family is forced out of his or their unit, another seemingly innocuous police controlled apartment unit or house will become disruptive and harassing toward the target. The system is so efficient and coordinated that often the resources to gang stalk the target are there for the police to activate like a sleeper cell. Think of it as musical chairs using different neighbors already compromised so that they have to do their gang stalking “job” for the police (a job that leads to violence, murder, and, in some cases, mass shootings).

All gang stalking targets experience an updated and refined version of McCarthy era blacklisting. This involves being hired, then, soon after, being subject to a hostile work environment, resulting in actual or constructive termination. Because of the sheer number of employers involved in this nefarious practice against gang stalking targets, as well as the fact that employers ranging from small businesses to large multinationals are involved, this neo-blacklisting can only be being orchestrated by the FBI, as was the case with McCarthyism. Unlike McCarthyism, neo-blacklisting, with its use of a hostile wok environment leading to actual or constructive termination, is not subject to the inference that a blacklisted target is being subject to defamation leading to un-employability, because they are indeed hired, then promptly set up for failure. Gang stalking targets’ “employment problems” start at the same time as their gang stalking starts. Most gang stalking targets, similar to victims of workplace mobbing, are actually better than average workers in their occupations.

All gang stalking targets experience workplace mobbing and academic mobbing. Ken Westhues, Sociology Professor Emeritus at University of Waterloo, Canada, writes about the causal link between academic and workplace mobbing and the rash of mass shootings:

“Most of the people who go postal, however, in academic as in other workplaces, have been mobbed there in preceding months or years.”

The term “community mobbing” is a defined term of art in the field of Sociology. Community mobbing is the systematic use of  bullying, rumor, innuendo, intimidation, humiliation, discrediting isolation, and general harassment in which the group (“mob”) attacks a targeted individual:

Academic studies have shown that mobbing has severe health consequences:

In mobbing targets with PTSD, Leymann notes that the “mental effects were fully comparable with PTSD from war or prison camp experiences. Some patients may develop alcoholism or other substance abuse disorders. Family relationships routinely suffer. Some targets may even develop brief psychotic episodes, generally with paranoid symptoms. Leymann estimated that 15% of suicides in Sweden could be directly attributed to workplace mobbing.    

     Calgary Professor Hugo A. Meynell has publicly compared workplace mobbing to ethnic cleansing, and, has described the workplace mobbing victim as “a little holocaust” happening daily in our civilized workplaces:

This country has now entered a phase of false “Democratism”. This is an illusion of a two party system in which a plutocracy runs a right wing totalitarian state and hollows out any semblance of constitutional due process. The First, Second, and Fourth Amendments are particularly under siege. It appears that the operation of the American Red Guard/ American Stasi is meeting armed resistance. The mass shooting “epidemic” in America is a result of the occupation of the lives of gang stalking targets by the fascist operatus implemented against them by their government. Unlike the former U.S.S.R., Red China, Nazi Germany, etc., the widespread ownership of guns in civilian hands in America is at odds with the de facto national Gestapo system known as gang stalking. Ironically, as Wikileaks represented the example par excellence of a First Amendment insurgency against a proto-fascist America, so too, the mass shootings, however misguided the chosen targets, represent a Second Amendment revolt against fascist tyranny.

The gang stalking Program is highly systematic, programmatic and systemic. Information about it dispensed to participants outside the gang stalking groups themselves is disinformational, misinformational and largely compartmentalized or “stovepiped”. The total amount of Program participants, as described herein, can easily exceed 100 to every 1 gang stalking Program target. This means that at least 10% of the U.S. population are participating in the gang stalking Program, most only having a vague notion of the larger Program called gang stalking by its victims. These numbers are consistent with the civilian population involvement with the intelligence communities in former Eastern Bloc. It is noteworthy that the author has multiple sources stating that middle aged persons from the former Eastern Bloc, who are not even fluent in English, are participating in the gang stalking Program in the U.S., as if they imported the techniques directly from Eastern Europe. Similarly, the urban storefront businesses in this country are often run by immigrants originating from third world police states where noncompliance with authority is regularly met by brutal state reaction (disappearances, murder, rape, beatings, etc). This prior social conditioning of recent immigrants makes it easy work for the big city American police departments who run the gang stalking Program for the Feds to incorporate them into the Program.

Community-based policing, similar to gang stalking, is today, and has been for decades, the preferred tool of third-world societal control. A good example of this is Syria, where 20 percent of the population is working for the intelligence agencies. See: “When 20 per cent of the population is rumored to be in the intelligence service, it is no wonder, many prefer to keep their voices down in the light of day. But within a crowd, that fear is temporarily forgotten.” Link to full story:

In the U.S., the use of a growing percentage of the population in national “neighborhood watch Programs” has been instrumental in building a Stasi-like citizen spy network. The author has confirmed with a military combat veteran, who is currently a licensed private investigator based in Virginia, that at least 1 in 8 households are directly involved in the gang stalking Program. A good example of this is the Murrieta, CA Neighborhood Watch Program. Here, is a section taken from page iv of that manual:

Block Captains act as spokespersons for the group of homes assigned to them. Block Captains are responsible for the following:
 Block Captains are assigned a certain number of homes in their tract (usually six to eight homes). 

 Report directly to their Tract Coordinator. 

 Maintain a telephone listing (tree) of all the families assigned to them.

The National Sheriffs Association, funded by the DOJ, has an extensive and nationwide Neighborhood Watch Program:

Click to access NSA_NW_Manual.pdf

Every Neighborhood Watch has full community and government participation. In every neighborhood nationwide their is a Watch Program with a police liaison, Block Captain, Tract Coordinator, recruited neighbors observing and reporting “suspicious activities”, and involvement by emergency services and other governmental agencies. These are the very people conducting the gang stalking nationwide against innocent targets. In other words, taxpayer money is being used to identify and neutralize targeted individuals with methods developed in the FBI’s COINTELPRO Program to neutralize innocent citizens via police trained, heavily funded, controlled and directed vigilante stalking groups.

Click to access NSA_NW_Manual.pdf

In 1981, national data showed that 12 percent of the population was involved in some type of neighborhood watch group (O’Keefe and Mendelsohn, 1984). By 1988, it was estimated that between seven and 20 percent of residents of U.S. cities were involved in such activities (Rosenbaum, 1988). A national study (Whitaker, 1986) showed that 38 percent of households in neighborhoods that had a Neighborhood Watch program participated in the program. This study concluded that urban areas were more likely to have programs than suburban or rural areas, but that people living in the latter were likely to be involved in a program if one was organized. 

full link:

This community policing model whether based on former Eastern Bloc countries, Syria, or gang stalking in the U.S., requires the deputizing, and putting on the payroll, a large swathe of the criminal element. During the height of KKK violence in the 1960’s fully 20 Percent of the KKK were paid FBI Informant/agent provocateurs:

What is also common about all community policing models, including gang stalking in America, is that only the government has the money to fund them. Neighbors moving into housing units surrounding a Program target. Gang stalking perps with no job or means driving around in new model trucks. Gang stalking is happening not only in big cities but in rural areas and every demographic in between. One can find reports of it happening in every state, every county, every city, and almost every town in America. We are talking about Billions of dollars in funding here. All segments of the social order are co-opted into the Program. Targets will experience harassment, such as street theate and mobbing, by vagrants, others on the welfare rolls, city workers, etc. The total societal penetration reaches into their doctors offices, employers, neighbors, etc., right out of the former Eastern Bloc playbook.

Some argue that narcotics and other rackets fund gang stalking which, unlike every other racket, has no self-funding mechanism. The problem with this explanation is that because of criminal defense legal fees, civil forfeiture, mandatory victim compensation laws, etc., it is increasingly the case that racketeering wealth is less likely to be passed on generationally than it is to be confiscated  and appropriated by the state.

“Gang stalking groups” have a substantially identical modus operandi to the FBI’s Special Surveillance Groups or “SSG’s”. These SSG’s were developed in the 1970’s to combat Soviet espionage. Today, these tactics have been taught to criminals, through FBI channels, for domestic COINTELPRO operations against American citizens. Anyone familiar with gang stalking will immediately understand the striking similarity by reviewing the following NPR links on SSG’s:

Yale Psychologist Stanley Milgram’s “small world” experiment concluded that about 1 in 6 people were sufficient to link to every member of a population (this later became the “six degrees of separation” principle). The 1 million to 2 million estimate for gang stalking group members is sufficient to explain the manpower needed to coordinate constant fixed and mobile surveillance against gang stalking vicitims numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The number of people needed to explain the highly consistent gang stalking accounts of hundreds of thousands of Program victims nationwide is exponentially higher.

The FBI and local police “red squad” units (Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Units) are not performing th grunt work of illegal surveillance and harassment of gang stalking targets. Rather, Snitches are being used to do the “community policing” and legwork for related COINTELPRO activities. These Snitches are essentially slave labor for law enforcement. The same model was used as the “Ghetto cop” by Nazis, and the “proletariat” citizen spy by the Communists. This country has a history of using criminal labor for social engineering campaigns. Ward Churchill documented the cultural Genocide of the American Indian as late as the 1980’s. This was accomplished through sending Native American children to government “assimilation” camps run by criminals to separate them from their families and culture. The resulting beatings, rapes and other deprivations suffered as a result of this “assimilation” led to some of the highest unemployment, alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, etc., rates of any racial/ethnic demographic in American history. All the above is consistent with the trend of delegating much of “police work” to deputized criminal subagents. A great example is the statistic that 50% of federal narcotics cases are made through criminal informants; See link:

Key to understanding the nefarious snitch system is not only recognizing the sheer number of snitches, but also understanding the concept of the police creating the “snitch for life”. Deferred prosecution/deferred sentencing agreements give police at all levels of government the option of giving felons facing long-term or life sentences an indefinite deferment as long as they keep snitching. These agreements can be more or less formal, but, always entail continued deferment of punishment while the criminal continues cooperation with authorities through the voluntary waiver of the statute of limitations. Most people, including criminals, do not know that the statute of limitations (usually 5 years for federal felonies) can and is commonly waived by cooperating criminals. This means that career or part-time criminals, facing sentencing, for example, under Rockefeller drug laws, can become long-term assets informing for decades. They can operate and inform under changing scenarios as their employers, friends and associates change over time. The policy question here is, does the informant trading liability by shifting it to other criminals provide a “public service” by doing so? Can we consider this self-interested criminals information or testimony as being disinterested as in the case of a disinterested citizen witness? Hardly, I’d say.

The FBI can orchestrate gang stalking with little or no overt presence. This was how COINTELPRO was designed. Through infiltration and the cultivation of snitches, the FBI ferments division within targeted groups, such as organized crime. The desired result is increasing the factionalizing or splitting within targeted groups, and, between targeted groups, resulting in the self destruction and mutual destruction of FBI targeted groups. This is achieved with little or no traces of direct FBI activity within these groups. Essentially, the most effective thing about COINTELPRO, is psychological manipulation of the targeted groups’ members.

In the case of “generational victims”, entire families are targeted by the Program for multiple generations. A key to understanding this is comprehending that systematic and extreme coercion will be used against both members of the nuclear and extended targeted family. Machiavellian “splitting” techniques as well as organized crime-style coercion  methods will be used to divide and destroy the targeted family. Once the Program introduces organized crime-style techniques of daisy chain coercion against individual family members, every aspect of family loyalty and fealty is destroyed. Now, to save oneself, it is brother against brother, aunt and niece, etc., i.e., it is survival in the law of the jungle. This can only be understood properly by looking to other times of socially engineered, extreme behavior such as the Third Reich’s Jewish Ghetto Capo, or, communist regimes’ “non-personing” of a target, who, if helped by a family member, targeted that helping family member for non-personing.  It is important to note that only a minority of these targeted families’ members will experience full blown gang stalking (street theatre, flash mobbing, slander campaigns, intimate infiltration, employment sabotage, 24/7/365 surveillance and harassment, etc.). Some blogs and commentators write about a “preconditioning phase” before the onset of full blown gang stalking. During this preconditioning phase, the prospective future gang stalking victim is exposed to public rudeness, rudeness by employers, etc., to start breaking them down psychologically. The methods used during preconditioning to gang stalking are similar to predatory methods of ritual cult abuse and MKULTRA-type abuse. Generational victims’ family members would all undergo the preconditioning phase of gang stalking, while only a minority of family members will proceed to full blown gang stalking. Ironically, the resilient, anti-authoritarian types will be of greater risk of becoming full blown gang stalking victims. The personalities of prospective gang stalking victims will be heavily profiled, and any exploitable weaknesses duly noted during the preconditioning phase.

The Leninist concept of organizing a “controlled opposition” is central to the gang stalking Program’s cover-up. The FBI’s use of controlled opposition (phony government operatives and groups posing as opposition) in COINTELPRO is well documented. Ward Churchill writes about this in the context of AIM, the KKK and other groups subjected to COINTELPRO in The COINTELPRO Papers linked below (this book is a must read for anyone who wants to understand COINTELPRO):

The controlled opposition, which has its origins in Lenin’s Soviet Union, and, Mao’s Red Guard, is clearly at play in the gang stalking Program:

 “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.'”

Vladimir Lenin (the FBI has learned Lenin’s teachings well).

To give a historical analogue to gang stalking , the below linked film, Stasiland, examines the East German surveillance society that is considered the gold standard for the modern police state:

Compare the FBI’s Gang Stalking Program to Stasi techniques:

The Stasi perfected the technique of psychological harassment of perceived enemies known as Zersetzung – a term borrowed from chemistry which literally means “corrosion” or “undermining”.

By the 1970s, the Stasi had decided that methods of overt persecution which had been employed up to that time, such as arrest and torture, were too crude and obvious. It was realised that psychological harassment was far less likely to be recognised for what it was, so its victims, and their supporters, were less likely to be provoked into active resistance, given that they would often not be aware of the source of their problems, or even its exact nature. Zersetzung was designed to side-track and “switch off” perceived enemies so that they would lose the will to continue any “inappropriate” activities.

Tactics employed under Zersetzung generally involved the disruption of the victim’s private or family life. This often included breaking into homes and messing with the contents – moving furniture, altering the timing of an alarm, removing pictures from walls or replacing one variety of tea with another. Other practices included  smear campaigns, denunciation, provocation, psychological warfare, psychological subversion, wiretappting, bugging, mysterious phone calls or unnecessary deliveries, even including sending a vibrator to a target’s wife. Usually victims had no idea the Stasi were responsible. Many thought they were losing their minds, and mental breakdowns and suicide could result.

One great advantage of the harassment perpetrated under Zersetzung was that its subtle nature meant that it was able to be denied. That was important given that the GDR was trying to improve its international standing during the 1970s and 80s.

Zersetzung techniques have since been adopted by other security agencies, particularly the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).





The parallels between “collective punishment” used by the Communist party in China today and gang stalking in the U.S. are chilling:

Another clear analogy is that of the Cold War Era”strategy of tension” in which “useful idiots” or “tools” were used to destabilize left wing movements in the U.S. and abroad. This was clearly a Military/Intelligence (MIL-INTEL) Operation as is so-called “gang stalking”.The use of local political machines, law enforcement, etc., as tools suggest that the feds will eventually scapegoat them when they have served their purpose as pawns in the game:

Psychiatric Political Rehabilitation in the NSA:

An excellent overview of the criminalization of American intelligence agencies is given by former N.O.C. MI-6 agent Christopher Story in his book New Underworld Order :

Click to access the-new-underworld-order-christopher-story.pdf

Pay specific attention to Chapter 8, at p. 529, et. seq. Story’s partial biography is found on his Wikipedia page:

Retired Sheriff Richard Mack on the oath to the Constitution versus federal tyranny and cronyism:

Furthermore, upon information and belief, the author herein believes that the following mass murders are likely related to the “gang stalking” Program:

James E. Holmes

Terence Tyler

One L. Goh

Scott Dekraai

John Turner
Yvonne Hiller
Amy Bishop
Shareef Allman
Jiverly Wong
Cho Seung-Hui

Omar S. Thornton

Ross Truett Ashley (visited same gun range as Cho Seung-Hui)
Abdo Ibssa
Nidal Malik Hassan
Jared Loughner

Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis

T.J. Lane

Andrew J. Engeldinger

Lawrence Jones

Raulie Wayne Casteel

Jacob Tyler Roberts

Jeffrey Lee Michael

Adam Lanza

William H. Spengler, Jr.

Bryan Oliver

Nehemiah Griego

Arthur Douglas Harmon

Christopher Jordan Dorner

Nahn Lap Tran

Ali Syed

Kurt R. Myers

James Oliver Seevakumaran

Dylan Quick

Neil MacInnis

Esteban J. Smith

John Zawahri

Ahmed Dirir

Lakim Anthony Faust

Justin Miles Jasper

Barry B. White, Jr.


Earnest J. Smith

Pedro A. Vargas

Nathan Campbell (mass vehicular assault & murder; new trend?)

Erbie Bowser

Justine Boyd

Daniel Abeyta

Michael Brandon Hill

Hubert Allen, Jr.

Jonathan Johnson

Martin Duckworth

Ryan Carnan

See Appendix of link below:

          Note that the author is not claiming definitive proof of gang stalking in each case, but rather, indicia of gang stalking in each case. Moreover, the author is not claiming to know whether other incidents of mass violence relate back to the “gang stalking” Program, but he suspects there are other such incidents.

Numerous targets have contacted the author believing that their employer, spouse or own families are behind their stalking. Any and all of these may be being coerced and/or bribed into participation. Cults like Scientology or the Masons conduct operations similar to gang stalking against enemies, but they involve far less victims and their scope is much more limited. However, this is a federal Program that is far too active in all 50 states, and, much too well funded to be run by any private entity or any state. It is not a customized vendetta for a few chosen people. If you get anything out of this web site then you have to understand that the federal government is running  a nationwide Program that is highly formulaic, programmatic, systemic and systematic. This Program is completely integrated on the federal, state and local level. This Program simply could not be funded or controlled, from a logistical standpoint, by any corporation, state, or billionaire. This Program utilizes assets that are both governmental and nongovernmental, however, this Program requires the full faith and credit of the federal government, with its unlimited taxpayer dollars, behind it. Targets are gang stalked by neighbors, and subjected to street theater and other forms of community abuse that are identical when they move from one city to another throughout the country. Anyone can be targeted, and once targeted will experience gang stalking 24/7/365 as their new reality. This is happening to countless thousands of people and requires massive resources devoted with no return on the money invested. Whether you are a Walmart worker or federal whistleblower, the same system that has been in place throughout the country for many years, will simply be turned against you once you are placed on a gang stalking list. In other words, this is a large-scale, military-intelligence operation that is being run uniformly in every city and town in this country. Anyone who contends otherwise is a disinformation agent or a fool.

  1. Just Thot permalink

    Great article that gets to the heart of real world tactics without the Sci-fi. Gang stalking is real and is is perpetrated by people with common interest and orders. So it can be organized crime, Gov, uniionized folk, churches, or simply people with the common agendas. Or a combination of all mentioned to maintain the status quo. Heck, I’ve even seen bible-thumping Christians use the tactic and believe their is no harm. In the end, the targets suffer from PTSD, hypersensitivity, delusions, and more. Once immobalized a victim of gangstalking can be used for any purpose.
    Unfortunately, these tactcis are seen worldwide especially in highly industrialized, efficient societies. Basically, its a human mill whose tactics are designed, crafted, and adapted to break people for any purpose.

    • Just interested in what your work background is, any government or military work history?

    • Just Thot,

      Your comment lists the government among a whole set of other groups (unions, churches, criminals, etc.). Given that the U.S. gov’t is about a trillion times more powerful and equipped and trained than all the other groups in the world put together, maybe they should be considered as a distinct category. Those other groups are less known for having thousands of people at their disposal with secret clearances and counterintelligence training and high-tech spy gadgetry, and connections to law enforcement agencies, and a well-documented history of similar crimes (Cointelpro, MK Ultra, etc.).

      Plus, whatever those other groups are doing, the gov’t has to know about it – especially given their now-vast surveillance powers. It all sort of suggests that gang stalking must be happening with the government’s blessing since they are not fighting it – or even talking about it for that matter.

      Do you agree?

    • Cassie Hepburn permalink

      A ten year history of indications that the National Security Agency on Ft. Meade, MD. is a moving force in Gang Stalking. You would think that they would be preoccupied with ferreting out lone wolf terrorists? Wrong. Untold millions are spent suppressing NSA EEO and NSA Inspector General complaints against upper management mafia. Even if lawsuits reach the Federal EEOC Court, the complicit judges shelve the cases forever, while allowing NSA lawyers to create a mockery of the legal process.

      NSA Articles

      First article: 2005

      “NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers.”

      Jan 2006: “NSA Allegedly uses false psychological Characterizations to Curb Whistleblowers.” – Don Soeken

      Jan 2006: “NSA Accused of Psychologically Abusing Whistleblowers.” – Sherrie Gossett (Parts I & II)

      Jan 2011: “Young Males Sexually Harassed at NSA” – Dr. Eowyn

      Feb 20, 2014 ” EXCLUSIVE:Former NSA employee Speaks out on its corruption ”

      The Zersetzen Paper, Roderick Russell, Calgary AB, Canada

      Click to access 968544.pdf

  2. sabretruthtiger permalink

    Gang stalking is real and I’m subjected to it. Flash mobs, vagrants and criminals yelling stuff at me on the street, ladies’ underwear appearing for my wife to find in strange places, getting hired only to have bosses and workers suddenly turn inexplicably hostile and heap undoable amounts of work on me while praising a select colleague in front of me. I get let go from companies despite doing the best work out of anyone and cannot get back in. I then get hired by another company in another country only to have the process repeat.
    My girlfriend has also experienced incredible rudeness at work and on public transport and shops and even a workplace ‘accident’ that was caused by another colleague.
    We have constant overbilling from utility companies and my accountant was constantly trying to screw me and give money to the government as well as overcharging, she had never done this with anyone else and had a sterling reputation with a major company she was the primary accountant for.
    The list of events goes on but needless to say, it’s real.

    • You should read the article on this site by Dr. Nicolas Desurmont. I edited out the last part of your comment. If you are interested in why, Google Brendan Raub.

      My email, if you want to contact me:

  3. Target permalink

    I am a TI . I reside in la Habra heights, Ca. I have been under 24/7/365 watch for over two years now. At first I thought I was crazy, now after being gang stalked by many of my neighbors, their friends, members of the fire & police department, ultra right wingers, young white/Hispanic guys in pick up trucks. Their wives & girlfriends, their parents, I wish I was crazy. It is so depressing knowing there are so many evil people I don’t even know, who hate me. These creatures use gps to track me everywhere I go. They seem to really enjoy petty disrespecting & mobbing. I am a 53 year old, white female. I was a political activist but I am not a criminal nor do I have a police record. I have employed some interesting counter measures I would like to share with other TIs…

    • Calypso Trooper permalink

      I also am a fellow TI. I do have a small criminal record and ties with criminal parties. This is on a very modest level. In 2012 they began stalking me. It was done in a manner that was very easy to notice. Their tactics were very intense and the technology used was very obvious and easy to see. Now its not so easy to identify them. I handle them like they are a part of my life. Despite the evil performances ability to destroy an individuals mental stability. At this point I can only laugh and make them understand im watching them. I stumbled across a sort of invisibility cloak. I learned that facing a cell phone camera directly at the stalker and the entire operation will disperse immediately after any of the stalkers identify that there is a camera present.

      • As someone with a criminal record and having ties with criminal parties, you have a somewhat unique ability to reveal aspects of the Program. You should read the Dr. Nicolas Desurmont page on this site. He is a Belgian criminologist who revealed that the Program is being used to sweat lower echelon criminals or “traffickers” as they are labeled in Europe. The endgame, according to his well reasoned paper, is to monitor and dismantle criminal networks. I encourage you to either create a blog or post here about your experiences. You should keep the same screen name you used here for commenting so readers get to know your thoughts on the issue. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

    • I have experienced the same in Russia; it’s really terrible that some people are pandering and covering the gang stalkers free and voluntarily… why humiliate an unknown person who has not done any harm to you?.. My collegues, my neighbours, just the bribed strangers… Could you please share your advice?

      • Sorry to hear about your troubles. Honestly, I hear a lot more stories about gang stalking from U.S. aligned countries (Europe, Australia, Canada) than I do Russia. I have had some views from Russia, but nothing like the views from all over the E.U., etc. I would like to hear more of your story both in Russia and elsewhere. Feel free to comment or email me :

    • If you have discovered sophisticated spy cameras then you are way ahead of the curve. There are other ways that you can be spied on that are harder to detect like concrete mikes, computer spyware. I would be interested in getting an email attachment of your police report, civil rights complaint, and a picture of the surveillance equipment you found. You can attach these to an email and send it to me:


    • William Brock permalink

      Hi my names Bill I am a TI from Boston and have been one for 7 years .I would like to know some of your techniques?

    • Leslie Yosef permalink

      I, also, am a TI. I reside in NE Washington state. My experiences are very similar to what you describe. I would be interested in your countermeasures.

  4. loveGod permalink

    For those of you that are able to read and understand German an excellent analysis of zersetzung was a book written by jürgen Fuchs/Behnke (sorry I do not recall Mr. behnke’s first name as he has also worked on this book). The book is entitled: Zersetzung Der Seele by Jürgen Fuchs/Behnke. Mr. Fuchs was living zersetzung in the former DDR. He died sometime in the 1990’s? He died in his fifties of cancer and people believe it was cancer due to the stasi’s practice of radiating their victims. Fuchs studied psychology and in particular wrote about the abuses of psychology and psychiatry and medical doctors of the former DDR. Zersetzung is about identical to COINTELPRO. I highly recommend the analysis of zersetzung to people who believe they are victims of organized stalking and electronic harassment. This crime is growing worldwide. People believe this eh is sci-fi but when you read about the stasi, kgb and medical abuses in the USA (yes folks read about the medical abuses perpetrated by CIA doctors). It canand does happen

    • Thank you for the thoughtful comment. The book is available on and it is a 2010 Edition. Is it really a coincidence that there is no English translation available and used copies start at $39 plus? People have to remember Tuskegee, MKULTRA, Mockingbird, MHCHAOS, Operation Northwoods, depleted uranium and Gulf War Syndrome, etc., etc.

      Perhaps someone with initiative can scan the book and use Google Translation to upload it onto WordPress.

      • loveGod permalink

        In Germany I contacted a gal about the Zersetzung Der Seele buch. She stated the editions are not available now b c the latest edition will be printed late this year (late 2014). I do not know if there is a hidden reason about no English translation being available. However if you are able to read languages of the former eastern block you can generally get info on this phenomenon. I believe too the Russians have books on this concept of zersetzyng. I. Knew of older people who lived through this in Russia and Ukraine . The generations now who have grown up in the west tend to have no knowledge of this phenomenon nor would they tend to believe their government would do this. I appreciated Hubertus Knabe’s discussion on zersetzung. He on the other hand is a director of the stasi museum, speaks fluent English , discusses what he lived through on you tube. Röllig is another fellow who lived through the stasi era and was imprisoned

      • Knabe would be a good person to contact about the gang stalking problem because he could verify the plausibility of claims based on comparative historical analysis.

      • loveGod permalink

        How long have you been targeted? If you cannot say that’s fine. This type of harassment must be like a global netting of everyone. I find it so sad that there is a group of people who want to take away people’s individuality and thus freedom to just be

      • I am a generational victim of this. I have found that certain factors heighten a person’s risk of getting targeted in this manner. People from military and intelligence families, and others from groups historically targeted for being anti-war or otherwise dissident, often fall into this category. Currently, they have gun owners in their sites, with anyone with an open carry permit at risk. As was Mao’s Red Guard and the Stasi snitch network, it is part of a much larger modern,technological police state apparatus.

  5. cointelpro is genocide permalink

    I’ve been a TI for atleast a year now, and have experienced most of the persecution you’ve described on this site. I can’t walk into a store, not one store without cell phone camaras on me with street theater harassment, I can’t get food or beverages that aren’t comprised and make me sick. I literally have a floating box of cars around me whenever I take a drive, anywhere.. And probably the most expensive thing ever, a constant circling of low flying planes. my family has survived an attempted arson which was covered up by the local PD, as well as an attempted Carbon monoxide gassing after midnight. How bad is my circumstances in comparison to other Ti’s?

    • I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. It is disheartening to believe that we live in a state so callous that it has been referred to as the re-birth of Nazi Germany by several former intelligence officials.
      Your situation is bad. I would recommend that you start some counter-surveillance such as taking photos/videos of the perps, using a motion detector webcam to record your apartment when you leave (I use a Logictech I got for under $20 at Walmart), keeping a journal of everything that happens, making police reports to document all incidents, keeping a list of people, plates, houses, and businesses involved and trying to connect them to each other. You can also use Intellius to do free preliminary background searches, and it is relatively cheap if you decide to pay for further information.

      Good luck and hang in there. There are a lot of good people being destroyed by this evil Program.

      • cointelpro is genocide permalink

        Do you know of anyone else that has had planes circle them or fly perpetual patterns around them?

      • There are disinformation agents seeking to discredit targets with wild sounding claims of air stalking. That being said, I have seen and heard of legitimate claims of whistelblowers and people who have complained about police corruption having had police helicopters repeatedly fly over their houses:

        p.s. I had an NYPD copter fly so close over my house that it shook and I was able to see the NYPD letters on the copter doors. I reported it to the FAA and they said that NYPD responded that were looking for a suspect.

  6. UncleBuck permalink

    I have been a victim of gang stalking for 10 years 24/7/365. I have gathered lots of GOOD info on this subject over the years. There is no doubt that gang stalking is a collaboration of corporations and government. The United States is starting to look alot like East Germany before the fall of communism in 1989. Are government has simply picked up were the Stasi left off and is using the same covert/overt techniques along with technology to harass and quietly kill any American it damn well wants to. NO ONE is going to stop this until we get the full attention of the American people. As TI’s we can help this along by mailing, handing out, flyers (see for downloadable flyers) . Take pictures of your perps, cars, license plate numbers try your best to expose them. I have kept a journal for the past 8 years on what the gang stalkers have done to me. The gang stalkers want you just to give up and not do anything to fight back. Just start handing out those anti gang stalking flyers.It may not seem like much but if we get this ball rolling it will be noticed and we will get the attention we need. Gang stalking has many shapes and forms but it is all designed to do the same thing to the intended target.

    • I agree that targets have to be proactive with gang stalking awareness activism. Also, those flyers can be mailed or otherwise left at local businesses that are inevitably commandeered into participation in this nefarious Program.

    • stalked562 permalink

      LA Sheriff’s helicopter passes directly over house about 20 times a day. Most likely cell phone data sweep.

  7. The majority of the gang stalking happens to me while i’m driving. The perps are always trying to provoke me into doing something crazy. Tailgating me with their cell phones stuck to their ear and NEVER saying a word.( Their lips never move) I see this over and over again. They will try and run me off the road or pull out in front of me. One of the tactics I have done is to get behind one them (they hate it). Many times they will haul ass but I just do the same thing. I have done this on interstate hwys a number of times and the speeds can get up to 90mph. I really do not worry too much about getting a ticket because there is NEVER a cop around. This same scenario has happened to me more times than I can remember over the past 10 years. If I am not being followed by a perp I watch my speed because there certainly will be a cop watching for speeders or other violations. The point is the whole gang stalking is acquiesce by the police and obviously is coordinated with them. Government, state and local police, FBI,CIA, NSA and corporate entities are all in the same bed.I am sure there are some good people in those organizations and they are afraid to say anything but there are those who are nothing more then hired thugs and self righteous zealots all getting their share of money and power. The criminals are now taking power and trying to eliminate the law abiding Targeted individuals.

  8. joe permalink

    i live in emerald valley canyon lake tx i am being paid back for protecting myself against 2 people in this nasty drug filled so called brotherhood they started i ended it they did not like ending up on their asses i guess also have prime real estate vehicle is still being tracked cant find source home audio vieo surveillance using encryption coding cant find source need non digital long range camera thermal infared jammers to even begin to turn the tide this is real it sucks but these low lifes will not prevail this has been going on 1 year

    • Sounds like you may have known these folks in a friendly way before it turned on you. People who are being gang stalked from the inside whether cops, firefighters, EMS, or drug dealers, etc., are in the best position to a make a detailed affidavit and go public with exposing it, e.g., a FOIA suit.

  9. Special Person permalink

    Wow! One man a county of los Angeles. Deputy Public Defender. Decided if he couldnt have me, That he was going to make sure no one have me. Its because of him why This Gang Stalking for 5 Years. This man convinced his wife to come to court and hit me with her babie to incite a fight so i can look bad in court. This was my daughters lawyer in juvenile court. He used parental alienation tactics. He inspired a hit and run with me and my daughter. He set the stage to now there are so many bozo the clowns who participating in gang stalking not knowing that because i didnt want sex with him. This man said to me i can give your daughter 40 hours of community service if you let me come over. I said no. Daughter ended up getting 80 Hours of community service. So now you see why he and his world of family friends co workers
    Bums on the street. Courts and the law is against me. Because i stood up and said no. Now i have to be stalked for the rest of my life because of a pervert. A sick man who wants to sleep with the mothers who have to go through the juvenile court system to get help for children. Because women like me chose to not sleep with a creep now we weep, because i said no now the trauma the pain the loss. This Gang Stalking from every Tom Dick And Harry and joe blow scarry joe maryjo or whoever, The most professional Authority Figure participates. Anyone can be recruited to be bozo the clown in the freak show Gang Stalking Program. Trust me people you wouldnt believe is stooping to a level of ignorance at its worse. Some really believe the lies told and some no the truth. Usually sociopaths participate or someone who was force to go against family friends. Yes family friends. Children are use to spy and stalk. Their raising mini Einstein to be stalkers. There needs to be be a better way to handle things
    Because special people good people are being ruin by evil people. If they cant have what you have, they dont want you to have it. If its a man or women of authority that is trying to cover up their pervertness they will have you put in the Gang Stalking programs. These are so many reasons why they do it maybe because your an activist for social change and justice. But to all who is being Gang Stalk for what ever reason if you believe in God and have a strong faith.
    May the wrath Of God Be On THEM, ON Gods Term.
    Pray that God can give us the strength to forgive. This is the type of stuff that makes people do things and no turning back. Breathe and see the bigget picture. Your special. Your special. This man that started this
    Wants me to this day. A man that will never be a man.
    When you are comfortable with your manhood you act accordingly. Peace love and empathy
    Empathy doesnt make you weak it makes you normal.

    • I believe your story, and unfortunately it is all too common. I’ve heard similar stories from people from all walks of life. You may want to make an affidavit and get it properly notarized. Send it to the press, the courts, publish it online. I can help you draft it for free. If you contact me put Special Person in the subject line of the email:

      • Special Person permalink

        I did write a poem about my situation.
        Im a activist poet
        It circulated
        I already got an affidavit
        In a small forum and circulated it
        Regarding my situation.
        Its unfortunate that one of their own violates the rights of others through the court system
        Its unfortunate that victims are revictimize for making complaints.
        My situation reach the top
        My situation wont stop
        My complaints to the cops
        And neighborhood shops
        They could care less if i rot
        It will take a whole lot
        To go to the next level
        To get these undercover devils
        Off my special ass.

        Peace 2015

  10. I think people suffering of systematic harassment and stalking should have a forum and expose the people doing this.
    I myself have been stalked and harrassed by a group of people for 4 years and i am amazed how powerful some of the are that can trips the law in impunity to smear and frame hard working people.

    i think names should come out and expose them the same way they do it with their victims.

    it is always good leave a police record of incidents even when police does not believe your concerns, in worse case some could be part of it.

    I face an uphill battle with people that basically have marginalize and isolate me to the point lawyers and police just don’t care about my problems… reason behind simply the people behind this campaign has conections and power ..

  11. organisedstalkinguk permalink

    I am a target of gang stalking in the UK, in my case orchestrated by members of my family. I’ve lost nearly everything, been homeless once, and am struggling to find another place to live because of this.

    I have no criminal record, and was a hard working, productive member of society until I was mobbed out of work and blacklisted. Their power is unbelievable, and they have support from nearly everyone in the community. Please take a moment to look at my blog, where I’m documenting my experience:


    • Sir, this is bigger than your family or employer. Organized stalking is a government Program. It is based upon military and intelligence techniques. I believe that it is a police trap, and, that the real targets are organized crime and local police/political corruption. The growth of this toxic movement occurred during a time when the federal government’s power grew in the U.S., and the E.U. centralized political and economic power in Brussels, at the expense of member states. This is no coincidence. Federalization/centralization of power, growth of the military/intelligence/police apparatus, and the “war on terror” all greased the rails for these domestic fascist activities.

  12. Why do you suppose this method will continue to find “criminally minded” American families as opposed to hardened and experienced criminal families such as kkk, isis or others that come up due to social and political “splitting” into factions, schisms, and ideologies? (Just curious, since I read multiple articles as a public school teacher for decades) ? Thank you for considering my question.:)

    • This Program preys on the weak for both cultivation of stalkers and victim selection. It is easier to control a paroled prison rape victim to stalk or listen into a gang stalking target’s home than it is to recruit a genuine terrorist, domestic or otherwise.
      The higher up the chain of criminal command, the less direct involvement with actual crime. This applies to all criminal organizations and activities.

  13. I am a victim of gang stalking in Texas. At one time I can honestly say it seemed life threatening. Please look at my proof. And I wish all targeted victims a better day.

  14. Rhoda Hadlock permalink

    I have been a victim of it-it is real and it’s got a lot of people involved. A certain man decided he would come to ‘see’ me-I would not let him in and he got mad about it.A tree fell on my house while I was out of town.A police officer sent me an obscene phone got much weirder-and dangerous.People followed me-spread lies,cops followed me..people I didn’t even know openly harassed me,and openly mocked me..some people in church got strange-I left and moved 3 counties away…I have been followed and harassed-It must be a very big gang for it includes a LOT of people.People actually who I didn’t know at all would come and sit in front of my house.Just sit there! It was strange..sometimes I would go and ask them what they were doing-they would pretend they were lost.I put a no trespassing sign up..guess who came and parked his car by it-and just sat there!..I do believe these guys are dangerous..but who are you going to tell who isn’t part of it?

    • You should really contact your local congressman. I did a quick search, and you are coming up as living in Pensacola, so your congressman is Matt Gaetz. Here is a link:

      You might want to make a sworn and notarized affidavit based on your experiences. Given your age (if the public records are correct) it is statistically highly unlikely that you would have developed a delusional disorder out of the blue. Even if he only refers it to the FBI, who are the only “gang” that could pull something like this off, there will be a record of the correspondence that will have to be preserved pursuant to the Code of Federal Regulations. If you want help drafting something, you can email it to me and I’ll review it, and even post it here if you’d like. My email is:
      (please write gangs stalking in the subject field of the email).

  15. mike grella permalink

    I was put on a target list back in 2007 for advocating for a stretch of sidewalks that monies were allocated for and disappeared and someone got slapped on the wrist….certainly not me… all govt unions (you don’t bite the hand that feeds you) and first responders involved and your local puppets and badge lickers also I wrote to numerous investigative reporters and not one got involved all someone needs to do is call the hotline to a fusion center (there is one in every State) make up a story on you and a S.A.R (suspicious activity report ) will be issued on you with no probable cause or due process to protect you…all your politicians are aware of this program but will not get involved all our tax payers funds gets trickled down to the dirtbags from Homeland security under the guise of community policing and watch groups city council members recruiting their trusted constituents thru local fusion centers run by the State police who now can partner with Military using live imagery of military sattellites that can penetrate fog and even buildings and live track you anywhere so don’t think they are tracking your phone or car with GPS they are much more sophisticated and only a mass class action civil lawsuit can depose suphoena and indite these losers who are abusing their power and are violating the RICO act by illegally organizing and misusing funds and resources not to mention our due process and probable cause…We need a Constitutional lawyer and now with a Pro Constitutional leaning Supreme Court a class action suit to end this Tom Foolery and to regain our Country and freedoms….United we Stand or DIVIDED we will fall

    • The problem with going to court is that you need to survive summary judgment. This will require some proof of what you are claiming before a court will allow you to begin discovery. All state’s have a state version of FOIA. You can request the records relating to the contract for sidewalks that you mention. The FOIA does not require you to have proof about what you are requesting, and it is mandatory that the agency involved respond. You might be able to get a whistleblower lawyer to represent you, and if you can prove malfeasance then you can pursue the harassment claims.

  16. Great information. Lucky me I ran across your site
    by accident (stumbleupon). I have book marked
    it for later!

  17. Maureen Johnson permalink

    Keith or anybody reading:

    How do I go about posting the bogus responses I have received to my FOIA requests? Is there a way to do this on Muckrock after having send the requests and received answers?

    Best Regards,
    Maureen Johnson

  18. Brandon H. permalink

    Hello! I have been heavily gangstalked for over a year now, but am also a generation victim. My dad was a war hero in Vietnam and my mother was bipolar. They split after a few years of marriage, but it wasn’t because of lack of love, only hardship I don’t quite understand. My mom’s dad was a very important businessman, but had run afoul of people because of his support for black people in a very racist Southern town.

    I have a wife and five kids. We fled the U.S. to Canada, but there are massive amounts of stalkers here, too. We believe we were signed up mostly by my wife’s parents. Her mom is OES and her dad is former police, Freemason, and former diplomatic security for the consulates in Guatemala and Ireland. He hates his daughter, like the Sheikh from Dubai hates his kidnapped daughter Princess Latifa. Also, I inadvertently made a cop mad in Bellingham, WA, by insulting his hero Donald Trump. Otherwise, they concocted ridiculous, slanderous lies about me, which they don’t even really believe but use so they don’t have to own up to how evil they are.

    I can’t even begin to say the full extent of what has happened to us. We have had glass put in our food, different additives to sealed products, tobacco and caffeine cut off from literally EVERY store in the city (gangstalking is ridiculously widespread), and worse than anything, our email and Facebook messaging is hacked. We send stuff out, and it just doesn’t get to the recipient. We imagine we don’t receive important messages too. I have been violently attacked, and my wife has been constantly sexually harassed (as my mother was, this, and other forms of harassment led to her suicide in 2003).

    Everything that has happened to us is absolutely crazy. They ignore the psychological trauma my completely innocent kids face. We are not guilty of anything either, but it is so painful seeing the effects on my kids faces. I have been to law enforcement in Seattle and two different precincts in British Columbia. They all mock us or tell us to stop harassing them (like the cowards they are).

    We don’t know what to do.

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    Prophecy | Jul 11 2022 16:5616
    The Sex Slavery Ring Says “Sold Them Already” Their Sending Out Drivers Liscense Photos Of People They Sold
    Prophecy | Jul 11 2022 11:4016
    Covid 19 Vax Kidnaps Set Up
    Prophecy | Jul 11 2022 00:4612
    Kids Porn Call Sheets, Cast & Wardrobe, Call Times. Kidnappings Are Set Up By 50 Fraud Files Sent To 80 People Around The Families They Are Gang Stalking.
    Prophecy | Jul 10 2022 22:269
    Gang Stalkers Running Slavery MUST Be Caught ! Slavery Was Outlawed In 1865 By Abraham Lincoln
    Prophecy | Jul 09 2022 21:1810
    Stairways To Sex Slavery
    Prophecy | Jul 09 2022 13:0111
    Invisible Kidnappers Are Ganging Stalking Case Files To Capture Babies, Children, Mothers
    Prophecy | Jul 09 2022 06:0922
    Traffickers Say They Are Traffic Light Monitors
    Prophecy | Jul 08 2022 12:4616
    Communistic Deep State Cabal
    Prophecy | Jul 01 2022 18:5520
    Writing For Jesus
    Prophecy | Jul 01 2022 15:1510
    False Prophets Are Covering Crimes
    Prophecy | Jun 30 2022 17:4023
    The Pedo Dead Child Traffickers Medical Kidnapping Baby Snatching
    Prophecy | Jun 27 2022 12:0625
    God Vs.The Devil
    Prophecy | Jun 26 2022 14:3211
    The Human Books
    Prophecy | Jun 22 2022 20:3424
    Stone Walling Tracked Targeted People
    Prophecy | Jun 20 2022 13:3733
    Stop A Sex Torture Murder Number 9 Operation
    Prophecy | Jun 18 2022 19:3217
    Dead Child Traffick Kidnapping Pedos
    Prophecy | Jun 14 2022 21:3821
    FGM Gang Stalker Pedos
    Prophecy | Jun 12 2022 01:2626
    A Deep State Cabal Run Beneath Civilization
    Prophecy | Jun 07 2022 09:5045
    The Miranda Law & Megan’s Law Are To Protect Citizens
    New World Order | May 28 2022 21:336
    How To Stop The Kill Life New World Order
    Prophecy | May 28 2022 12:0427
    A Secret FGM Gang Stalker System Is Used To Capture People To Sex Torturing Deaths
    Prophecy | May 27 2022 03:0729
    Gods Prophecy To Save Life On Earth
    Prophecy | May 20 2022 05:0012
    Stop CPS Child Trafficking
    Prophecy | May 13 2022 01:4457
    Stop Child Traffick # 9
    Prophecy | Apr 20 2022 14:0621
    New World Order
    Prophecy | Apr 14 2022 23:2514
    Prophet Proof
    Prophecy | Feb 01 2022 11:1635
    Prophecy | Jan 23 2022 16:097
    Jesus Christ To Stop The Antichrist
    Prophecy | Jan 09 2022 16:5919
    The Deep State Cabal Theory
    Prophecy | Jan 07 2022 13:1949
    Gang Stalkers Are The Devil Number 9
    Prophecy | Dec 26 2021 19:4313
    Nancy Gail Fox’s Medium For God 2022 Prophetic Predications
    Prophecy | Dec 20 2021 15:28116
    Prophecy | Nov 21 2021 14:5820
    The Devil’s Slide
    Prophecy | Oct 14 2021 19:5030
    Prophetic Predication By God To Stop Lying Or Else
    Prophecy | Oct 06 2021 13:2632
    The “Mark of The Beast” is ” The Deep State Cabal” running satanic pedophile cannabilist child trafficking.
    Prophecy | Oct 03 2021 16:4940
    Mark Of The Beast Microchips Are In Food and Drinks Killing Families
    Prophecy | Sep 10 2021 16:0120
    Stop Lying To Stop Slavery
    Prophecy | Sep 10 2021 13:0618
    To Save The Human Race
    Prophecy | Sep 08 2021 22:21180
    A Covid-19 Pill Could Stop Human Sex Trafficking
    Prophecy | Sep 03 2021 14:1228
    The Holy Spirits Prophetic Plee To Fight The Devil
    Prophecy | Sep 02 2021 13:3526
    Covid-19 Lock Downs Stop Child Traffick
    Prophecy | Aug 31 2021 16:2017
    My Theorys Are Prophetic and Philosophical Not Conspiracys
    Prophecy | Aug 30 2021 22:2128
    How To Save Your Life From Being Human Sex Trafficked
    Prophecy | Aug 30 2021 14:3516
    Female Genital Mutilation Is Under America-The Formula By Nancy Gail Fox
    Prophecy | Aug 30 2021 11:3932
    Prophecy | Aug 29 2021 21:5614
    Child Satanic Abuse
    Prophecy | Aug 29 2021 17:5137
    Prophetess and Visionary Artists Work Explain A Cult
    Metaphysics | Aug 27 2021 18:3020
    Serpent DNA
    Prophecy | Aug 27 2021 13:3027
    Pacific Coast Qanon Reporter
    Awakening? Start Here | Aug 26 2021 23:26

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